Swifty's Newspage coming soon... » 


Ive been planning on releasing a Newsletter thing, which will be posted on the Tip.it site, instead of sending it by email (incase of scammers, etc).

It will include stuff such as things going on within the Runescape and Scapeboard community, goals which people have reached recently, sometimes I might be able to get some interviews, and just some general rubbish that you find in most newsletters, hehe.

I plan on making a user on Scapeboard that all submissions, such as goals you have reached, funny stuff that has happened to you in runescape, etc can be sent to.

The first couple of issues of the Newspage might be pretty bad, because Im kinda new at the whole thing, but I hope that it ends up getting better :)

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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