Yew logs

Yew logs Examine: Logs cut from a yew tree. Weight: 2.00 kg
Members: No Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: No
High alchemy: 96 gp Low alchemy: 64 gp
Grand Exchange » Yew logs
Market Price -5% Market Price Market Price +5% Buy Limit
143 gp 150 gp 158 gp 25,000
30 Days: +5%   90 Days: +16%   180 Days: -3%
   Last Snapshot: 5:15pm, 17-Mar-2019 GMT
Location: Edgeville, Seers' Village, North of Varrock palace, South of Falador, North of Rimmington, between Draynor and Lumbridge, West of Catherby, South-East corner of Gnome Stronghold.
Made by:
Transmuting 2 Lustrous energy and 3 Maple logs - requires level 72 Divination and gives 15.2 Divination xp.
Used in: Adamant hasta, Adamant spear, Arrow shaft, Divine yew tree, Magic logs, Yew shieldbow (u), Yew shortbow (u), Yew stock
Uses: Fletching, Firemaking
  • 60 Woodcutting needed to cut these.
  • 60 Firemaking needed to burn these logs.
  • 65 Fletching needed to make a Yew shortbow.
  • 70 Fletching needed to make a Yew longbow.
Dropped by:
Fire giant, Black dragon, Blue dragon, Shadow warrior, King Black Dragon, Greater demon, Kalphite Soldier, Kalphite Worker, Mountain troll, Steel dragon, Basilisk, Jelly, Bloodveld, Aberrant spectre, Gargoyle, Nechryael, Abyssal demon, Dust Devil, Dark Beast, Dagannoth Supreme, Iron dragon, Giant Mole, Vampyre Juvenile, Vampyre Juvinate -3-, Juvinate -Temple Trekking -3--, Mithril dragon, Enraged barbarian spirit, Berserk barbarian spirit, Angry barbarian spirit, Lost barbarian, Skeleton brute, Skeleton heavy, Skeleton thug, Skeleton warlord, Skeleton hero, Ferocious barbarian spirit, Warped Tortoise, Tenacious Toucan, Juvinate -Temple Trekking -2--, Dagannoth guardian, Desert strykewyrm, Ice strykewyrm, Mutated jadinko guard, Mutated jadinko male, Mutated jadinko baby, Ganodermic beast, Mature grotworm, Queen Black Dragon, Bloodveld -2-, Exiled kalphite guardian, Exiled kalphite marauder, Demon Boss - Flash Mob -, Scutarius, Capsarius, Chaos giant, Airut, Giant mole -Hard Mode-, Araxxi, Iorwerth guard, Lava strykewyrm, Adamant dragon, Elite abyssal demon, Elite dark beast, Elite dust devil, Wyvern
Links: Woodcutting Guide, Fletching Guide, Firemaking Guide
Tags: Firemaking, Fletching, Raw material
Credits: Arceus, bambino, Cowman_133, Divon Lynn, Oilertay
Last updated: 24-Apr-2015
RuneScape 2007
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