"He looks fairly well-to-do."
Race: Human Members: Yes
Used: Quests: Merlin's Crystal, One Small Favour
Shops: Arhein's shop
Location: Arhein can be found standing at the docks of Catherby; south of the bank.
Notes: Arhein plays a part in some quests as well as running his own shop. During "Merlin's Crystal", Arhein reveals to the player the way to get into Keep La Faye by hitch-hiking in a crate of candles on his ship. Arhein also is involved in the chain of trading that occurs during the One Small Favour quest.

Notably, Arhein will sell the player 40 pineapples and 80 seaweed for 2 coins each every day. This can be especially useful for creating molten glass, composting, or selling for profit on the Grand Exchange.

Credits: Omnitec

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