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Hey all,
With all these new updates to our site, I thought i'd just remind people that the guides we post here, stay here. This means that you may NOT use our guides/information without prior permision from Silverion or Lightning.

Over these last few weeks, We have had many different Runescape Tip sites taken down, because they were breaking copyright laws and using our information without permission. This includes, Guides, images, calculators, etc. We don't want to take your sites offline, So if you are already using our guides, Please take them off now.

Also, We check our guides very well to make sure that they have not been stolen from other sites, before we put them online.
On another note,
I am aware that some of our rs2 guides & calculators have slightly wrong experience listed. We are in the process of investigating that. A big thanks to Pker Dude Jr for his time,helping me out with this.

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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