Crimson charm

Crimson charm Examine: A charm used to summon familiars. Weight: 0.00 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: No Stackable: Yes
High alchemy: 1 gp Low alchemy: 1 gp
Location: Obtained from monster drops.
Made by:
Combining 5 Mystical charm slice - requires level 72 Hunter.
Combining 5 Crimson charm slice - requires level 72 Hunter.
Used in: Amlodd pouch, Bloated leech pouch, Brawler demon pouch, Deacon demon pouch, Evil turnip pouch, Executioner demon pouch, Granite lobster pouch, Honey badger pouch, Iron titan pouch, Pack yak pouch, Pyrelord pouch, Spirit scorpion pouch, Spirit tz-kih pouch, Steel titan pouch, Vampyre bat pouch, Wolpertinger pouch
Uses: Used in creating summoning pouches when used on a summoning obelisk with spirit shards, a blank pouch, and a second ingredient.
Notes: Crimson charms are used in summoning some of the higher-level familiars.
Dropped by:
Fire giant, Barbarian, Grizzly bear -2-, Black demon, Black dragon, Black Knight, Black unicorn, Blue dragon, Black Knight Titan, Chaos druid, Chaos Dwarf, Cow, Deadly red spider, Dwarf, Earth warrior, Hill giant, Giant bat, Giant spider, Giant spider -2-, Khazard trooper, Goblin, Green dragon, Guard, Gunthor the Brave, Hellhound, Ice giant, Ice spider, Ice Warrior, Jogre, Lesser demon, Monk of Zamorak -4-, Moss giant, Ogre, Poison spider, Red dragon, Rogue, Shadow warrior, Spider, Warrior woman, White Wolf, Fire elemental, Black bear, Hobgoblin, Monk of Zamorak -1-, Monk of Zamorak -2-, Scorpion, Wolf, King Black Dragon, Greater demon, Werewolf, Rock, Pee Hat, Kraka, Troll General, Big Wolf, Dark Warrior, Wolf -4-, Kalphite Soldier, Dire Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Grizzly bear cub, Elf warrior -Ranger-, Elf warrior, Kalphite Guardian, Kalphite Worker, Vampyre, Bat, Ghoul, Leech, Rock Crab, Possessed pickaxe, Black Unicorn Foal, Dagannoth, Dagannoth -2-, Wild Dog, Bronze dragon, Steel dragon, Thug, Cave crawler, Cockatrice, Pyrefiend, Basilisk, Jelly, Turoth -5-, Turoth -2-, Turoth -3-, Turoth -1-, Kurask, Crawling Hand -2-, Infernal Mage, Bloodveld, Aberrant spectre, Gargoyle, Nechryael, Abyssal demon, Crawling hand, Banshee, Wall beast, Cave goblin, Hobgoblin -2-, Dust Devil, Druid, Giant crypt spider, Bloodworm, Skeleton -6-, Skogre, Mummy -3-, Giant Crypt rat, Abyssal walker, Abyssal leech, Abyssal guardian, Dagannoth -3-, Dagannoth -4-, Giant Rock Crab, Wallasalki, Zombie -2-, Rock lobster, Mounted terrorbird gnome -2-, Skeletal Wyvern, Skeleton -3-, Harpie Bug Swarm, Iron dragon, Black Guard -2-, Killerwatt, Giant Mole, Icefiend, Baby black dragon, Zogre, Guard -West Falador-, Minotaur -2-, Flesh Crawler -2-, Catablepon, Flesh Crawler -1-, Flesh Crawler -3-, Ankou -1-, Ankou -3-, Jungle Horror, Cave Horror, Ankou -2-, Catablepon -2-, Catablepon -3-, Shadow Hound, Suqah, Shadow spider, Locust Rider -Melee-, Locust rider -Range-, Terror dog, Terror dog -2-, Ice Troll Male, Moss giant -3-, Wizard, Animated spade, Undead Lumberjack -5-, Cave Bug -2-, Brine rat, Skeleton Fremennik -3-, Mithril dragon, Brutal green dragon, Waterfiend, Bloodveld -God Wars Dungeon-, Hellhound -God Wars-, Gorak -God Wars-, Jogre -God Wars Dungeon-, Kree'arra, Commander Zilyana, Pyrefiend -God Wars-, Warped Tortoise, Ice Wolf -2-, Zamorak warrior -2-, Zamorak warrior, Zamorak mage, Giant Ant Soldier, Skeleton -13-, Skeleton -17-, Skeleton -18-, Zombie -11-, Zombie -20-, Zombie -21-, Zombie -23-, Zombie -24-, Skeleton -21-, Skeleton -20-, Skeleton, Dried zombie -3-, Skeleton -19-, Skeleton -29-, Dried zombie -2-, Dried zombie -1-, Zamorak Mage -2-, Ogress champion, Ogress, Ogress warrior, Bork, Ork Legion, Cockroach Drone, Cockroach worker, Cockroach soldier, Mutated bloodveld, Mutated bloodveld -2-, Skeletal hand, Zombie hand, Mighty banshee, Cave crawler -2-, Turoth -4-, Crawling Hand -3-, Crawling Hand -4-, Druidess, Corporeal Beast, Tormented wraith, Armoured zombie, Undead Troll -2-, Elite Khazard Guard, Elite Black Knight, Elite Dark Mage, Elite Dark Ranger, Shady stranger -2-, Undead Troll, Elite Dark Warrior, Undead Troll -3-, Tormented demon, Lesser reborn ranger, Lesser reborn warrior, Greater reborn ranger, Greater reborn mage, Greater reborn warrior, Berry, Twig, Locust Rider (Lancer), Locust Rider (Ranger), Yeti, Gnoeals, Skeleton Looter, Aquanite, Fenris wolf, Black Guard berserker, Black Guard crossbowdwarf, Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer -1-, Chaos dwogre, Living rock protector, Living rock striker, Ice demon, Waterfiend -Frozen Fortress-, Icefiend -Frozen Fortress-, Corruption beast, Desert strykewyrm, Ice strykewyrm, Jungle strykewyrm, Frost dragon, Ork warrior, Ivory Gromblod (cursed), Ivory Shredflesh (cursed), Ivory Bre'egth (cursed), Suspicious outsider, Zamorak warrior -3-, Haakon the Champion, Cyclossus, Nex, Blood reaver, General malpractitioner, 'Rum'-pumped crab, Troll General -2-, Mutated jadinko guard, Mutated jadinko male, Mutated jadinko baby, Vyrelord, Vyrelady, Glacor, Mummy -2-, Ganodermic beast, Grifolaroo, Fungal rodent, Fungal mage, Grifolapine, Ganodermic runt, Waterfiend -Frozen Fortress 2-, Spirit impling, Troll brute, Fire spirit (Normal, Achey), Fire spirit (Oak), Fire spirit (Willow), Fire spirit (Teak), Fire spirit (Arctic pine), Fire spirit (Maple), Fire spirit (Mahogany), Fire spirit (Eucalyptus), Fire spirit (Yew), Fire spirit (Magic, Blister), Grotworm, Young grotworm, Mature grotworm, Queen Black Dragon, Goblin -13-, Suqah -2-, Guard -Edgeville-, Goblin -14-, Cave crawler -3-, Pyrefiend -3-, Bloodveld -2-, Spellwisp, Exiled kalphite guardian, Exiled kalphite marauder, Kalphite King, Exiled Kalphite Queen, Exiled kalphite paragon, Black Demon - Flash Mob -, Demon Boss - Flash Mob -, Dagannoth -5-, Automaton Generator, Thug - 2 -, Rorarius, Scutarius, Gladius, Capsarius, Vorago, Legio Sextus, Legio Primus, Jelly -2-, Chaos giant, Suqah -3-, Airut, Celestial dragon, Kal'gerion demon, Araxxi, Legio Secundus, Legio Tertius, Legio Quartus, Legio Quintus, Iorwerth guard, Iorwerth scout, Cadarn mage, Cadarn ranger, Blissful shadow, Lava strykewyrm, Adamant dragon, Rune dragon, Manifest shadow, Truthful shadow, Elite abyssal demon, Elite dark beast, Elite dust devil, Edimmu, Wyvern, Ripper demon, Elite Aquanite, Ravenous ghoul -Canifis-
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Tags: Summoning
Credits: Lalala7324, Juhniz
Last updated: 26-Oct-2010
RuneScape 2007
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