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Whow Sir Brandon send us news that Andrew posted link to 3 years old DeviousMUD web page. There are SS, old map and plans for a game that later will be called RUNESCAPE a very interesting to read.

Wow, I just found this on my harddisk. Runescape has only been online 8 months, but I thought you might like to see how runescape looked over 3-years ago. (I've been writing this game a long long time!) The program has been completely re-written several times since this page was originally made, and changed it's name to runescape at some point. As you can see 3-years ago it wasn't looking so great, but my persistance on the project finally paid off! The world-map is quite interesting, as you can see things have moved from their originally planned locations somewhat, but many locations still have the same names. Also the central part of the map is an aproximate mirror image of the current map!

  • read all and see old ss, map and plans here at DeviousMUD page

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