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To start the 2015 Easter Holiday Event, you'll need to go to Port Sarim area and locate the Easter Bunny. He'll tell you that his factory has been overrun by mischievous imps! After a short dialogue, he will ask you to help him out and the game will prompt you to turn on your atmospheric sounds on for the event. The Easter Bunny will then vanish and wait for you to join him down the rabbit hole.

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Obtaining a Jadinko Egg

Once you've gone down the rabbit hole and are ready to get started, the Easter Bunny will tell you to speak to the imp ringleader, Vyvyan. Talk to him and he'll explain that he wants a Jadinko as compensation before he'll clear out and leave the Easter Bunny alone. He'll tell you that you will need an egg to get started. Naturally, you'll be tasked with obtaining a Jadinko egg for this imp. You have three options to collect eggs: thievery, combat, or hunting. Note that there is a bank next to the Easter Bunny if you need anything - for instance combat gear or food. Although Thieving and Hunter are both P2P skills, you can perform all three activities on free-to-play worlds. As per usual, they will grant you Thieving and Hunter xp on a free world, but only up to the current level cap of 5.


You will need more than one egg eventually, so feel free to explore and collect more eggs before moving on. You will get a variety of eggs from different activities, but can manage to get some of each type if you are persistent enough, with the exception of pure jadinko eggs, which are explained a little further down. You will obtain more blue eggs from Thieving, more red from combat, and more blue from Hunter. The eggs, along with pictures and notes where applicable, are summarized in the following table:

Egg table

Picture Name Notes
Regular Eggs
Black jadinko egg Black jadinko egg -
Blue jadinko egg Blue jadinko egg More commonly obtained from thievery, but still common from other activities as well.
Cyan jadinko egg Cyan jadinko egg -
Green jadinko egg Green jadinko egg More commonly obtained from hunting, but still common from other activities as well.
Purple jadinko egg Purple jadinko egg -
Red jadinko egg Red jadinko egg More commonly obtained from combat, but still common from other activities as well.
White jadinko egg White jadinko egg -
Yellow jadinko egg Yellow jadinko egg -
Pure Eggs
Pure blue jadinko egg Pure blue jadinko egg Can only be obtained by thieving from jadinko nests in the Nest Caves, and are somewhat rare. It can take a good 10-20 minutes to obtain one.
Pure green jadinko egg Pure green jadinko egg Can only by obtained by hunting imps in the Hunting Caves, and are somewhat rare. It can take a good 10-20 minutes to obtain one.
Pure red jadinko egg Pure red jadinko egg Can only be obtained as a drop from killing a Jadinko in the nest cave, and are somewhat rare. It can take a good 10-20 minutes to obtain one.
Magical easter egg Magical easter egg This is not one of the jadinko eggs; it is merely a consumable item that will provide a temporary boost to all of your combat stats. It is dropped occasionally by jadinkos in the Nest Cave.


For the Thievery option, you'll have to obtain an egg from nest-like structures. Enter the Nest Caves on the East side of the area as pictured in red below. The area marked in blue leads to the Hunting Caves instead, despite its proximity.


You will find Nests of Eggs scattered throughout this area. Click on one where eggs are present to start stealing from it. You will gain Thieving experience as your character successfully steals eggs, and may occasionally smash one. Your character will continue the animation until all the eggs are depleted from the nest. If you don't appear to be getting eggs, you've probably smashed them! These nests are not instanced, so if one player steals from a nest, it will remain empty for a little while and you will have to wait for more eggs to appear or find a different nest to loot in the meantime. Assuming you have your game messages set to on, you will receive notifications on successfully stealing an egg or upon smashing one. Below is a picture of a nest with eggs.



In the same area, you will find various Jadinkos crawling around. Kill them to obtain eggs. Although there are Jadinkos of various levels, players should not worry about dying as the whole area is safe. This means that if you die, you will respawn next to the Easter Bunny with no consequence - all your items remain intact and nothing degrades, etc. In addition to the eggs, you may also obtain other assorted drops including low level herbs and chocolate bars or cakes. It should be noted that the lower level Jadinkos will drop eggs less frequently or not at all, while the higher level Jadinkos can potentially drop several at once.



If you have found yourself having moral objections to either stealing from or slaughtering Jadinkos for their eggs, fear not, for there is a third option: Hunting. You will need to enter the Hunter Caves marked in the blue box in the image above (slightly to the east of the other area), then take Modified modified magic box. You may right-click it to take 5 of them at a time. You then need to set a box and wait for a cheeky little egg-carrying imp to stray into the trap. Click on the box in your inventory to set it down and activate it. With a higher Hunting level, you will be able to place more than one trap simultaneously. For example, with 20 Hunter you can have two traps down simultaneously.


The box will now have blue and red lights flashing out of its side to attract the attention of nearby imps. As soon as the box is in the line of sight of an imp, the imp will head straight for it and into the box, causing one of several things will happen. The trap can fail, or deactivate, if no imps encounter it, causing the light show to stop. You will need to pick it up and re-set it or right-click 'activate' to try again if this happens. On the other hand, if it succeeds, it will teleport the naughty egg-carrying imp away! Click on it to obtain your egg and pick up the trap to re-use it. Don't wait too long to pick it back up or the trap will eventually deactivate. Note: you will gain Hunter experience doing this.

Pure eggs

In addition to the eight different colours of eggs you can obtain from any of these methods, there are three more eggs you can obtain: Pure blue, Pure red, and Pure green, obtained from Theiving, Combat, and Hunting, respectively. These are rare drops so players will have to invest some time if they wish to get one. Obtaining pure eggs is not necessary for completion of the event or the tasks afterward, so players are advised not to worry too much about obtaining them. They will offer a different set of bonuses when combining eggs in the machine later on to make it slightly earlier, but one can still complete all the content without having any of the pure eggs.

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Egg hatching

Return to Vyvyan and choose one of the eggs to present to him. The choice does not particularly matter. You will then be taken into an egg-hatching minigame. Your job will be to:

  • Balance the egg by clicking the arrow images located near the bottom of the interface. The arrow keys will not work.
  • Remove 'distractions' by clicking on them - see the image below.

Note that if the imp is 'becoming distracted' or the egg leans a little, progress will slow but not stop. Once there are 'too many distractions' or the egg 'has leaned too far,' it will be stopped. You cannot fail this task - progress is merely halted until the obstacles are cleared. Once progress reaches 100%, the egg will hatch into a Jadinko. Vyvyan will complain that the imp is too small and not at all what he expected. After he is finished egg-pressing his disappointment, he will tell you that he doubts a satisfactory Jadinko will be found from a normal egg, and that you will have to try something else. He will instruct you to talk to the dwarf by the egg crates about egg-ineering a new one.

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Fixing the Machine


Locate the Dwarven engineer, who goes by the name Kara. She will tell you to locate several items:

Left-handed lever and e-sprocket: These are instanced to the player. Search the broken bird perch and the broken machines to find the items.

Grade 2 fish oil: You will need to get the fish oil from Gerrant, the owner of the Fishing Shop in Port Sarim. He is located inside his shop just a few steps north of the lodestone. Talk to him and tell him that you need the oil to save Easter. He will agree that this is a good cause and proceed to make a number of ridiculous demands. Don't worry though, you won't need to run halfway across Gielinor to track them down - he'll offer you credit instead. After you hesitantly agree, he hands you the fish oil and you can be on your way back to Kara.

Once you return with all three parts, Kara will take you to the combination machine. Click on it to add the parts back and repair it. You will then need to calibrate the machine by putting eggs in. You need at least two eggs of one type, and a third egg of a different type. If you do not have enough eggs, go back to the other side and collect more via your method of choice. After plugging in the appropriate eggs, it will make a new egg, which will be discarded. Kara will hand you an Egg combination notebook. Click the notebook icon at the bottom right of the top interface to toggle the overlay showing how much each egg will affect each attribute - it will be useful and faster than consulting the book from your inventory repeatedly. Click it again if it's in the way to make it disappear.


Notice that the eggs all have different attributes in six different categories: Strength, Size, Speed, Agility, Stamina, and Temperament. A green bar will indicate a positive change for adding that type of egg, and a red bar a negative change. The relative size indicates how much that particular egg will change it. She will also show you a template for a type of egg to try to create.


Use appropriate eggs to try to match it, along with the research from your journal. For example, in this case we want a positive effect on the Strength attribute and a negative effect on the Size. You will only use up one of the first egg added, so you can add as many eggs as you like subsequently, without having to hunt down more. Also be aware that if one of the attributes goes too low or too high, you will receive a warning. If this is not heeded, the egg will be destroyed and you will have to start over! You can hover over the boosts, on the machine and in the notebook, to get exact numbers on boosts and reductions rather than eyeballing it. One solution to this particular example would be to add a yellow egg along with a couple blue eggs, since yellow boosts Strength but not Size, and blue boosts Strength along with lowering Size. When it is complete, remove the egg from the machine and hand it to the engineer.

It is important to note that the first egg you select starts the process and will be consumed. After that, you can use the set of attributes from any egg to modify it, and it will not consume any additional eggs. You can use multiple eggs of the same type and as many different types as you want. Because only this base egg is consumed, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT use a pure blue, red, or green egg if you have one!

Having met her expectations once, she will give you a more difficult task - to try to boost one attribute while lowering another and keeping a third somewhere in the middle. Look for eggs that will boost the desired attribute by a good amount while lowering the second, and try to offset the attribute in the middle, preferably by choosing eggs that don't affect it much, or pairs that more or less cancel it out. Note that you may have to kill Jadinkos or swap eggs with other players to be able to obtain the desired result.


Once you have finished this second egg, Kara will conclude that the machine is ready for action. She will send you to get the imp ringleader to make the pet he desires!

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Crafting the Perfect Jadinko

Return to the imp to obtain the set of specifications he wants. He will disappear in a puff of smoke and tell you to meet him back in the Combining Machine room. Go back there and you will have a final Jadinko egg to make. This will be the most challenging yet, as you will have to make sure four of the six attributes stay in the range specified. Remember, these specifications are instanced. Another player will most likely have a different set of criteria to meet than yourself. If you are finding it impossible to make that particular combination, talk to Vyvyan and ask him to change the desired Jadinko to try something else.


Once you have completed this final egg, click the machine to give it to the imp. You will have to replay the hatching minigame from earlier to hatch this Jadinko. When you are finished, a cutscene will play and the ringleader will be very pleased with the Jadinko you have created for him. He will ask you to speak to him outside for another 'deal' he has for you. Talk to the Easter Bunny to complete the event - congratulations!

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Just like anything else, this event would not be complete without rewards. Read on for a text description or see the image below.

  • A Jadinko Pet that follows you around! You can select it through the Pet Interface.
  • An egg juggling emote that you can find in the Emotes window.
  • Jadinko slippers offered as a cosmetic override for your feet.
  • An egg-on-a-fork weapon override.
  • A cooking override found in the skill animation list.
  • Ability to hatch more eggs for Summoning experience or train in the caves for more XP for the duration of the Easter event.
  • A huge easter reward lamp, available for free players and members alike!
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Tips, tricks, and further rewards

  • After completing the event, you can do a little more if you want some eggs-tra rewards. The imp ringleader will have a couple of additional requests for Jadinkos that he would like manufactured. You can talk to him in the Combination Machine cave once again to make him two additional eggs he is looking for, and you will be rewarded with a medium easter reward lamp for each one.
  • Once you have done this, you will have the chance to sell him any additional eggs you have for 20 coins, or to hatch them for a small amount of Summoning experience. You will find Vyvyan back in the area you first met him subsequently, if you wish to hatch more eggs.
  • You can continue to use and experiment with the machine, and have Kara set targets involving skills. You may choose the number of skills to set a target for when requesting a target. There are, however, no additional rewards from making further egg combinations.
  • If you're having trouble accessing one of the rewards, talk to the Easter Bunny again about rewards and it will open an interface. Click on the appropriate reward and it will take you to the appropriate interface to find and use it.
  • The eggs are tradeable, but only in a 1:1 ratio and among other players (not on the Grand Exchange). That is, you can trade a green egg for a blue egg, for example, but not a single green egg for two blue ones.
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Guide written by: Arceus

Special thanks to: Howlin1

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Last updated on: 07-Apr-2015

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