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Once again Jagex has added a new quest, including a new area, and even a prayer book! The horror in the deep quest takes place north of the barbarian outpost, if you want to read our guide, click here.

We currently don't have much information about the prayer book, but as we get more it will be posted in the bottom of the guide.

From Runescape.com

The Lighthouse protecting unwary ships from Kandarin's hazardous North-western coastline has recently ceased to function, and the Council have become very concerned about the potential hazard to shipping that may result from this.
The Council would therefore like any adventurers passing by the area to investigate the lighthouse and discover what has happened to the lighthouse keeper Jossik.
Local rumours of a mysterious Horror From The Deep can probably be ignored, as The Council would like to assure its citizens that there is no such thing as sea monsters.

Happy trails folks!
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