Wise Old Man

Wise Old Man

"A venerable and rich sage."
Race: Human Members: No
Used: Quests: Garden of Tranquillity, Recipe For Disaster, Swan Song, Love Story
Location: House north of Draynor Village bank.
Notes: His real name is Dionysius. The history of the Wise Old Man can be read in herman's book.

He has both robbed Draynor bank (see Bank guard) and the Wizard's tower (see Love Story).

He sells a quest point cape to players that have completed all quests.

He can check your bank, and inform you of quest items that are no longer needed.

He can give you small tasks, which will reward you with prayer xp, constitution xp, coins, runes, seeds or herbs.

Zenevivia and the Wise Old Man used to be lovers.
Credits: Xena Dragon

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