Fractite bar

Fractite bar Examine: A solid bar of metal, used for smithing. (Tier 5) Weight: 1.80 kg
Members: No Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: No
High alchemy: 1,830 gp Low alchemy: 1,220 gp
Location: Obtained by smelting Fractite ore in the furnace deep within Daemonheim.
Made by:
Smelting Fractite ore - requires level 40 Smithing and gives 32.2 Smithing xp.
Used in: Fractite battleaxe, Fractite boots, Fractite chainbody, Fractite dagger, Fractite full helm, Fractite gauntlets, Fractite hatchet, Fractite kiteshield, Fractite knife, Fractite longsword, Fractite maul, Fractite pickaxe, Fractite platebody, Fractite platelegs, Fractite plateskirt, Fractite rapier, Fractite spear, Fractite warhammer, Off-hand fractite battleaxe, Off-hand fractite dagger, Off-hand fractite knife, Off-hand fractite longsword, Off-hand fractite rapier, Off-hand fractite warhammer
Uses: Used on an anvil to make Fractite armour and weapons. Requires at least level 40 smithing to work with.
Notes: This item cannot be removed from Daemonheim and cannot be carried to the next level with the bind feature.
Links: Dungeoneering Guide
Tags: Dungeoneering, Raw material, Smithing
Credits: Arceus, Miloxide, Peter, Raphman
Last updated: 25-Mar-2015
RuneScape 2007
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