Sacred clay (class 2)

Sacred clay (class 2) Examine: Low quality sacred clay. Weight: 0.20 kg
Members: Yes Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: No
High alchemy: 0 gp Low alchemy: 0 gp
Location: Collected from a level 2 resource (pool, swarm, tree, rock) in the Stealing Creation Minigame. Requires level 20 skill level to work with this clay.
Used in: Arrows (class 2), Barrier (class 2), Bow (class 2), Butterfly net (class 2), Catalytic rune -Stealing Creation-, Chaps (class 2), Coif (class 2), Dagger (class 2), Defence potion (2) -SC game-, Elemental rune -Stealing Creation-, Energy potion (2) -SC game-, Food (class 2), Harpoon (class 2), Hat (class 2), Hatchet (class 2), Helm (class 2), Leather body (class 2), Magic potion (2) -SC game-, Pickaxe (class 2), Platebody (class 2), Platelegs (class 2), Prayer potion (2) -SC game-, Ranging potion (2) -SC game-, Robe bottom (class 2), Robe top (class 2), Sacred clay pouch (class 2), Scimitar (class 2), Staff (class 2), Summoning potion (2) -SC game-, Super attack potion (2) -SC game-, Super strength potion (2) -SC game-, Warhammer (class 2)
Uses: Collecting it earns 30 points. If deposited as clay at the base it only earns 30 more points for a total of 60. If processed into an item it earns 30 points, and if the processed item is deposited at the base it earns 60 more points for a total of 120.
Notes: This is a lower quality sacred clay. You will lose this item at the end of the Minigame.
Links: Stealing Creation
Tags: Minigame
Credits: Cowman_133, pokemama, wyvren2000
Last updated: 29-Oct-2011
RuneScape 2007
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