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The Blood Runs Deep quest guide is now available on the website. This master quest will take you to the Fremennik Province and the Islands beyond, and comes with a very generous reward!

A monster hunting guide for the Tormented Wraith (which can be fought after the Summer\'s End quest) has been released. It includes the various black armour and weapons which meet the requirements to fight this elixir-dropping monster.

Finally, this week\'s poll is now available and it asks: How often do you use your Player Owned House? Thank you to Global Moderator Racheya for providing the last few poll questions. After voting, come discuss with the community on this discussion topic! These are the results from last week\'s poll:

How much of an interest do you have in the RuneScape economy?
A great interest
40% (2951 votes)
Somewhat of an interest
30% (2219 votes)
A little interest
16% (1179 votes)
No interest whatsoever
8% (583 votes)
What's an economy?
7% (509 votes)
Total Votes: 7441

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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