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The God Statues Distraction and Diversion allows you to honour the gods by building statues of their champions. In order to play, you must have done at least one of the following:

Speak to Copernicus Glyph at the locations listed below to begin. You can build one statue at each location each month. Rewards include Construction XP, Prayer XP, Slayer XP and a Sculpting Chisel. See the rewards section for more details.

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Throughout Runescape, there are five locations where you can build these statues: Taverley, Lumbridge, Canifis, Gu'Tanoth and Prifddinas.


The locals of each location worship specific gods:

  • Taverley (south-east of the Guthix altar) - Guthix
  • Lumbridge (south of the chicken farm, near the northmost bridge) - Saradomin
  • Canifis (east of the slayer master Mazchna) - Zamorak
  • Gu'Tanoth (south of Yanille home teleport) - Bandos
  • Prifddinas (Western most point of the city, directly west from the lodestone) - Seren

Note that players can choose not to build the appropriate god statue for an area, dependent on which type of experience they want to earn.

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Building the Statues

When you are ready, you can right click Copernicus and select "Build scaffold" to begin building the statue. The main aim of the game is to create a scaffold to Copernicus' requirements so that he can build the statue correctly. He will list three requirements:

  • Used: A certain amount of scaffolding has to be used for each statue; no more no less!
  • Highest: Each scaffolding section must not exceed the largest height specified by Copernicus.
  • Lowest: Each scaffolding section must be at least the smallest height specified by Copernicus.

Though these will be given at the beginning of the build, an interface will be present throughout to show your progress

God Statues Guide Scaffold Interface

To add scaffolding to each section, you should simply click the up and down arrows to add and remove levels.

God Statues Guide Scaffolding

There is no real set way to solve these puzzles without checking your progress regularly, it can be solved relatively quickly by guess work. One method to complete the puzzle is to fill up the sections from left to right (up to the highest scaffolding height specified) until you are out of scaffolding. This should leave you with a section that has somewhere between the maximum and minimum height of scaffolding. You can then proceed to remove scaffolding from this section until you are left with the minimum height given by Copernicus, and then fill up the remaining sections with minimum levels of scaffolding until you have one section left which again will have somewhere in between.

If you then check your progress with Copernicus (by clicking his picture in the interface), he will then till you which are right and which are wrong. You can see this by the ticks and crosses that will appear

God Statues Guide Correct Scaffolding

From those which are incorrect, you can either add or remove 1 level of scaffolding dependent on whether it be a minimum or maximum height level, and then check again. Though you will have used all the scaffolding at this point, you will gain some to put on the minimum heighted sections from taking them off the maximum heighted sections. Repeat this process until you have the correct combination, which will be denoted by the text in the interface turning green. Click Copernicus once more to enter the cutscene of building the statue.

The quality of the statue that you build will vary depending on your Construction level as shown in the table below. With the exception of Queen Glarial's statue the quality determines the cosmetic appearance of the statue.

Skill Construction Logo Quality
1 Plain
32 Sturdy
52 Fine
72 Expert
90 Masterpiece

Should you have chosen the correct god statue to build in each location, Copernicus will reward you with some generous Prayer experience in addition to Construction experience. However, should you have chosen the wrong statue for an area, a religious fanatic will appear.

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If you choose to complete a statue which is not correct for the area, local fanatics will be angered by it and attack you for its creation. There are four different tiers of fanatic depending on your Slayer level. Before you can receive your rewards, you must fight and defeat them.

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Rewards from building these statues include plenty of Construction XP. If you build a statue appropriate to the area, you have the chance of earning Prayer XP. If however you build a statue that isn't appropriate to the area, you'll earn Slayer XP after defeating a fanatic. The amount of XP rewarded depends on your levels in the relevant skills.

If you build a statue to the same god four months in a row, you will be rewarded with a Sculpting Chisel related to that god. The chisels can be wielded, giving a +1 boost to your Construction level. You can get the chisel by speaking to Copernicus Glyph.

After building a statue at a specific location, the statue can be used to recharge your prayer points.

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Original Guide by: Baffler

Thanks to: BloodAngel, Omnitec, Saradomin_Mage

Last updated by: BloodAngel

Last updated on: 29-Dec-2014

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