Happy New Year » 

Well, we have come to that time of year again to say goodbye to the current year and hello to the next. Jagex\'s focus on updating current content this year has really forced us to revisit older pages on our website and breath new life into them. We look forward to another year of fantastic updates from Jagex as we continue our mission to provide quick and easy access to RuneScape Help!

On behalf of Tip.It, I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful, prosperous new year 2010! See you all there!


New Calculator and Poll » 

Tip.It is happy to announce the release of our newest special calculator: the Penguin Points Calculator! Enter the number of penguin points you intend to redeem and the calculator will output your expected new level. If you have never penguin seeked before, be sure to check out our Penguin Hide and Seek Guide to get started!

This week, the weekly poll asks: How many days have you spent online RuneScape? Cheers to forum user Cantristenon for the suggestion! After you\'ve voted, discuss how long you\'ve been ingame on this discussion topic.

Tip.It Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available. After taking a read through your favorite articles, be sure to discuss them on the discussion topic!

New Crew, Poll and TET AU » 


First and foremost, I am excited to welcome two more website crew members to our team: carl0dublin and metoo1000! If you see either of them in-game or around the forums, be sure to congratulate them!

This week, the poll asks the following: Which of this year\'s Holiday Events was your favourite? After you have voted, come share your opinion with our community in the discussion topic. If you haven\'t yet completed this years\' Christmas Event, A Christmas Warble, there is still time left to take part! Head over to RuneScape.com before January 11.

The Tip.It Events Team: AU is conducting a survey on Event Times. If you\'d like to have your say in when TET AU\'s events are hosted, come vote on this topic (Forum registration required). While TET AU can make no guarantees of changes, they will definitely take the most popular vote into consideration.

Finally I would like to take the opportunity, on behalf of Tip.It, to wish everybody a Safe and Happy Christmas Season!

Christmas Event and More » 

As usual, Jagex has continued their tradition of holiday events! Two of our guides, the Holiday/Rare Items Guide and the Costume Room Guide, have been updated to show the rewards of this year\'s Christmas event, A Christmas Warble. If you are looking for assistance with the Christmas Event, I recommend checking out our Player-Made Guides Forum.

On another note, additional Linking to Us Buttons have been added to the site. Thanks to Global Mod Racheya for providing them for us!

Tip.it Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available. After taking a read through your favorite articles, be sure to discuss them on the discussion topic!

Skill Planners » 

Today our fantastic calculator crew has added two more outputs to all our Skill Planners: Exp to Level which shows the experience required for the level following the desired level and Gained Exp which shows how much experience you would gain in total.

If you experience any trouble or spot any errors within any calculators on our website, please report them to this corrections forum. Please note that if some figures are not changing properly on the calculator, try a hard refresh (control + f5 or apple key + r).

How Deep? » 

The Blood Runs Deep quest guide is now available on the website. This master quest will take you to the Fremennik Province and the Islands beyond, and comes with a very generous reward!

A monster hunting guide for the Tormented Wraith (which can be fought after the Summer\'s End quest) has been released. It includes the various black armour and weapons which meet the requirements to fight this elixir-dropping monster.

Finally, this week\'s poll is now available and it asks: How often do you use your Player Owned House? Thank you to Global Moderator Racheya for providing the last few poll questions. After voting, come discuss with the community on this discussion topic! These are the results from last week\'s poll:

How much of an interest do you have in the RuneScape economy?
A great interest
40% (2951 votes)
Somewhat of an interest
30% (2219 votes)
A little interest
16% (1179 votes)
No interest whatsoever
8% (583 votes)
What's an economy?
7% (509 votes)
Total Votes: 7441

'The' Clan's 10th Birthday » 

This week, \'The\' Clan is celebrating their tenth birthday and would like to invite anyone who is interested to come take part in their Birthday Celebrations. Check out this discussion topic for more information!

Tip.it Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available. After taking a read through your favorite articles, be sure to discuss them on the discussion topic!

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