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With a new year, goals are bound to be made and aimed for completion. Check out this week's Hot Topic What you want your Rs Character to achieve in the next year!, posted by forum user silasinth, to discuss your goals and desires! While there, take a look at others who may have similar goals to yours.

Poll, Clan Hot Topic and Calc/Planner Update » 

This week's poll asks if you have ever donated to Tip.It strives to keep ads on the site to a minimum and this is accomplished through your donations! How does one donate you may ask? Click this button at the bottom right of your browser:

Be sure to discuss your thoughts on this weeks poll at the discussion thread!

While on the forums, make sure to check out this week's Clan Hot Topic Predictions? Winners, losers, and static. What are your predictions for the next year? Who will be the winners, who will be the losers, and who won't change at all? Be sure to cast your opinion!

Our Skill Calculators and Skill Planners have been updated to help you in your training! They now include the tools obtained during from the Stealing Creation mini game. Another great tool to use during your RuneScape travels

As usual, have a fantastic week!

Tip.It Times - Double Feature! » 

A new Tip.It Times is available for your reading pleasure! This week the Times presents a Double Feature. Enjoy That Dragon Feeling by DarkDude98 and A Grainy Christmas by ForsakenMage! Be sure to join the discussion topic to discuss your thoughts and conclusions on the articles!

Holiday Update! » 

Tip.It has uploaded a gift for you - a brand new Treasure Locator (pop-up)! While using the Treasure Trails Coordinates List, you can always use this handy tool! The new tool looks the same as the old one, but will be easier to keep up to date. Thanks very much to misplacedme for creating it!

If you are using the Tip.It Microhelper, you may need to reload Runescape to get the new Locator in game.

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With the year nearly over, many are looking at the future in expectation! Is there something you are looking forward to being released in the next year? A new quest line, item or maybe even a new skill? Be sure to voice your wants and expectations in this week's Hot Topic, What are you hoping for in 2009? by Warlover!

The Tip.It Team would like to wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy new year!

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This week's poll asks if you are in a clan? What does you clan focus on? Are you in a clan at all? Be sure to join the discussion thread to share your answer! Times and Clan Hot Topic! » 

A new Tip.It Times is available for your reading pleasure! This week the Times teaches us to be glad with what we have. Covering some of the major updates from the year and more enjoy The Coal in our Stockings by Ts_Stormrage! Be sure to join the discussion topic to discuss your thoughts and conclusions on the the article!

The goal for many clans is to be the best. In most cases, #1 refers to warring and PKRI's. Will your clan ever become the big cheese? The single clan that can claim victory over all other clans--consistently? Be sure to voice your answers in this week's Clan Hot Topic! The discussion thread can be found here!

Christmas Event » 

For those wanting help, user bballer (with major help from user Romy) has put together a player made guide to the Christmas 2008 Event! This guide tells you exactly where to go to quickly find ... well, the person you need to find. ;-) If you aren't enjoying your search, check out the guide!!

While you are there, you might want to check out our Archive of Wisdom forum containing the best of the player made guides, as well as the General and Beginning guide subforums. Be advised that Tip.It cannot guarantee the accuracy of these guides, so be sure to evaluate them yourself. However, player made guides can contain lots of good hints for specific Runescape play that just won't fit on the website!

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After all the work and effort you have put into your account, would you restart if it was lost? Be sure to check out this weeks Hot Topic You're Banned! Account Deleted!, by forum user 3_Hit_U, and discuss what you would do!

Quest Guide » 

The Myths of the White Lands quest guide is now available to walk you through the icy puzzles!

The Holiday and Rare Items Guide has been updated with the latest event and reward information. The Stealing Creation mini game guide has been revised to reflect Jagex's changes. And the Tip.It Items Database has pictures and information for the 2008 Holiday Items and the Quest Items.

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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