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23rd December 2003 - New RS1 game worlds online

Last night saw 22,000 simultaneous players, and things were getting a bit crowded! Therefore I've added some more RS1 worlds for you to play on.
All the worlds are in 'San Jose'. There are 3 free worlds, and 1 members world.

Hope you enjoy them!

22nd December 2003 - Christmas Drop

This is just a quick note to say that there aren't going to be any RuneScape items dropped at christmas. I really don't like having to say this, but I can't see any sensible alternative.
This is because the last few drops actually caused a lot of upset, and resulted in a *huge* number of complaints from players who didn't manage to get an item (or didn't get as many as their mates). Many players seemed to get really upset about the drop which is of course the exact opposite of the intended effect.

These drops used to be fun, when we started them - because they were a suprise, and nobody took them too seriously. They were just a little bit of extra fun for people who were around at the time. However nowadays many players seem to expect the 'suprise' drop to happen, and so it just doesn't work the same.

Please don't go complaining to customer-support or moaning on the forums about the christmas drop. It won't change anything. Of course I'm expecting we'll get lots of complaints whatever we do :-( Which just goes to prove how horribly wrong the whole holiday-drop thing has become. The more complaints we get the more it proves to me that we really need to just stop the whole holiday-drop thing before the situation gets even worse.

On a more positive note, we are instead going to focus our time & efforts on improving the game in other exciting ways, and working on getting RS2 ready for launch early next year.

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Sorry 'bout not adding news earlier, but as Silverion has said, the Server was done, so since the server is down.. so is news.

Anyways, remember to check back regulary, because will try to have news AS IT HAPPENS. Also, come back in a few hours. Ive got a RS2 Xmas tree decoration to put onto Silverion's post, or somewhere else...
The crew has many things to finish during next year. This year, not much was done because Silverion was away and nobody else has server access. Next year, I will be launching a weekly or fortnightly newsletter, which will be posted here on the site. It will include Scapeboard Community news, site updates, interviews, Runescape news, and more! We Have organsised the crew into sections. We now have Eeeeediot doing mapping and Mage_Burner working on the Monster Database. These are two important jobs, which were left undone for a long time. This is gonna change now that staff are doing it as their main job. We're also working on new guides and more!

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Take it easy,
and we look forward to being the best Runescape Tips site in the new year!

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