Ava's accumulator

Ava's accumulator Examine: A superior bagged chicken ready to serve you, magnet in claw. Weight: 4.50 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: Yes Tradeable: No Stackable: No
High alchemy: Unknown Low alchemy: Unknown
Location: Obtained by giving Ava 75 steel arrows and 999gp. You must have level 50 Ranged to upgrade the attractor to the accumulator.
Uses: Worn in the cape slot. You need level 50 Ranged to wear it. While worn, it will automatically pick up most of the arrows or bolts you fire, unless there is an obstacle between you and your target.

In addition, it will also randomly generate items such as steel arrowtips and steel knives. You can prevent it from generating junk by right-clicking the item and choosing the "toggle" option.
Notes: The accumulator will not work if you are wearing metal chest armour. You can upgrade it to Ava's alerter during the Do No Evil quest.
Can be purchased without buying an Ava's attractor.
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Tags: Armour, Ranger
Credits: amenity0, Baffler, Cowman 133, Freezepop91, go4the1, huntdragons9, King Mirthas, LordBaer, Lykon, manoman, misplacedme, Moroku666, S11m, Salleh, Speedyshel, tehduden00b, um_bong0, Verien, Vhellcat
Item Stats
Damage 0 Armour 25
Accuracy 0 Life Bonus 0
Level 0 Prayer Bonus 0
Style: -- Strength Bonus 0
Type: Ranged Ranged Bonus 17
Speed: -- Magic Bonus 0
Ammo: -- Equipment slot: Cape
Skill Requirements
Agility 0 Prayer 0
Attack 0 Ranged 0
Constitution 0 Strength 0
Defence 0 Summoning 0
Magic 0
Last updated: 21-Jul-2014
RuneScape 2007
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