Holstein, Emissary of the Godless

Holstein, Emissary of the Godless

"The emissary of the Godless."
Race: Human Members: No
Location: Found in Port Sarim, east of the Player-Owned Port portal for God Emissaries or at Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza north of the Lumbridge Crater.
Notes: Talk to Holstein to learn about the Godless faction. If you join this faction, you will receive a banner of the Godless, the "of the Godless" suffix title and a book of the Gods.

If you are allied with the Godless faction, Holstein will assign a number of combat, skill and exploration tasks. Completion of these awards additional chapters in the Book of the Gods, and upgrades for the banner of the Godless. See the God Emissaries guide for more information.

You can also join the Godless against Brassica Prime and Marimbo in the minigame Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza. Holstein will still explain the Godless faction if asked, but with humorous interruptions from Marimbo and Brassica Prime.
Credits: Octarine

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