The Black Marketeer

The Black Marketeer

"Felix can get you anything. For a price, of course."
Race: Human Members: Yes
Location: Located in the northwestern Warehouse within the Player-Owned Ports area.
Notes: The Black Marketeer, named Felix, will sell you port resources gathered from the Wushanko Islands. His stock will change every 24 hours. Only goods you currently have unlocked will be available for sale.

If your ship has to sit on the dry dock for repairs, he can instantly repair your ship for GP rather than waiting the repair time. You can do this by viewing his goods for the day and selecting "Finish Repairs" at the bottom of the shop menu. He will charge you 20k per one hour in the dry dock.

You can speak to the Black Marketeer to learn the brief history on how he ended up in his position.
Credits: Kimberly, Naive

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