TET Highscores, Farming Timer and More! » 

The Crew is excited to bring you many new updates today! The updates include:

  • TET Highscores: Winning various TET and TETAU events can earn you TET points. Events that offer points range from Hide and Seek to Item Hunting to Trivia Rounds. A complete list of all points accumulated this year can be found in the highscores.
  • Farming Timer: This new calculator will track the time it takes for your crops to grow. Post any corrections or suggestions here.
  • Items Database Changes: Absorption and Magic Damage stats are now added to the items. Item submissions now allow for all stats of an item to be submitted.
  • Bestiary Changes: Sortable column headers are now available in advanced bestiary search. The Bestiary now better support Dungeoneering creatures.

As always, corrections and suggestions can be submitted here and we hope you enjoy the updates.

Will you use Menaphos to train your skills?

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