The Convict

The Convict

"Dashing rogue and Gentleman Adventurer."
Race: Human Members: No
Location: When in Port, he can be found on the first floor of the bar within the Player-Owned Ports area.
Notes: The Convict, also known as Horatio Waxenwing, is an NPC you can take a Special Voyage for if you have 90 Thieving or greater.

Below are spoilers for The Convict's storyline.

In "Meet the Convict," The Convict has been retrieved and brought to port. He cheerfully admits he's fleeing the authorities after discussing his criminal history with the portmaster. When the portmaster questions what keeps him from turning him in, the Convict mocks him for a thief turning in a thief. The portmaster relents and Horatio assures him he will notify him once he finds a quiet location in the east.

In "A Place Called Respite," The Convict informs the portmaster that he has selected Hyu-Ji as his hiding place. As a person on the run he gets along with the sea orphans, who are in similar circumstances hiding from the Purists. The Convict requests a ship to reach Hyu-Ji and the portmaster agrees. After successfully completing the mission, The Navigator deliver a note from Horatio that confesses he has not been entirely truthful. His true name is Marcus Fine. Not fleeing persuing authorities, he is in fact fleeing a father seeking vengeance for his daughter, driven to suicide after Marcus left her. He promises to explain more about his problems at a later date.

In, "Return Mail" The Convict greets the portmaster and delivers news that the vengeful father has discovered him in Hyu-Ji. Explaining that his location was only revealed from the port, he blackmails the portmaster into aiding him by duping the father into believing he is a khan and the innocent sea orphans are his army. In order to protect the innocent, the portmaster has no choice but to send a ship out to defend them. After successfully completing the mission, Marcus continues his blackmailing arts by threatening to send a letter to the White Knights notifying them of the murder of several off duty White Knights by the portmaster's crew should he not return to Hyu-Ji alive as a way of 'sending a message.'
Credits: Baffler, Box of Boxes, Xena Dragon

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