Araxxor/Araxxi is one of the most difficult solo boss fights in RuneScape. The boss fight itself is composed of four phases of increasing complexity. At the start of each phase, the boss will have 100,000 life points. During the first three phases you will encounter Araxxor. After successfully depleting all of Araxxor's health in this third phase, a cutscene plays and you see him devoured by his mate, Araxxi. The final phase consists of defeating her, a more potent foe than Araxxor himself. Upon successfully reducing her life points to zero, one can then loot her spider carcass to claim the loot, or potentially sacrifice it to gamble on a higher chance of receiving the boss (Araxyte) pet. For more information on the pets, see the Pets section.

Enrage mechanic


In addition to all of the standard mechanics, Araxxor has a rage counter. This counter is reset to 0% each day after the first login following the daily reset at 00:00 GMT. It can also be reset a second way by consuming an Araxyte pheromone, sending it back to zero. Each successful kill will add 20% to its base enrage for the day. Base enrage will continue to accrue until a maximum of 300%. During the fight, various special attacks as the fight progresses can cause enrage to rise even further than 300%, up to a higher cap. At the start of the fight, one begins with at most 300% enrage.

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Getting There

The Araxyte lair, in which players can engage in the Araxxor boss fight, is located just south of the town of Port Phasmatys, and south-east of the Haunted Woods. By far the most convenient way to access the area is via the Ectophial, an item that functions as a teleport to the Ectofuntus, north of the town. If you have 92 Agility (boostable), you can run south from the bank and over a small ledge and into the cave. Lacking that, you can exit through the barrier to the west of the bank and circle around to arrive at the same area.

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Recommended Items/Skills & Instances

In successfully fighting Araxxor and then Araxxi, ample preparation, good gear and weaponry, and skill are required to emerge victorious from the Araxyte caves. The following is a list of recommendations and useful assets to have in fighting this boss, ranked roughly in decreasing usefulness. These are by no means firm requirements - it is possible for player proficient in PvM to knock it off without any of them - but the difficulty will be much greater.

When starting a fight, there is the option of using the base world instance for a fight if available, or paying a cost to make your own instance for an hour. The cost is 200,000 coins (150,000 coins if the permanent cost reduction is unlocked from Soul Reaper). The advantage to creating one's own instance is one more free inventory space, as well as the convenience of not having to search for an available world.


Recommended items/skills:

  1. An Araxyte pheromone in your inventory, unless creating your own instance.
  2. 90+ in relevant combat skills (i.e. Ranged/Defense if using Ranged).
  3. Access to at least two out of three: 96 Summoning (Pack yaks), ability to make (holy) overload, 95 Prayer & curses access (for turmoil/anguish/torment). Without overloads, be sure to bring Super restores.
  4. Food and brews. At least Shark is recommended for lower enrage kills, and Rocktail for higher.
  5. A Sign or Portent of life can save you once from a mistake and is useful and cheap. Using the death variants is ineffective as they restore only 15% of health and fail to inflict damage on reflect-immune foes. Be aware that after consumption of any of these items, you cannot use another for an hour of gameplay. Alternatively, a Sign of item protection will protect a fifth item in the event that you die.
  6. For more experienced PvMers, Great gunkan can be substituted in exchange for some of the rocktail, as their overall healing benefit is greater.
  7. Access to damage-boosting abilities (Death's Swiftness, Sunshine) from The World Wakes if using Ranged or Magic.
  8. Antipoison protection - Antipoison+ (4) or higher. Take several doses if using melee or taking the darkness path.
  9. Replenishment potion > Adrenaline potion > Super Guthix rest to unlock thresholds faster after an ultimate or when setting up Onslaught.
  10. A good aura aids significantly in the fight, generally accuracy aura (i.e. Supreme sharpshooter aura) > Vampyrism aura > Supreme invigorate aura/Supreme poison purge aura > others. The Reckless/Maniacal/Berserker auras are even more effective than accuracy auras, but drain defense and increase most damage taken, so they are not recommended unless fighting it on lower enrages (<200%) or very experienced with the boss.
  11. Ring of vigour and Asylum surgeon's ring to preserve adrenaline. Another option is the Ring of death, particularly for minion rotations or if carrying a large amount of degradable items.
  12. A shield has good utility here for Resonance & Debilitate, and is all but a necessity if taking the darkness path. Adding a Mobile perk via Invention also helps substantially in this regard, on any path. If affordable, Arcane/Divine/Elysian will also help soak more damage, especially on Path 3. The Elysian spirit shield is preferable there.
  13. Corruption Shot and Corruption Blast are useful if using Ranged or Magic.
  14. (Enhanced) Excalibur pays for itself in two uses a fight, and consumes no adrenaline to activate. Use after a damage-boosting ability or during Onslaught for maximum effect.
  15. Dominion Tower gloves (Goliath/Swift/Spellcaster) provide additional damage and can drain Araxxor/Araxxi's stats temporarily. However, it should be noted that they return to normal within a few seconds.
  16. A Blood amulet of fury can help sap health from minions, though it is another degradable and has no affect on Araxxor/Araxxi themselves.
  17. A Phoenix necklace can restore a large chunk of health when you are under 20% without costing adrenaline like food or draining stats like Saradomin brews. However, it should be noted that its automatic consumption will interrupt channeled abilities. One should also bear in mind that the necklaces have a 1 minute cooldown between uses, and there is no countdown present in the buff/debuff bar.
  18. Attuned and regular portents of restoration heal you when your health drops below 50%. However, these are expensive and of limited use here.
  19. If not taking the Darkness path, Storm Shards can be thrown on Araxxor for the first two phases, in particular during Web Shield specials. Later, during Phase 3, Shatter can be used under the influence of a damage-building ability for a large chunk of damage in one shot. Any unused shard stack is cut by half, rounding down, going into Phase 4, generally rendering it ineffective at that point into the fight.
  20. A Spice necklace can help you get more out of your food. It is worthwhile if you are carrying at least 40 shark or 46 rocktail.
  21. If you are between 87-91 Agility, bring a Summer pie along to take the shortcut. Save the other half for the return trip or as emergency food!
  22. The spell Disruption Shield can be helpful on high enrages to soak the occasional hit when under a damage-boosting ability or Onslaught. Use in conjunction with a large rune pouch is recommended to conserve inventory space.

Pitfalls to avoid:

  1. Deathtouch bracelet. Between Araxxi's Web Shield, Mirrorback spiders, and the bracelet's passive, things can spiral out of control with reflect damage back and forth. Avoid using this item here.
  2. Signs/portents of death should be avoided, as explained above - use signs/portents of life instead.
  3. Dreadnips have no effect on Araxxor/Araxxi, nor can they poison them. Save yourself an inventory spot and avoid bringing them.
  4. Similarly, Weapon poison is useless here.
  5. A Ring of life will not function here. It will simply print the message that you cannot teleport out. The lifesaver ability on a legendary pet will also fail with the same message.
  6. Avoid a legendary beast of burden with the Fertiliser ability, as it will occasionally leave a deposit on the floor unprompted and can potentially cause a bad misclick.
  7. Spirit pig familiars should be avoided as they will die to cleaves very quickly. Use a regular beast of burden familiar instead, even if it is lower capacity.
  8. Last but not least, prepare carefully! Make sure you have everything you need as unlike lower level bosses, you cannot simply teleport out and have a do-over! It is recommended that you establish your inventory setup and save it as one of your presets to minimize these sorts of issues.
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Catalogue of Attacks

This is a comprehensive listing of all of Araxxor and Araxxi's attacks. The attacks in each phase will be referenced to the names presented here.

Standard attack. Each of Araxxor's forms has a standard attack, and each can induce a secondary effect. Araxxor's melee attack can cause typeless bleed damage, scaling with enrage. The ranged form can inflict poison that can deal heavy damage every few seconds, potentially in the thousands at maximum enrage. Finally, Araxxor's mage form can reduce your stats or drain the overload timer.

AraxxorWebShield Araxxor/Araxxi will hide itself in a web and heal itself for 1000 life points every 1.2 seconds. Damage can still be inflicted, but a fraction will be reflected back to the player, and the damage dealt to Araxxor/Araxxi will be reduced. On higher enrages, the damage reflected can be even greater than the damage that would have been inflicted. One way to use this to one's advantage is to fire a single strong ability into the web shield, swap to a shield, and use Resonance (more details in phase by phase strategy below). When done properly, the damage reflected will instead be soaked as healing. Another strategy is to hit Araxxor/Araxxi with a bleed (Dismember, Fragmentation Shot, Combust, etc.) as soon as it enters the shield. This will block the heal entirely, but be aware that you will take reflect damage on each hit, which can stack up particularly at higher enrage.
AraxxorCocoon Several small spiders will run away from Araxxor toward the player, spinning a cocoon. The player must click rapidly multiple times to free themselves, else continue taking damage constantly, eventually taking even greater damage. At 0% enrage, the damage is 200 per hit, and scales linearly with further enrage. If no anti-stun protection is used, the player will have to survive 6 hits. If Freedom and/or Anticipate effects are active when cocooned, only two hits will need to be endured (4 in duo). With a keen eye and good reflexes, it is possible to trigger one of these abilities in the time between seeing the animation and being cocooned.
AraxxorCleave One of Araxxor's/Araxxi's most dangerous attacks. Araxxor will drag the player to it, swing its body and swipe sideways, hitting anything within two squares of it. This deals massive damage to the player if caught - up to 4000 damage at 0% enrage. At higher enrages, being caught in a cleave is usually a KO. It is worth noting that this attack cannot be mitigated by Resonance, and it will catch familiars for some damage, regardless of where they may be standing. To avoid this attack, one should either stay out of range and use Freedom/Anticipate at the appropriate time, or click away immediately to run away after being dragged. With one of these abilities activated, the player will not be dragged.

One should also hide familiar options in game settings to avoid interacting with familiar while intending to move away.

One of Araxxor/Araxxi's more notorious attacks. They will call for assistance and summon minions of spiders to aid them. Chief among these are Pulsing spiders, which will heal Araxxor for 5,000 lifepoints every few seconds, and Mirrorback Spiders, which reflect damage back to the player. It is imperative to stop attacking when a mirrorback spider may spawn, as all damage will be reflected back, which can easily kill the unwary player. When you kill the mirrorback spider, that damage will also be dealt to Araxxor, but will not afflict you with reflect damage. The strategy for dealing with them is to first take out the support spider (pulsing/mirrorback) and then clean up the other spiders as convenient. The spiders always come in waves of 5 with the support spider in a determined order. Whether the support spider will be pulsing or mirrorback is random, but the order is not. There are 20 spider minions in four waves of 5 spiders each, as follows:

  1. OOXOO
  2. OXOOO
  3. XOOOO
  4. OOOOO

where X marks a support spider, and O marks others (bladed, imbued, spitting). This means that during the first wave, two regular spiders will spawn, then a support, then two more, and so on for subsequent waves. The spider minions have only 3,000 life points each but can hit hard (close to 1,000 without a protection prayer) so it is recommended to clear them out quickly. Devotion is a wise choice to use at the beginning of a wave to grant 20 seconds of immunity from Araxxor/Araxxi's attacks, barring a cocoon or egg bomb attack.

AraxxorAcidicSpider Note: not to be confused with the highly acidic spider (tab below). Araxxor will clasp its front legs together and slam the ground, in its animation for a standard melee attack. A white projectile resembling its standard ranged attack will slowly fly through the air, landing and making a greenish-yellow splotch somewhere on the ground. After a few seconds, an acidic spider will spawn and start chasing the player. If the spider touches you, it will deal very high damage, likely (but not always) a KO. The spider should be avoided at all costs unless intentionally tanking it with a defensive ability (Immortality, Barricade). The spider can move with random speed that can vary from slower than a player walk (1 tile/1.2 seconds) to as fast as a player run (2 tiles/0.6 seconds). A bar will appear over the spider and fill with orange as it attempts to chase the player down. Once the bar is full the spider will decay to nothing and disappear.
AraxxorDarkness Araxxor will throw the entire area into darkness, causing the player to start taking damage. The damage begins at 50 + (base enrage %)/2, increasing steadily as damage is dealt every 2 game ticks (1.2 seconds). For either mode, the maximum darkness damage is capped at 1,000 per hit. In order to avoid this damage, the player must find and stand in a light spot, a 3 x 3 area found somewhere in the current phase area. It is harder to find on higher graphics settings due to lower contrast.
AraxxorEggBomb No. of targets Damge taken
0 3,000
1 2,100
2 1,200
3 300
4+ 0
Three eggs will appear in a cluster, generally several steps away from the player. Simultaneously, Araxxor will launch a fireball toward the player. The attack will clear any current defensive abilities among Resonance, Devotion, Barricade, Immortality, Debilitate, Disruption Shield, and Reflect, in addition to setting them on a ten second cooldown. When the fireball hits the player, it will do damage in accordance with how many targets are in its range, a 4 x 4 area surrounding the player. A target is either an egg or spider minion within this range. The amount of damage taken based on the amount of targets is presented below. In duo mode the damage increased even further.
AraxxorCharge This attack is used only in phase 2 on the darkness path. About ten to fifteen seconds prior to using it, a warning pops up on the screen indicating that Araxxor is getting ready to charge. A screen will pop up with Araxxor coming toward the player, who must hit one of the four arrow keys to dodge. Based on the animation that plays, the player will have a short amount of time to react and press the correct key to dodge successfully. If no input is registered, 5,000 damage will be taken and no progress toward the next stage is made. If the wrong key is pressed, this damage is halved and a small amount of progress is made (see further below). No damage is dealt if the right dodge is performed. For more detailed info see below.
Formerly, if you remained underneath Araxxor for too long, you would and dealt a large amount of damage, as well as having your run energy drained. The stun could be broken with Freedom. This was removed with an antiwalking update to the game and is now defunct.
AraxxorHiglyAcidicSpider Note: not to be confused with the acidic spider (previous tab). A dialog will pop up in the middle of the screen along with a chatbox message notifying the player that a highly acidic spider has spawned. Unlike its similar looking cousin, these can be touched and lured. Luring this acidic snack underneath Araxxor will increase its enrage by 10% per spider and heal it for 5,000 life points. If this is done, the enrage contributed by soaking these spiders will not contribute to Araxxi's enrage on the final phase. If any acidic spiders are not lured under him, Araxxi will have the opportunity to siphon off the acid in the last phase, increasing her enrage. In general, luring and absorbing spiders is not worth the additional time and effort, unless in lower level gear and at higher enrage.
AraxxiAbsorbAcid If acid from path 2 is not soaked up via Highly Acidic Spiders, Araxxi will siphon off acid (25, 50, or 75 at once, or whatever is left over) in the last phase and use it to increase her enrage. Unlike other enrage increases, this may also increase her accuracy. This is not applicable when Path 2 is closed.
AraxxorMinionHeal Araxxor will heal itself for 80% of the health left on it in phases 1 and 2 when progressing to phase 3. For example, if 10K health is left on phase 1 and 40k on phase 2, Araxxor will be able to heal itself for 80% of 50K, or 40K lifepoints. The spiders will heal erratically for chunks of health once in a while, rounding down to the nearest thousand of the amount missing. A popup will notify the player when these reserves are exhausted. Taking the darkness path for the second phase will count as completing it with zero health left for the second phase.
AraxxiAutoHeal If Araxxor's life points are depleted to zero in one of the first two phases, spiders from above will automatically heal him back to 5,000 life points. This is not applicable in phase 2 on the darkness path, as there is no traditional combat between the player and Araxxor.
If you flee out of Araxxor's sight and remain out of range for long enough, you will be dealt a large amount of damage and your run energy will be drained to zero.

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Sample Setups

Perhaps the most important part of the fight is your initial setup. RuneScape presents a very rich variety of gear of auxiliary items, making listing every possible combination an impossible task. We present several examples of gear for players of various skill levels and budgets, for each combat class. These are intended as examples and ideas, not rigid guidelines - feel free to mix and match whatever equipment in whichever class you are using as requirements allow. Do not use items from another combat class, though, as these severely penalize accuracy with the Evolution of Combat. Some of the most expensive items have been excluded.


  • At 200%+ enrage with this gear, kills begin to become a struggle, even with experience.
  • Royal d'hide armour is still cheaper gear; however it sacrifices the offensive and prayer bonuses of armadyl.
  • Tier 90 degradable armor may also be used; however the cost stacks up significantly with the attrition from minion spider hits when path 1 is open.
  • A Blood amulet of fury is an alternative to an Amulet of souls during minion rotations.
More Effective ... Less Effective
Worn-equipment-helm Sirenic mask* (Superior) Death lotus hood Anima Core helm of Zamorak Armadyl helmet
Worn-equipment-chest Sirenic hauberk* (Superior) Death lotus chestplate Anima Core body of Zamorak Armadyl chestplate
Worn-equipment-legs Sirenic chaps* (Superior) Death lotus chaps Anima Core legs of Zamorak Armadyl chainskirt
Worn-equipment-weaponWorn-equipment-shield Noxious longbow Wyvern crossbow Attuned crystal bow Zaryte bow
Worn-equipment-weapon Ascension cossbow Shadow glaive Attuned crystal chakram Armadyl crossbow
Worn-equipment-shield Off-hand ascension c'bow Off-hand shadow glaive Off-hand crystal chakram Off-hand Armadyl c'bow
Worn-equipment-gauntlets Ascension grips/Swift gloves Pernix gloves Mercenary's gloves Armadyl gloves
Worn-equipment-boots Glaiven boots Pernix boots Armadyl boots Silverhawk boots
Worn-equipment-ring Ring of death Asylum surgeon's ring Sixth-Age circuit Archers' ring
Worn-equipment-amulet Amulet of souls Dragon rider amulet Saradomin's murmur Amulet of ranging
Worn-equipment-arrow Tirannwn quiver 4 Ascension bolts/Araxyte arrow Onyx bolts*/Ascendri bolts* Royal bolts/Wild arrow
Worn-equipment-cape Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal-Xil Skillcape Obsidian cape
Worn-equipment-pocket Sup. scrimshaw of cruelty Superior scrimshaw of ranging Sign of life Holy wrench
Worn-equipment-aura Supreme sharpshooter aura Vampyrism aura Supreme poison purge aura** Supreme invigorate aura
*May not be cost-effective for learning or on minion rotations.
**More effective on high enrage.


  • At 200%+ enrage with this gear, kills begin to become a struggle, even with experience.
  • Tier 90 degradeable armor may also be used; however the cost stacks up significantly with the attrition from minion spider hits when path 1 is open.
  • A Blood amulet of fury is an alternative to an Amulet of souls during minion rotations.
More Effective ... Less Effective
Worn-equipment-helm Malevolent helm* (Superior) Tetsu helm Anima Core helm of Zaros Bandos helmet
Worn-equipment-chest Malevolent cuirass (Superior) Tetsu body Anima Core body of Zaros Bandos chestplate
Worn-equipment-legs Malevolent greaves (Superior)Tetsu platelegs Anima Core legs of Zaros Bandos tassets
Worn-equipment-weaponWorn-equipment-shield Noxious scythe Dragon rider lance Attuned crystal halberd Crystal halberd
Worn-equipment-weapon Drygore mace** Blade of Nymora** Tetsu katana** Attuned crystal dagger**
Worn-equipment-shield Off-hand drygore mace** Blade of Avaryss** Tetsu wakizashi** Off-hand attuned crystal dagger**
Worn-equipment-gauntlets Razorback gauntlets/Goliath gloves Torva gloves Bandos gloves
Worn-equipment-boots Steadfast boots Torva boots Bandos boots Silverhawk boots
Worn-equipment-ring Ring of death Asylum surgeon's ring Sixth-Age circuit Warrior ring
Worn-equipment-amulet Amulet of souls Blood amulet of fury Saradomin's whisper Amulet of fury
Worn-equipment-arrow Tirannwn quiver 4
Worn-equipment-cape Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal-Ket Skillcape Obsidian cape
Worn-equipment-pocket (Sup.) Scrimshaw of vampyrism Sup. scrimshaw of attack Sign of life Holy wrench
Worn-equipment-aura Supreme brawler aura Vampyrism aura Supreme poison purge aura Supreme invigorate aura
*May not be cost-effective for learning or on minion rotations.
**Dual wielding requires prayer flicking and generally tanking more damage.


  • At 200%+ enrage with this gear, kills begin to become a struggle, even with experience.
  • A Chaotic staff is a staff alternative, if acquiring Dungeoneering tokens is easier than the money for a Virtus wand and book.
  • Tier 90 degradable armor may also be used; however the cost stacks up significantly with the attrition from minion spider hits when path 1 is open.
  • A Blood amulet of fury is an alternative to an Amulet of souls during minion rotations.
More Effective ... Less Effective
Worn-equipment-helm Tectonic mask* (Superior) Seasinger's hood Anima Core helm of Seren Hood of subjugation
Worn-equipment-chest Tectonic robe top* (Superior)Seasinger's robe top Anima Core body of Seren Garb of subjugation
Worn-equipment-legs Tectonic robe bottom* (Superior) Seasinger's robe bottom Anima Core legs of Seren Gown of subjugation
Worn-equipment-weaponWorn-equipment-shield Noxious staff Camel staff Staff of darkness Attuned crystal staff
Worn-equipment-weapon Seismic wand Seasinger kiba Attuned crystal wand Virtus wand
Worn-equipment-shield Seismic singularity Seasinger makigai Attuned crystal orb Virtus book
Worn-equipment-gauntlets Spellcaster gloves/Celestial handwraps Virtus gloves Gloves of subjugation
Worn-equipment-boots Ragefire boots Virtus boots Boots of subjugation Silverhawk boots
Worn-equipment-ring Ring of death Asylum surgeon's ring Sixth-Age circuit Seers' ring
Worn-equipment-amulet Amulet of souls Blood amulet of fury Saradomin's hiss Amulet of fury
Worn-equipment-cape Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal-Mej Skillcape Obsidian cape
Worn-equipment-pocket (Sup.) Scrimshaw of magic Sup. Scrimshaw of the elements Sign of life Holy wrench
Worn-equipment-aura Supreme runic accuracy aura Vampyrism aura Supreme poison purge aura** Supreme invigorate aura
*May not be cost-effective for learning or on minion rotations.
**Supreme poison purge is nearly useless on this combat style.

For your inventory, setups are much more homogeneous in terms of combat class. A suggested inventory for Ranged is below; the other combat styles are very similar. Fill your beast of burden with additional food.


More or fewer brews may be needed based on Araxxor's current enrage. In general after n kills, 5 + n/2 4-dose brews should be sufficient. To conserve space or prolong trips, flasks may be used instead, but they are more expensive.

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Mechanics and rotation

Current Araxxor Rotation:
Next Araxxor Rotation:
Future Araxxor Rotations:

The first phase of the boss fight remains the same regardless of the day or rotation on which Araxxor is fought. The fourth phase, in large part, also remains constant, save two of the three special attacks acquired in phases 2 and 3. The second phases is chosen specifically by the player, and third incorporates mechanics from the second phase and the other open path. More detail on phase 4 is found in its section further down. As you progress through the fight, you will move through different areas of the cave as depicted in the map below.

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Phase 1

The first phase of the Araxxor fight is the least complex. This phase is always exactly the same, and during it Araxxor will attack with standard attacks based on the form that it spawned in, as well as using three of its special abilities. Ideally, bring an Araxyte pheromone to guarantee a spawn in the style favourable to your combat style. Alternatively, one can pay 200k for an instance for an hour instead, which also gives Araxxor in the preferred combat style. Ensure you have your main-hand weapon equipped, or the game will read your combat as melee and spawn a Ranged-form Araxxor.

Immediately after entering, burn one of the webs accessible while waiting for Araxxor to spawn. More detail about these paths and their relative difficulty can be found near the beginning of the Phase 2 section. The web burnt will determine which piece of the Spider leg is received in the event that you hit that on the drop table.

Araxxor, and later, Araxxi, will (mostly) use 5 attacks between their special attacks throughout the fight. During this phase, he will also not use the same special attack two times in a row and his special movepool will be restricted to Cleave, Cocoon, and Web Shield. This means if Araxxor uses Cleave, the next special must be Cocoon or Web Shield, and similarly for the other two specials.

Often he will cycle through the attacks, i.e. Cleave, Cocoon, Web Shield in sequence, more often than using Cleave, Cocoon, and Cleave straight after. Do note this is not a guarantee but seems to happen the bulk of the time from empirical evidence.

Cleave and Cocoon can be largely mitigated by using Anticipate or Freedom shortly before a special is queued. Use Anticipation first as it has a shorter cooldown time. Cleave can be dodged manually, so after gaining some familiarity with the boss, it may be preferable to not use Anticipation or Freedom for the special after a Cocoon. This is because the next special will be a Cleave (which can be dodged) or a Web Shield, for which Anticipate/Freedom do nothing.

To dodge Cleave, click away from Araxxor at least two tiles directly away and make sure run is on. If you click only one square away or walk, you will not make it out of the way in time. This attack will deal 4000+ damage at 0% enrage. At higher enrages, this attack effectively becomes an instakill. Note: Resonance does not heal or even block cleave damage.

To deal with Cocoon, use Freedom or Anticipate before or just before (when the animation of a few small fleeing spiders shows up) and then click rapidly to escape. If done properly, you will take two hits of damage from it. If you do not have one of these abilities up you will have to endure around 6 hits from it. Note that you can eat and sip potions such as Saradomin brew (4) whilst trapped in the cocoon, if needed.

When Araxxor uses Web Shield, he will reflect damage onto you and take reduced damage and reflect (possibly much higher) damage onto you. There are several strategies to deal with this.

1. Resonance Heal. You can use Araxxor's reflect damage for your benefit! To execute this properly, you need to do the following.

  1. Hit Araxxor with a single, strong attack. Examples include Snipe, Sever, Deep Impact, etc.
  2. If using Snipe, note there is a delay between firing the ability and damage being dealt. You need to wait until the ability cooldowns have almost reset before the next step.
  3. Equip your shield, take one step away from your current location to break Revolution/auto-attack, and trigger Resonance. You must execute all three actions in the same game tick or it won't work.
  4. In the same tick as you trigger Resonance, the reflect damage from your attack will heal instead of hurt you (note a purple hitsplat), and you will take only 1 damage.
  5. If your first attack missed, you still have a second chance to hit Araxxor with a second ability and salvage a smaller heal (since Resonance lasts 6 seconds). Do not take off the shield or you will lose the Resonance buff.
  6. Use Preparation (optionally) to gain more adrenaline. By this time Araxxor should be coming out of his web shield and you can continue attacking.

Note: You can also use Resonance first, then fire an attack to play it a little safer. However, the magnitude of the heal will be substantially smaller, since you lose the damage of your offhand weapon.

2. Bleed. A second strategy is simply to apply a bleed and tank the damage. This can add up quite a bit during higher enrages, but can knock off upwards of 10,000 life points over simply doing nothing. Bleeds are Dismember, Combust, Fragmentation Shot, Corruption Shot, and Corruption Blast. If using one of these, particularly Corruption Shot or Blast, one can still swap on a shield and use Resonance/Preparation to mitigate one hit of the reflect damage.

3. Do nothing. A third alternative is to simply sit and wait for Araxxor to emerge out of the web shield and continue attacking at that point. This is not a recommended strategy for efficiency but beginners may prefer to try this as a more cautious approach.

4. Barricade and hit. If you have barricade up, you can attack Araxxor through his web shield with impunity. However, this is not recommended as adrenaline is usually better saved for more threshold and ultimate abilities, and furthermore the shield must be equipped the entire time to keep the buff active. It has slightly more utility in phase 2 as seen below.

Finishing Up

After exactly one minute, the web that you chose to burn will vanish, clearing the way for the next phase. You have your choice of running there immediately or continuing to lower Araxxor's phase 1 health. Note that in phase 3, Araxxor will heal himself for an amount equal to 80% of the health you leave on him in phases 1 and 2 combined. However, phase 3 is generally more complicated and more difficult than the first two phases. This leaves a tradeoff between a slightly shorter first/second phase, and a longer, more difficult phase 3. For players without a lot of experience at Araxxor, it is recommended to stay in phase 1 and lower Araxxor's health to at least under 2,000 life points before proceeding. Note that anything underneath 1,000 life points remaining will be rounded down to zero anyway.

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Phase 2

After crossing the area initially blocked, the player proceeds into the second phase of the fight. There are three different paths with three disjoint sets of mechanics. The paths and terminology used to refer to them are explained in the table below.

Number Location Name
1 Top Minions
2 Middle Acid
3 Bottom Darkness

Some paths are a bit easier than others. There are three factors into this decision: which path is chosen for phase 2 mechanics, what the other open path is (which becomes the mechanics for phase 3), and which path is blocked (meaning those mechanics are avoided). There are always two paths open and one blocked. Below is a table identifying which paths are less difficult than others, in descending order of difficulty.

Phase 2 path Other open path (phase 3 mechanics) Blocked path
Easier Acid Darkness Minions
Minions Darkness Acid
Darkness Acid Minions
More difficult Minions Acid Darkness
Acid Minions Darkness
Darkness Minions Acid

Egg Bomb

Regardless of path choice, Araxxor gains a new special in phase 2, his Egg Bomb attack. As described above, Araxxor will launch a fireball and three eggs will appear. After several seconds, the player will be hit for damage depending on how many eggs are in proximity. If eggs are not killed with the fireball, 1-3 spiders may spawn from them.

On low enrages, any path sequence should be doable fairly easily. As enrage increases, the difficulty, particularly the prolonged fight on minion rotations, becomes more apparent. Detailed descriptions of these paths follow below.

Minions - Path 1

On this path, Araxxor gains his Assistance attack, enabling him to call in waves of spider minions to his aid, and his egg-bomb attack, spawning even more spiders and causing damage if you are not careful. Stay in the phase 1 area especially with shorter-range weapons for a better line of sight and easier maneuvering. During this path, Egg Bomb will often be the first special, and used every two specials, alternating with others which occur randomly. Cleave is used much less often in this phase, but players should still be wary. It is easy to click on a spider accidentally instead of the ground, which will result in no moment and cause the player to be hit. The bladed, spitting, and imbued spiders are merely a nuisance, but the support spiders can be more dangerous. There are two kinds; Pulsing spiders will heal Araxxor every few seconds for 5,000 life points. Mirrorback spiders will reflect all damage done on Araxxor right back at you, similar to Web Shield. Both of these should be cleared off as soon as possible.

When Araxxor summons a wave of spiders, you will see an animation of spiders scattering away from him. As soon as you see this, stop attacking Araxxor and put up Devotion. Proceed to kill spider minions, using a strong ability with potential to one-hit (i.e. Sever, Snipe, Snapshot) to deal with the support spider. Using a channeled threshold (i.e. Rapid Fire, Assault, Asphyxiate) is not recommended as it is overkill. Killing the spider minions extends the duration of Devotion from 10 seconds to potentially 20, making it a very valuable asset. The priority for minion killing is: support > combat class you are weak to > same combat class > combat class strong to. For example, if using range, you would kill the support spider, then bladed spiders, spitting spiders, and finally imbued spiders. This is to minimize damage taken, but if desired or more convenient, they need not be prioritized by combat class. If you do not have Devotion available at the start of a wave, Debilitate can halve Araxxor's damage while you are dealing with minions. Remember to shield swap for a longer debuff to him if dual wielding.

During the first wave, you will have time to hit Araxxor with one or two more abilities in between the animation and the support spider spawning - but be wary as a mirrorback spider reflects damage and can easily kill you. Devotion will last until another Egg Bomb attack, which will clear any remaining time. Be particularly cautious when awaiting the third wave of spiders, as the first spider has the potential to be a mirrorback spider. An ill-timed strong ability or threshold can easily kill a player on higher enrages.

When you have lowered Araxxor's health to nearly zero, surge down the path toward phase 3, all the way into the second open area until you receive a second message. Araxxi will heal himself back as you start damaging him in phase 3 an amount equal to 80% of the health left on him in phases 1 and 2 combined. If you have not yet cleared out all four waves of spider minions, be aware that Araxxor retains the ability to summon them in the third phase. Also be sure that Araxxor does not summon more spiders as you are running to the next phase. You can check how many spiders are left by hovering over the yellow icon below the boss health bar near the top of your screen.

An alternative strategy is to skip all or part of this phase in favor of lumping the extra life points into a longer phase 3. One can surge down the top path as soon as phase 2 begins, or set up and use the Onslaught ability to remove a sizable chunk of Araxxor's health. To best use Onslaught, stay at the fringe of the phase 1 area when Araxxor's health is nearly depleted. Wait for Araxxor to use a special attack and then straddle the line, triggering phase 2 and immediately coming back into range. If Araxxor is going into its web shield, resonance heal off it to get to full health and fire Onslaught as soon as he comes out. Araxxor will launch an Egg Bomb attack after five attacks, at which point your health should be nearly depleted in any case. Eat food and brew to end Onslaught, running to the spot. Equip your shield and use Preparation, then Resonance to heal as you retreat down the top path into the third phase. Let yourself drop out of combat momentarily and use another ability so you can eat freely up to full health, and get ready to face phase 3. Caution: Make sure you are close enough to Araxxor when you trigger Onslaught. If you are out of standard range for your weapon, you will fire one shot of it before Onslaught terminates, rendering you out of luck. Also be aware that Onslaught can take some practice to get down.

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Acid - Path 2

This path consists of a pool of acid and a ramp. The object is to have Araxxor soak up enough acid and leak it over the ramp until it degrades enough to allow progression to the third phase. While Araxxor has acid soaked into its system, it becomes more aggressive, keeping within 2 steps of the player. This is important because Freedom and Anticipate are no longer enough to keep the player safe from Cleave, even with range or magic combat. Instead, one has to move backwards a couple steps when Araxxor is winding up for a cleave. In addition, while Araxxor has acid, its enrage increases, causing the damage it deals to increase.

More specifically, the acid pool contains 100 units of acid (for a solo encounter). When Araxxor is in the right spot, he will begin soaking the acid at a rate of 1 unit per game tick. Eventually, you need to lure him up to the top of the ramp, and he will begin dripping acid onto the ramp. The ramp will visibly decay. You need 50 units of acid on the ramp before progress is allowed to the third phase. Once again, the acid will drain at a rate of 1 unit per game tick. Your goal is to wait one or two squares away from the top while acid soaks down - this will give you enough room to avoid a Cleave. Make sure Araxxor is two squares from you if you are one square away from the very top, or else you will not have enough room to avoid it. If needed, remember Surge will usually get you out of trouble when used in time. In a duo, the numbers for acid are doubled, but acid is still soaked/leaked at the same rates, causing this path to take longer.

Araxxor will continue to use his special attacks every 5 regular attacks or so. He loses his Cocoon attack but gains a new one for this path - Acidic Spider. When launching this attack, Araxxor will first slam his front two legs into the ground in the animation for a standard melee attack. Next, a projectile will fly through the air, somewhat similar to his standard Ranged attack, and land somewhere in the vicinity. After a few seconds, an acidic spider will materialize. Avoid letting this spider touch you at all costs, as it is usually an instant kill. If you are trapped in a corner, Barricade or Immortality can be used to save you, assuming you have a shield. Note that in a duo fight, there will be two acidic spiders spawned and both players must evade them.

Araxxor's will again never use the same two specials in a row on this path. This means that after dodging a Cleave attack, one can surge up the ramp and wait at the top for a fair amount of time while being safe from another Cleave. It is also possible to line up in a perfect position so that Araxxor is leaking acid and you have enough space to dodge a Cleave, or force Araxxor to be hanging over the top of the ramp, leaving plenty of space to flee down the ramp if needed. Stand two squares from the top of the ramp, and if Araxxor is not yet close enough to start decay of the ramp, move up a little, leaving one square above you to use as your shelter from Cleave.

Note that as soon as 50 acid has drained onto the ramp, Araxxor won't be sticking around. Therefore, it is wise to reduce Araxxor's health to as low as desired before letting the last of the acid drip off, lest having to fight through a longer phase 3. For beginners, a good strategy is to knock off 40%-50% of Araxxor's health before even starting with the acid pool in the centre. Again note that in a duo fight, the amount of acid in the pool and the amount to cause sufficient erosion of the ramp are doubled, to 200 and 100, respectively.

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Darkness - Path 3

Unlike the rest of the boss fight, this part requires no traditional combat with the boss itself. The area consists of a long tunnel with a light spot that periodically shifts places and a wall at the end. When not standing in the light spot, the player begins to take damage from the ambient darkness. The base enrage of the boss and length of time outside the light spot determine how much damage, potentially up to 1,000 per tick. Regardless of the combat style you use, Araxxor will use range and magic attacks at a rate of 1 every 6 seconds, roughly alternating between the two styles. After roughly one minute, Araxxor uses its Charge attack and you will have to react quickly to dodge it so that he does damage to the wall, eventually knocking it down to progress to phase 3. A shield is a near necessity on this path, particularly for higher enrages.

Ideally, start the phase with 100% adrenaline and position yourself in the middle of the tunnel while you wait for the light spot to first appear. When you see it, run towards it keeping an eye on your adrenaline. Avoid eating any food and drink brews if necessary. Use any stall ability (Freedom, Anticipate, Preparation) as soon as you see yourself drop out of combat. This is needed due to a glitch which will otherwise drain your adrenaline if you eat. After that, make sure you stay in combat and eat as needed. Equipping your weapon/shield with the mobile perk on it is useful as it will allow you to surge to more light spots, conserving your food supply. Due to another glitch, you can use defensive combat thresholds without losing adrenaline, in particular Devotion and Reflect. It is a substantial advantage to keep up adrenaline and begin the third phase with 100% adrenaline, as one attains a running start on damage rather than building from zero, especially if the minion path is open.


Aside from the Charge attack and slow-paced auto-attacks, the only ability Araxxor has is his Egg Bomb. There are two ways to deal with the special in this path: first, you can run to the eggs and tank darkness damage until the fireball takes care of it, or second, run to the light spot and tank the 3,000 hit from the fireball. Generally, the latter will result in less total damage incurred, but you will have to clean up the spiders. To help mitigate some of the damage during this phase, equip your shield and use Resonance just before an attack is about to hit, and keep protection prayer off. At higher enrage this can heal you for several thousand life points. When Resonance is on cooldown, use Preparation so that any attacks Araxxor scores against you help enable the use of Resonance again sooner. Also recall that Egg Bomb sets Resonance on cooldown and cancels its effect. There is a longer pause between a regular attack and Egg Bomb than between two regular attacks. Use this to your advantage to ensure you do not fire off Resonance only to have it wasted by the special. Before a Charge attack is also a bad time to use it, as by the time Araxxor descends and swipes, you will run out of time for Resonance to heal.

When Araxxor charges, you need to press the correct arrow key on the keyboard, or click on the screen (not recommended). Make sure to spamclick your choice of arrow so it carries through and isn't too early. Pictures provided below illustrate which animation corresponds to which key will dodge. Pressing the correct key will deduct 50% of the wall health. Pressing a key, but the wrong one, still knocks off 25% but the player incurs 2,500 damage. No input at all (or a lag spike/laggy connection) will cause zero wall damage and incur 5,000 damage. It is therefore beneficial to at least press one key, even if it may be the wrong one, as opposed to doing nothing. When the wall is reduced to no health, it comes tumbling down and phase 3 begins. With proper dodging, this is done in two iterations.

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Phase 3

Phase 3 adds an additional level of complexity to the fight, combining the available special attacks of Araxxor from phase 1 with the mechanics from the two open paths. Depending on which paths are open, you will see a combination of Minion Assistance, Egg Bomb, Acidic Spider, Highly Acidic Spider, and Darkness. If Path 1 is blocked, you won't see Minion Assistance. If Path 2 is blocked, Acidic & Highly Acidic spiders will not be a concern. If Path 3 is blocked, there will be no darkness special.

The bulk of this phase is simply combining the mechanics of two of the paths from phase 2 above. Another change is that Araxxor can use the same special twice in a row - for example two Cleaves or two Acidic Spiders. If the acid path is open, phase 3 can often begin with this special. There will always be some acid left, at least enough for one spider. On this path it will not be possible to use Freedom and Anticipate often enough (save specific Invention perk combinations such as Clear Headed 3 & Reflexes) to aid with every special, so use them wisely and be vigilant for Cleave and Cocoon attacks especially.

To complete this phase as efficiently as possible, ideally start off with a damage-boosting ultimate, drink your adrenaline potion, and fire off thresholds, making sure to avoid getting cleaved. On low enrages, ignore any darkness specials and simply keep attacking. When Araxxor is higher enrage, you may have to step into the light spot to avoid taking too much damage. Stepping in for a second and then moving back out can still save considerable health, as it resets the damage splats down to their minimal level (amount of damage equal to current enrage). Acidic spiders are a more notable concern and must be avoided, as they are nearly always fatal encounters.

When Araxxor's health is reduced to zero, you are ready for the fourth and final stage of the fight. Use stalling to keep adrenaline as high as possible and use Anticipate to begin the fourth phase. Araxxi can potentially fire off a special as soon as the fight begins, and if not careful this can be a fatal Cleave.

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Phase 4

Completing the first three phases and killing Araxxor is a substantial feat in its own right. But you didn't think getting your loot would be that easy, did you? Araxxor will crawl over to the final platform to be eaten by his mate, Araxxi. Araxxi will remain unmoving in the center of the platform. In this last, most complex, and most difficult phase of the fight, you will have to fight and defeat her if you want your loot!

The first half of the fourth phase is similar in some ways to phase 3. Araxxi has no Egg Bomb, Highly Acidic Spider, or Acidic Spider attacks. She does acquire two additional abilities, if the applicable paths are open. The first ability is siphoning off any remaining acid from Highly Acidic Spiders not dealt with in phase 3. This will garner an additional 20% enrage for 25% acid, and proportionally for less. The other ability is to summon any remaining spider minion waves, or still more spiders if those are depleted. If spiders are left on phase 3 that hatched from eggs, it is almost guaranteed she will summon them within a few attacks.

To begin the phase, it is useful to let yourself drop out of combat, stall adrenaline with an ability (preferably Surge), and wait for the fight to start. It is a good idea to fire off Anticipation as well to prevent being cleaved straight away. If desired, Devotion can be used for free to start as well, though you may wish to save it for right before the putrid wave, depending on how quickly you are able to damage Araxxi.


Once Araxxi's health drops beneath 50,000 life points, a popup message will appear saying that she begins to be enraged. She will slowly gain enrage at this point and no longer use any of her special attacks. Knock down her health a little more, use Debilitate, then a damage-boosting ability and gain enough adrenaline to have thresholds at the ready.

When Araxxi's health drops below 25,000 life points, she will begin to gain enrage even faster and launch a putrid wave. This will immediately drain 50% of your adrenaline off and begin bouncing around. Ideally, you want to fire a channeled threshold such as Rapid Fire or Assault under a damage boost ability at just over 25,000 health to knock off as much health as possible quickly. Eat (but avoid brews if possible) while using it as your adrenaline will be drained to very near 0 in any case. Once that ends, you an finish Araxxi with basic abilities. Take care to either avoid the putrid wave or move immediately after a hit, as it will deal 1000 damage, scaling with enrage, very quickly. This amounts to more than 4,000 damage per hit for a kill at maximum enrage. If you mess up and cannot fire a threshold before having your adrenaline drained, you can sip your adrenaline potion and then brews until you have enough to fire it.


If you make it through all that, congratulations! You have made it through and defeated Araxxi and can now claim your loot by clicking on her spider carcass. More information on her potential drops follows in the drops section.

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More General Tips

Phase 1

  • Build adrenaline as fast as possible, then use a damage-boosting ability and do as much damage as possible while that is up.
  • Use Exacalibur's special right after your damage-boosting ability on your first attempt, or save it for phase 2 if it is still on cooldown from your last kill.
  • Using Storm Shards throughout this phase and the next can build a stack can take a large chunk out of the more difficult third phase. This is much less significant if taking path 3.
  • Using your damage-boosting ability during a web allows you the maximum amount of time to deal damage while ensuring you will not suffer reflect damage from Araxxor webbing in the middle of a powerful attack.
  • With proper resonance healing, very little food/brews are required for this phase in comparison to the later stages of the fight. Try to take advantage of this and conserve your supplies, but don't let yourself be in danger of dying.
  • Higher enrage grants greater resonance heals, but conversely more damage and the potential to sign or kill the player if it is messed up.
  • When beginning the fight, spam click the web and queue an ability. As soon as the web ignites, begin attacking Araxxor as he descends from the ceiling. Watch out for any sudden cleaves, but in general you can fire off at least 4 attacks, then use Anticipation.
  • It is recommended not to use Anticipation or Freedom for the special attack after a web, as the next special cannot be a Cocoon in this phase. A Cleave can be dodged manually and the abilities have no bearing on a Web Shield.
  • Whilst Araxxor is in its Web Shield, either set up your damage boosting ability or use Preparation/Storm Shards/bleed attacks/Resonance Healing to build up more adrenaline.
  • It is possible to begin the fight with 100% adrenaline by using the leeches outside the araxyte cave and stalling until the fight begins. However, due to the simpler nature of phase 1 and the unpredictable use of Araxxor's first special, this strategy is of limited use.
  • If you plan to use Devotion in phase 1, only trigger it immediately following a Cleave or Web Shield. In the former case do not use it if you are at full health, as you will waste a potential resonance heal opportunity.
  • As you prepare to exit phase 1, use weaker abilities and equip a shield to lower Araxxor's health as low as possible. Under 1k is ideal, but not necessary for a successful kill.

Phase 2

Path 1 - Minions

  • Araxxor will virtually always begin this phase with an Egg Bomb special. Use a tendril attack if you have sufficient health, then heal it back with resonance once the cooldown expires.
  • Devotion can be used in conjunction to with killing spider minions to extend its time. A good time to use it is soon after an Egg Bomb.
  • Use Snipe, Snapshot, or or similar abilities in other combat classes to kill the support spider immediately. Avoid using Corruption Blast or Shot on mirrorbacks or you may take massive damage.
  • After a spider minion has been somewhat damaged, Sacrifice can be used to finish it and gain back a large chunk of health. Occasionally one can heal a full 3,000 life points if Sacrifice is under the influence of a damage-boosting ability and top-tier equipment.
  • When running to phase 3, be sure Araxxor doesn't summon another wave of spiders as you retreat to avoid any nasty surprises. The best way to avoid this is to Surge out of range after one of its specials.

Path 2 - Acid

  • Unless experienced with the boss, avoid luring Araxxor into the pool of acid straight away. Knock off around half or slightly less of its health, then proceed.
  • Be aware that Araxxor will position himself within two squares of you leaving you vulnerable to a Cleave attack at virtually any time. Be prepared to move back should this happen.
  • Be wary of Cleave (and Acidic Spider) at the top of the ramp. Throwing up Immortality or Barricade will successfully defend against these. Be aware that an Egg Bomb will clear either of these effects.
  • If done properly, a shortcut is to put Death's Swiftness/Sunshine at the bottom of the ramp and double back two squares. This will keep Araxxor out of the shroud, but close enough to start soaking acid.
  • Leaving at least 26 acid in the pool will help speed up the kill.

Path 3 - Darkness

  • Stall adrenaline in this phase, ideally starting from 100%, to be prepared to set up for phase 3 with a damage-boosting ability.
  • Defensive thresholds do not drain adrenaline and can be used at will (Reflect, Devotion).
  • Devotion can be extended from spider minions, and Preparation can be used to a greater effect.
  • Resonance heal with the style you are weaker to out of Ranged and Magic whenever available and not at full health.
  • Remember you need to stall during the cutscenes, so use a stall ability simultaneously with dodging Araxxor's swipes.
  • Run to the light spot after phase 2 ends and wait there, then begin combat, use your damage-boosting ability, and progress to the phase 3 area once that runs out.

Phase 3

  • Use the tips of the previous path in the other path mechanics as you proceed through the fight.
  • Araxxor can now use the same special twice in a row (i.e. Cleave, Cocoon), so even with Anticipate and Freedom you will not be able to mitigate every special.
  • Avoid queuing one ability while firing another, as this will cause the second attack to fire and override running away if you are hit in a Cleave. This also applies to Araxxi.
  • Finish this phase with as much health and adrenaline as possible, allowing you to unload thresholds into Araxxi.

Phase 4

  • Be careful with prayers and switch accordingly (if using ranged/magic). Araxxor's magic attack is slow and takes longer to register.
  • Araxxi has a more limited arsenal of specials but will Cleave far more often, especially with path 3 blocked.
  • Using Devotion, followed by a damage-boosting special after the 50,000 life point threshold will help to finish off Araxxi effectively.
  • Use Excalibur's healing effect just before firing off you damage-boosting effect.
  • Sidestep off-centre if you are firing Sunshine or Death's Swiftness. This allows you to stay within your shroud even if hit by the core.
  • Fire a channeled threshold right before 25,000 life points to ensure you get it off before having your adrenaline drained. Spam food (but not brews) during the threshold as your adrenaline will be drained to almost 0% anyway.
  • Remain alert and vigilant when the acid wave spawns. Be ready to move but let Revolution keep firing abilities until the wave is about to hit you or hits once. Move two squares, and continue eating.
  • Alternatively, one can take down the last quarter of Araxxi's health with Onslaught. Use Resonance as Araxxi's health nears 30k, with full adrenaline, then devotion, eat a piece of food, then Onslaught, switching prayers, wielding a Phoenix necklace, and triggering Excalibur. Most of the time this will be sufficient for the kill as long as prayer switches are done properly and there is no bad luck with core bounces.
  • If you run out of food, alternate running and use non-channeled abilities as a last resort. This will prevent you from taking core damage and can save the kill if it's close.
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Drops & Araxyte Pets

Araxxi's drops include pieces of the famed Spider leg, used to craft noxious weaponry, some of the strongest two-handed weapons in the game.


Araxxi will drop from several drop tables: araxyte, charm, consumable, main, leg, hilt, effigy, and pet. You will always receive a drop from the araxyte, consumable, and main tables. You will receive a charm drop most of the time, which will be exactly one entry from the list of possibilities below. The leg piece, hilt, effigy, and pet tables are much rarer. A leg piece and a weapon piece can be dropped in the same kill. The Spider leg is dropped in three pieces from Araxxi, and made from combining the three of them. Only one piece can be received in a given kill, and only two paths are open at any one time, making it impossible to assemble a full leg in one day no matter how lucky one may be. Finally, note that the ring of wealth has no effect on your drops.

Pic Item Quantity Note
Araxyte arrow Araxyte arrow 70-90 -
Araxyte pheromone Araxyte pheromone 1 Much rarer than arrows, ~1/35 - 1/40 depending on enrage
Pic Item Quantity
Gold charm Gold charm 10-20
Green charm Green charm 11-20
Crimson charm Crimson charm 10-20
Blue charm Blue charm 10-20
Pic Item Quantity Note
Rocktail Rocktail 6-12 -
Super restore flask (6) Super restore flask (6) 2-5 -
Saradomin brew flask (6) Saradomin brew flask (6) 8-15 -
Overload flask (6) Overload flask (6) 2-5 Only if the player has made overloads previously.
Pic Item Quantity
Coins Coins 402k-444k
Runite ore Runite ore 50
Coal Coal 600 Always dropped together.
Adamantite ore Adamantite ore 100
Grimy avantoe Grimy avantoe 45 Always dropped together.
Grimy dwarf weed Grimy dwarf weed 45
Grimy lantadyme Grimy lantadyme 40-50
Onyx bolts (e) Onyx bolts (e) 107-250
Hydrix bolt tips Hydrix bolt tips 40
Dwarf weed seed Dwarf weed seed 10
Sirenic scale Sirenic scale 2-3
Yew logs Yew logs 600
Magic logs Magic logs 294-319
Water talisman Water talisman 41-50
Battlestaff Battlestaff 50-70
Crystal triskelion fragment 1 Crystal triskelion fragment 1 1 Dropped in sequence.
Crystal triskelion fragment 2 Crystal triskelion fragment 2 1
Crystal triskelion fragment 3 Crystal triskelion fragment 3 1
Black dragonhide Black dragonhide 73-90
Magic seed Magic seed 5-8
Rune platebody Rune platebody 10
Pic Piece Path
Spider leg top Spider leg top 1 (Minions)
Spider leg middle Spider leg middle 2 (Acid)
Spider leg bottom Spider leg bottom 3 (Darkness)
Pic Item Quantity Note
Araxxi\'s eye Araxxi's eye 1 Makes Noxious staff.
Araxxi\'s web Araxxi's web 1 Makes Noxious longbow.
Araxxi\'s fang Araxxi's fang 1 Makes Noxious scythe.
The hilt corresponding to the style fought are slightly more common, i.e. eyes will drop slightly more frequently when fighting mage style Araxxor.
Pic Item Quantity Note
Starved ancient effigy Starved ancient effigy 1 Can have a maximum of 5 effigies in the bank.
Araxyte egg Araxyte egg 1 Only received as a possible drop after obtaining the Araxyte pet (see below). The chance is 1/500 with a threshold of 200.

Pet Mechanics

For Araxxi's pet drop, the mechanics are twofold. First, you must obtain the base, Araxyte pet drop. This is a random unlock given in one of two ways. The first is to have it awarded as a random chance by killing Araxxi, with a chance of 1/1000 or slightly less contingent on the amount of enrage Araxxor and Araxxi gained over the course of the fight. In this case, it will be awarded at the time of the kill, before you have a chance to inspect the corpse for drops. The second is by gambling your drops, which gives a second chance with double the odds. Using both the drop chance and sacrifice mechanics gives a chance triple the chance of by the drop alone.

Once you have obtained the Araxyte pet, there are a total of 6 meta-achievements that must be accomplished to unlock the chance of receiving an Araxyte egg. These 6 feats unlock different cosmetic skins for the Araxyte pet and are generally some form of additional requirement on top of simply killing Araxxi. The egg can be used to unlock two further pets, Barry and Mallory, only after all six have been accomplished. They are described in the table below. Note that you must kill both Araxxor and Araxxi in all cases; otherwise it will not count. You can check which skins you have yet to earn by interacting with the cocoon outside of the Araxyte cave.

Pic Name Achievement Tips
AraxytePetPete Pete Defeat Araxxor's magic form. It is strongly recommended to use ranged for this kill. Many players use Ranged especially at higher enrages, so this is likely to granted as your first pet skin automatically.
AraxytePetSteve Steve Defeat Araxxor's ranged form. It is suggested to use melee for this kill. Use of a Dragon rider lance or Noxious scythe will make this fight significantly less taxing. This is because they allow the player to attack with melee at a distance, eliminating the need to flick prayer between ranged and melee for the first three phases of the fight. Alternatively, the player may use range for a more difficult but doable kill on a low enrage.
AraxytePetDave Dave Defeat Araxxor's melee form. It is suggested to use magic for this kill, or alternatively melee. Attempting to kill the melee form using ranged combat is not a wise idea due to the nature of the combat triangle.
AraxytePetGavin Gavin Knock out Araxxor with reflect damage from the mirrorback spider. Path 1 must be open to unlock this pet. Araxxor's health must be below (circa) 3k life points when a mirrorback spider spawns, so that the reflected damage done onto it will be sufficient to knock him to zero. The easiest way to complete this is to take the top path and start phase 2 with a damage-boosting ability. Keep damaging Araxxor as much as possible dealing with potential waves. Skip using defensive abilities. This requires some deal of luck and is easier with tendril abilities and on lower enrages.
AraxytePetLana Lana Kill Araxxor after the ceiling spiders heal him for 160,000 life points. Burn the web, but do no damage to Araxxor whilst waiting. Once it is gone, proceed to the next phase and complete it again without damaging Araxxor. This is best done on path 1 by surging down and skipping phase 2 entirely. Continue the fight in phase 3 as outlined above. It is impossible to complete this achievement if path 3 is taken, as this automatically counts phase 2 health as depleted to zero.
AraxytePetBill Bill Kill Araxxi after it has soaked up all 100 acid units from the pool. Path 2 must be open in order to attempt this achievement, but the other open path must be taken (1 or 3). Do not lure any of the acidic spiders and proceed with the fight regularly otherwise. When you get to Araxxi, keep an eye on the acid meter underneath the boss health bar. Araxxi needs to drain all of the acid before she is lowered to below 50,000 life points, so ensure it is depleted by then if you wish to obtain this pet skin. Absorbing acid also increases Araxxi's enrage, so be aware that this feat becomes substantially more difficult to attempt at higher enrages.
Araxxor Barry Pet Barry After unlocking all six minion pets, you have a chance of receiving an Araxyte egg as an additional drop. The chance is on a threshold system with base chance of 1/500, increasing every 200 kills up to a maximum of 1/50. One pet will be awarded upon consuming the egg, and the player must obtain a second egg to unlock the other.
Araxxor Mallory Pet Mallory

Pet Farming

Pet chance for the Araxyte pet is contingent on how much enrage is gained throughout the fight. One way to increase your chances is to prolong the fight near the end with Araxxi, allowing it to gain more enrage before finishing her off. This will be difficult to pull off for too long as you will be taking a lot of damage, but can be worthwhile if you have extra supplies to burn near the end of the kill and have experience fighting it.

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Glitches & Quirks

Araxxor and Araxxi have a number of quirks and glitches that one should be aware of. The following is a list.

  1. When exiting phase 1 at the same time as being hit by a cocoon, you will still have to endure the attack, after a delay of several seconds. This will occur even when taking the darkness path; use Freedom/Anticipate and spamclick to break free as usual.
  2. Similarly, exiting phase 1 at the same time as a Cleave will drag you back if not under protection of Anticipate or Freedom.
  3. The web at the beginning of phase 1 can possibly burn down before the bar reaches 100% due to client-side lag.
  4. Players can eat or sip potions whilst trapped in Araxxor/Araxxi's Cocoon attack, but cannot switch prayers.
  5. After a cocoon attack, Araxxor will only launch 4 attacks before using its next special attack, not 5 as per usual.
  6. Debilitate does not seem to function properly on Araxxor/Araxxi - it does not reduce damage in conjunction with prayer by the full 75% that should be intended.
  7. If you have a Storm Shard stack on Araxxor and deal enough damage to force Auto-Healing to take effect, your stack will graphically vanish. Placing subsequent shards on Araxxor will bring back the icon, but without the number of shards on it. This is purely a graphical issue and your shards will remain throughout the first three phases. It can also disappear when taking the darkness path until placing another shard in phase 3. If any shards remain when progressing to Araxxi, the stack will be halved.
  8. Sacrifice restores health as if landing a killing blow upon draining Araxxor's health to zero on the first two phases, even though it triggers Auto-Heal.
  9. It is possible to be hit by a trailing magic attack or two in the beginning of phase 2, even after Araxxor has climbed to the ceiling, but before the alternating attacks begin.
  10. If you are standing in range of the eggs on phase 2 and Araxxor begins his Charge attack between when the fireball is launched and when it should hit, the spiders may still spawn. You will take no damage.
  11. If you take a hit from a regular auto-attack just as Araxxor begins his Charge attack, it never registers.
  12. Similarly, this can occur if Araxxor is finished off in phase 3 as the fireball hits. The spiders spawn on the phase 3 area leaving the player potentially unable to reach them. They disappear shortly after the introductory cutscene for phase 4 begins.
  13. If only part of a wave is finished during phase 3, you may face a fourth support spider on phase 4. For example if you kill 13 spiders, Araxxi has 7 left and can still summon a mirrorback/pulsing spider amongst the last two waves (1 wave of 5 spiders, then yet another of 2 more).
  14. On an internet connection or world with high latency, your input to dodge Araxxor's Charge attack may register late. This causes you to take 5,000 damage, will but still "successfully" dodge and reduce the wall health by 50%.
  15. At the end of the phase 2, darkness path, you will often need to run back into the phase 2 area, find the light spot, stand in it, and wait for Araxxor to attack you if you wish to avoid darkness damage to start phase 3. If you do not do this, you will take darkness attack damage as usual for a full 10 seconds. The light spot in phase 2 will disappear once Araxxor has triggered a darkness attack and it has been used to hide in one time.
  16. During the Darkness path in phase 2, Araxxor will not necessarily alternate magic/ranged attacks. In particular it may fire two magic attacks in a row.
  17. If Araxxor flees off the acidic ramp in the midst of an Egg Bomb attack and you jump off the ramp, you will take the full 3,000 damage from the hit. In addition, spiders may spawn on the ramp and can only be hit at very specific angles with ranged or magic. They will assault the player with attacks and can deal significant damage over time, as well as potentially interrupt resonance healing. To evade this, stay on the ramp and let the fireball hit you whilst on the eggs, then surge and jump off the ramp immediately after to avoid the noxious fumes damage. Alternatively, camp out near the cliff area nearest phase 4 as much as possible, save having to move for Darkness and Acidic spiders.
  18. After Araxxor's Charge attack, you can move (and take darkness damage) for a few seconds whilst the screen is locked on him.
  19. A successful dodge of Araxxor's first Charge attack will reduce wall health to 48%, not 50% as intended.
  20. If you do not jump off the ramp from the acid path in phase 2 within a few seconds, upon hopping down you will take typeless damage, have all of your run energy drained, and Araxxor will activate Web Shield. Under normal circumstances it takes a much longer period out of combat.
  21. By several methods inclusive of surging down phase 2, minion path, surging and running when Araxxor is in its Web Shield, or dropping out of combat at the beginning of phase 2, darkness path, it is possible to lobby and escape the fight under conditions other than victory or death, despite the prompt at the beginning of the fight.
  22. Overkill damage to mirrorback spiders is applied to Araxxor/Araxxi. Therefore, it is possible to inflict more than 3,000 damage to them by killing a Mirrorback spider.
  23. Support spiders can still hide underneath Araxxor, despite the fact that they are not intended to.
  24. When targeted, spiders will occasionally move or teleport around, causing the player to chase after them. This can be problematic if Araxxor swipes with Cleave.
  25. Eggs (and subsequently, spiders) occasionally spawn inside a wall if the player is running toward it when an Egg Bomb attack is launched. Spiders can still be attacked even if they appear to be inside a wall.
  26. Occasionally, Araxxor will throw up a Darkness attack but the player will continue to be in the light outside of the 3 x 3 designated area and take no damage.
  27. Araxxor's Darkness damage in path 2 starts at 100 damage higher than is intended for all but the first exposure to darkness, i.e. at 150 instead of 50 for the first kill.
  28. Using Freedom to adrenaline stall creates a glitch and may not show your dodge animation, but this is graphical only.
  29. When Araxxor soaks up acidic spiders during the third phase,it may cause slight lag for a couple ticks.
  30. When taking the first path and using Resonance to heal damage while retreating toward the phase 3 area, if Soul Split is turned on Araxxor will heal a portion of the damage dealt and healed by the player.
  31. In duo mode, if one player dies, completion of the kill is often impossible, as the cocoon trap will become inescapable. Due to the mechanics, both players must click rapidly to free themselves and if the second player is not present, this is impossible and the remaining player will die. There is no way to completely dodge a cocoon either.
  32. When moving from phase 1 to phase 2, darkness path, the player will remain in combat according to the game. This will cause consumption of food to drain adrenaline. To combat this, the player must drop out of combat for a second. After this, food can be eaten at will without a penalty to adrenaline. Adrenaline can then be stalled afterwards as per usual.
  33. Defensive thresholds can be used throughout phase 2, darkness path, without any adrenaline drain.
  34. Subsequent to inputting your response to Araxxor's Charge attack, you will begin to take darkness damage (and are also allowed to move via minimap), both before the camera is actually returned to the player.
  35. The same thing happens between phase 3 and 4 - though simply stalling through the short cutscene may be a better option much of the time.
  36. If Araxxor is killed at the end of phase 3 whilst in Web Shield, reflect damage is not taken for the killing blow.
  37. If you have the Araxyte pet and have not yet obtained the pet Gavin, a mirrorback spider may spawn randomly during the third phase if the top path was taken.
  38. Should the darkness path be taken, the Devotion ability may be used with no adrenaline cost at the beginning of phase 3, as long as it is triggered before targeting Araxxor.
  39. Araxxor's Charge attack puts Surge and Escape on a ten-second cooldown for no apparent reason.
  40. The Immortality buff is cleared when hopping off the ramp in the acid path and transitioning from phase 2 to 3.
  41. After Egg Bomb and Acidic Spider attacks, Araxxor will occasionally use more or less than five attacks until his next special, depending on how it is counted - often more in phase 2 and fewer in phase 3.
  42. If Araxxor has soaked up any acid in the third phase of the fight, the enrage counter will incorrectly display the full enrage at the end of phase 3, instead of a drop as it is supposed to. It remains this way until some action raises Araxxi's enrage.
  43. Araxxor will soak up to 2 acidic spiders after it is defeated in phase 3 as it crawls over, if they are in the right position, directly between it and the final platform, with the player near the edge. In this way one can absorb two spiders and reduce the amount of acid that Araxxi can drain off for enrage without incurring any additional difficulty during the third phase.
  44. Araxxor gives an erratic xp drop ranging anywhere from just over 13k xp to nearly 20k xp, particularly on paths 1 and 2.
  45. With the minion tunnel blocked, any minions remaining from Egg Bombs may continue to live on and attack you throughout Phase 4. This can be avoided for the most part by moving out of their range.
  46. Occasionally, during phase 3 after the darkness path, Araxxor will Cleave but fail to drag the player to him, without Anticipation or Freedom active. The trigger for this is not known.
  47. Darkness can persist for a short time going into phase 4 if it just activated as phase 3 ended, or it can start off with a cleave and drag.
  48. If Araxxor double KOs you with Cleave as you kill him in phase 3, the phase 4 cutscene will play and you will die instantly.
  49. If mirrorback damage reduces Araxxi's health beneath 50%, it will not be enraged until its health is knocked down again by player-inflicted damage. During this interim it will continue to use its specials, including Cleave.
  50. Araxxi can still deal one final blow after you have killed it, potentially resulting in a double KO.
  51. Upon dying in this way or leaving/logging out without claiming loot, Araxxor's base enrage will not increase for the next attempt, though killcount will and Reaper tasks will progress, if you are doing one.
  52. Poison damage will continue to harm you for several hits after Araxxi is dead, harming you or running more time off Supreme poison purge if used.
  53. Sacrificing your drops from Araxxi grants another roll for the pet with probability 2/x of success, when the first roll was 1/x. The total probability of attaining the pet is thus tripled (to approximately 3/x), not doubled. The claim under pet chance is true, but misleading.
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