The Missionary

The Missionary

"The Cudgel himself, in the flesh."
Race: Human Members: Yes
Location: When in Port, he can be found on the first floor of the bar within the Player-Owned Ports area.
Notes: The Missionary, named Tomlin, is an NPC you can take a Special Voyage for if you have 90 Prayer or greater.

Below are spoilers for The Missionary's storyline.

In "Meet The Missionary," The Missionary introduces himself as Brother Jared's representative, sent to convert the denizens of the Eastern Islands. He explains that he wants to build a church of Saradomin and cautions the portmaster that he won't tolerate his plans being endangered.

In "Go Among the Heathens," The Missionary states he wants to build the church in the Skull Region against Brother Jared's wishes for one in the Arc. Like in "Meet the Missionary", he threatens that he will not let anyone stop him despite the portmaster's cautions. After successfully completing the mission Tomlin will report that he has successfully picked Hyu-Ji, home of the sea orphans, as the building site for his church. He explains that he will serve as their protector from the Purists - a group that despises the sea orphans - inspiring hope and faith in Saradomin to build up his following.

In "Spreading the Word," The Missionary notifies the portmaster of the sea orphans neglecting construction of his church. After investigating the homes of the striking sea orphans, Tomlin discovered Zamorakian missionaries spreading their teachings and killing those they couldn't convert. The portmaster agrees to send a ship to break the Zamorakian missionaries in the Hook Islands. After successfully completing the mission Tomlin reports that two Zamorakian ships escaped and returned to Hyu-Ji to continue converting the sea orphans. The portmaster confronts The Missionary with information passed to him from the mission's crew; Tomlin was known as the "Cudgel of Draynor" who made the townsfolk worship Saradomin by brute force until confronted by the authorities, the truth of these events used to scare the sea orphans away from Tomlin and his church. The Missionary argues he has changed since then and that he won't abandon his project even if the sea orphans turn away from him.

In "Voices Raised in Lamentation," Tomlin has discovered that the Zamorakian missionaries are in league with the Purists and are gathering a fleet to attack Hyu-Ji from the Scythe Region. Despite the fact that the sea orphans are still against The Missionary, he refuses to abandon them or his church and works with the portmaster to lead a mission out to stop them. After successfully completing the mission The Missionary reports that the Purists were chased off; unfortunately, the victory is tainted with the deaths of two dozen sea orphans. Informed by the crew, the portmaster confronts The Missionary with the knowledge that he let a Purist ship escape in order to force the sea orphans to look to him for protection. Tomlin strongly denies the tales of the crew.

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