Happy New Year! » 

2011 has been an amazing year in terms of updates and we cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store for us. From all of us here at Tip.It, we wish you all a very Happy New Year 2012! See you there!

New Year Flash

Flash Powder Factory Guide » 

In light of the recent overhaul of the old Rogues' Den minigame beneath Burthorpe, the Tip.It Crew is proud to announce the release of the Flash Powder Factory Guide! This guide has all the information you need about both the factory area and the minigame itself, which is known for providing decent experience rates in agility and thieving. With enough patience, you can earn enough points to obtain the full set of factory gear, which gives some interesting benefits!

Special thanks to Saradomin_Mage, ForsakenMage, Octarine19, and Warriormonkx for all their hard work on the guide.

Tip.It Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available.

This week, Crocefisso has written an editorial called The Year in Review. He examines all the major RuneScape updates that have occurred over the past year. In his accompanying article Returning, But to What?, Master_Smither discusses his return to RuneScape after a lengthy break and the changes he has noticed over that period of time. ForsakenMage has completed her sixth chapter in the fictional series The Last Night. If you have not read the earlier chapters, we recommend that you do so first!

And finally, we have something new in store for you guys! Ts_Stormrage has put together a short RuneScape comic for this week's Times edition! Hopefully there will be many more to come!

After taking a read through the articles, don't forget to discuss, debate and share opinions about them on the forum topic!

Have a happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas! » 

Christmas Tree

It has been an eventful, but absolutely fantastic year at Tip.It! On behalf of everybody on the team - administrators, moderators, crew and all the other amazing people that come together to make this site what it is - I would like to wish you and your family a peaceful, jolly and very Merry Christmas!

Frost Dragons Guide » 

Since their release into the game, frost dragons, due to their high-value bone drop, have been long known as one of the best consistent money-makers around. The Tip.It Crew is happy to present its latest addition to the monster hunting section, the Frost Dragons guide! This guide contains all you need to know in order to effectively kill these creatures and make the most out of your trips to their icy lair. Good luck hunting!

Keep Your RuneScape Account Safe! » 


Happy holidays, Tip.It'ers! We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few ways you can help keep your RuneScape account safe! Jagex has written a nice article about it here but we will also reiterate a few of their points:

  • Have a unique password that is impossible to guess! Your RuneScape password should not be used anywhere other than RuneScape.com. Do not use the same password for fan sites or your e-mail or anything else. This password should not be a dictionary word and should not contain any personal information. A mixture of random letters and numbers is always best! Also remember to never share your password with anyone - not even with friends or family. Jagex Mods will also never ask you for your password!
  • Make sure your computer is secure! Install and update anti-virus software. Make full scans (not quick scans!) regularly - ideally once a day. Make sure you have all of your computer updates installed. It is also recommended that you use a browser addon to block adverts, as sometimes they can be malicious!
  • Don't fall for phishing scams! Phishing scams are when you receive an e-mail from someone who *appears* to be Jagex. They might say that you have received an infraction on your RuneScape account and provide a link to what *appears* to be RuneScape.com. These e-mails are actually from scammers and the links go to a scam site instead of RuneScape.com. If you need to navigate to RuneScape.com, always type in the URL yourself. Do not click any links in e-mails! For more help on identifying phishing e-mails, you can read Jagex's article about it here.
  • Use a bank PIN! Many people think that they do not need a bank PIN. Then their account gets compromised and they say, "I'm definitely using one now!" Do not make this mistake - set a bank PIN now! Always deposit your valuables into your bank before logging out. Also remember to change your PIN settings so that your PIN takes 7 days to delete. Using a PIN will protect your account in case it is compromised. If your account is accessed by someone else they will not be able to steal your items and odds are you will log in, notice that your account has been accessed, and be able to change your password/recoveries before your PIN is deleted after 7 days. Using a PIN can help save you from losing your items!
  • Keep your e-mail secure! If you have an e-mail address registered to your RuneScape account, make sure your e-mail is as secure as possible! Choose a different, secure password and make sure your recovery questions are set and not easily guessed (not even by family!) or social engineered.

We never like seeing anyone get hacked, especially not during the holiday season! So be sure to follow these tips and share anymore you can think of with your friends!

Stay safe and happy holidays!

Tip.It Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available.

We have four awesome articles this week. First, is an editorial by Ts_Stormrage. In his article All I want for Christmas... is FOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!, Ts_Stormrage discusses some of Jagex's marketing techniques and the in-game items that go along with them, such as the Google Chrome Goggles, the RuneFest Scythe, and the Ice Mask. Our accompanying article, New Metric to Judge Jagex, is written by sees_all1. In this article he revisits Jagex's decision to exclude F2P from the high scores and discusses how we can use the new high score statistics to judge RuneScape's popularity.

We also have two fictional articles this week! ForsakenMage continues her series The Last Night. She's on chapter 5 now, so be sure to catch up on the previous chapters if you haven't already, and be prepared for a great new chapter! We also have a new series starting, written by a guest author RU_Insane. Be sure to check out the prologue to The Sea Is Calling and stay tuned for more!

After taking a read through the articles, don't forget to discuss, debate and share opinions about them on the forum topic!

Two Epic Events Next Weekend! » 

Christmas Event and Corporeal/Mole Monster Hunt

Next weekend, Tip.It has two epic events for you to enjoy!

Saturday the 17th - Christmas Event
On Saturday the Events Team is hosting an extravagant Christmas event, including a costume contest and a 100M+ drop party! You cannot miss this event!! The party will begin on the 17th at 9PM GMT in world 98 Falador Centre. Visit our forum thread for more information including other time zones, the clan chat, and more!

Sunday the 18th - Monster Hunt: Corporeal Beast / Mole Split
Our Tip.It Monster Hunting Team is starting strong with its first epic, official event! So monster hunters gather for our inaugural hunt! This is your chance to meet our new Tip.It Monster Hunting Team, enjoy some epic loot, and perhaps make yourself known so you can join our official team in the future! The event will take place on Sunday the 18th at 9PM GMT in world 99. Since we are hosting two monster hunts there will be two different meeting locations! Please visit our forum thread for more details including clan chats, meeting locations, and recommended equipment set ups!

Tip.It Times » 

A new issue of the Tip.It Times is available.

In his article The Sisyphus Effect, Crocefisso talks about the "Year of the Clans." We also have a guest editorial from Vahb about a Critique of Pure Efficiency.

Don't forget you can also apply to join the Editorial Panel as an author or an editor! If you want your work read by thousands of people each week, read this article for more information on the roles and how to apply.

After taking a read through the articles, don't forget to discuss, debate and share opinions about them on the forum topic!

The Crew Wants You! » 

Tip.It's Website Crew is currently looking for enthusiastic new members to join the team!

Are you interested in helping out with updating the Tip.It site? Have a look at this forum topic!

This recruitment drive will be running until 24 December, midnight GMT.

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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