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Whow we are finally settled on NEW SERVER! We are sorry about all these problems but even as this move was long planed it become necessary before we was ready to do it painless for you. After cracker attack had compromised security of old server we decided to move on to a new server and spend our time building things here and we lost 1 or 2 days more but now with new server we hope that we will be able to offer you more and better information.

This move included new IP address for server that asked for DNS change so many was unable to reach until its Internet service provider doesn't update its cache. Also if someone use programs to speed connection many times they write IP address directly to file called HOSTS on your computer so if they can access or probably this is problem.

Thanks you very much for your patience and support in hard times like this if you see something that is not working please fell free to report on any @tip email. As Always remember that site like our can live only with your support and that if nothing else you can always help by checking if any of sponsors have something interesting to offer.

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