Rune bar

Rune bar Examine: It's a bar of rune. Weight: 1.80 kg
Members: No Quest item: No Tradeable: Yes Stackable: No
High alchemy: 3,000 gp Low alchemy: 2,000 gp
Grand Exchange » Rune bar
Market Price -5% Market Price Market Price +5% Buy Limit
2,345 (2.3k) gp 2,468 (2.5k) gp 2,591 (2.6k) gp 10,000
30 Days: -4%   90 Days: -82%   180 Days: -81%
   Last Snapshot: 5:15pm, 17-Mar-2019 GMT
Location: Can be player bought. It is also a drop from several high-level monsters and a possible reward from the crystal key chest in Taverley.
Made by:
Smelting 8 Coal and Runite ore - requires level 85 Smithing and gives 50 Smithing xp.
Used in: Off-hand rune battleaxe, Off-hand rune dagger, Off-hand rune knife, Off-hand rune longsword, Off-hand rune mace, Off-hand rune scimitar, Off-hand rune sword, Off-hand rune throwing axe, Off-hand rune warhammer, Rune 2h sword, Rune arrowheads, Rune battleaxe, Rune chainbody, Rune claw, Rune dagger, Rune dart tip, Rune full helm, Rune hasta, Rune hatchet, Rune helm, Rune kiteshield, Rune knife, Rune longsword, Rune mace, Rune nails, Rune pickaxe, Rune platebody, Rune platelegs, Rune plateskirt, Rune scimitar, Rune spear, Rune sq shield, Rune sword, Rune warhammer, Runite bolts (unf), Runite limbs
Uses: Used to make runite weapons/armour. Used as a secondary ingredient to make Rune Minotaur pouches. Requires 86 Summoning.
Dropped by:
Fire giant, Fire giant, Black demon, Black dragon, Hill giant, Green dragon, Hobgoblin, King Black Dragon, King Black Dragon, Kalphite Queen, Kalphite Guardian, Bronze dragon, Steel dragon, Aberrant spectre, Gargoyle, Nechryael, Nechryael, Abyssal demon, Dust Devil, Giant skeleton -2-, Dark Beast, Dark Beast, Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Prime, Dagannoth Supreme, Dagannoth Supreme, Iron dragon, Giant Mole, Scarab Mage, Locust Rider -Melee-, Locust rider -Range-, Mithril dragon, Brutal green dragon, Ferocious barbarian spirit, K'ril Tsutsaroth, General Graardor, Commander Zilyana, Scabaras Lancer, Ghostly warrior, Tormented demon, Ourg Statue, Goblin statue, Ork statue, Ogre statue, Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer -1-, Desert strykewyrm, Ice strykewyrm, Ice strykewyrm, WildyWyrm, Glacor, Ganodermic beast, Ganodermic beast, Spirit impling, Magpie impling, Kingly impling, Grotworm, Mature grotworm, Exiled kalphite guardian, Exiled kalphite marauder, Kalphite King, Automaton Generator, Automaton Guardian, Automaton Tracer, Scutarius, Legio Sextus, Legio Primus, Chaos giant, Airut, Throwing muspah, Force muspah, Bladed muspah, Legio Secundus, Legio Tertius, Legio Quartus, Legio Quintus, Adamant dragon, Rune dragon, Rune dragon, Elite abyssal demon, Elite dark beast, Elite dark beast, Elite dust devil, Helwyr, Gregorovic, Vindicta
Links: Smithing guide, Summoning Guide
Tags: Raw material, Smithing
Credits: bambino, Creepybacon, Fudgy999, Ginger Warrior, Lalala7324, misplacedme, Mwksportsfre, ruin781
Last updated: 03-Nov-2012
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