""The god of order and wisdom, above all else." "
""The god of order and"
Race: God Members: No
Location: Within Guthix's resting place during The World Wakes

Located at the Saradominist Campuring during the Battle of Lumbridge

Empyrean Citadel during Missing, Presumed Death.
Notes: Saradomin is the god of order, wisdom and peace and is one of the major gods of Runescape. His symbol is a four point star which is also used as the icon for the Prayer skill. Saradomin's influence across Gielinor is vast, with his followers and churches being found across the world. One of Saradomin's most loyal followers is Commander Zilyana whom he saved after she fell at the Battle of Annakarl.

Very little is currently known about Saradomin, however with the death of Guthix during the World Wakes quest he became the first of the banished gods to return to Gielinor.
Credits: BloodAngel, ForsakenMage, Salleh

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