The Hunt For Surok

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Surok Magis, the evil mage from What Lies Below, has escaped from his imprisonment in Varrock Library, and it's up to you to recapture him. To start, you must have completed the What Lies Below quest, and have level 44 slayer. You must also be able to defeat a level 267 monster.


What to Bring

You will be following Surok's footprints (they are not consistent, appearing mainly before portals) through the multi-combat Chaos Tunnels, which contain many dangerous monsters. It is recommended to bring food, potions, and good armour. It is believed that the path to follow is the same for each player. Usually, the portals will teleport you to the location shown with green lines on the map below, but occasionally, they will teleport you to a random location nearby.


  • Anti-Dragonfire Shield
  • One-click Teleport (such as a teleport tablet)
  • High Quality Food (such as sharks or tuna potatoes)
  • Potions (including prayer)
  • High defence armour
  • Run energy source
  • One Antipoison
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The Chase

You begin The Hunt For Surok at the Saradomin Statue east of Varrock. It is south of the balloon. You will meet Surok there, who has escaped.

Saradomin Statue

Enter the statue. If you did not open this statue during the What Lies Below quest, nearby NPC Anna Jones will supply you with a bronze pickaxe to do the job. This dungeon has no monsters.

Dagon\'hai Tunnels

Proceed to the left chamber. The portal there takes you to the Chaos Tunnels where the ordeal begins, but before you enter, do some last-minute preparation. While you are pursuing Surok Magis through the tunnels, beware of the various monsters around you. The entire dungeon is multi-combat, so you can be attacked by many different monsters simultaneously.

  • Turn on run.
  • Turn off auto-retaliate - no sense wasting time in combat.
  • Pot up and/or turn on prayer.

When you have entered the tunnels:

  • Follow the white lines on the map below.
  • At one point during the chase, Surok will summon two Big Wolves (Level 73). You do not necessarily have to defeat these to move on.
  • The end of the trail is in the north-west corner (room one on our map). It has an entrance to the final chamber, but DON'T ENTER YET. Ideally, this is a good time to bank and replenish your supplies for the final fight.

The Chaos Tunnels Map page contains information about the inhabitants of this area. Again, please remember that this is a multi-combat area and there are often several monsters attacking you at once.

Chaos Tunnels Surok
Room MonsterLevel
26 Giant ant worker40
Giant ant soldier50
25 Giant ant worker 40
Giant ant soldier 50
24 Giant crypt rat 76

20 Shadow hound 63
Big wolf 73
23 Shadow hound 63
Big wolf 73
22 Shadow hound 63
Dire wolf 88
21 Green dragon 79
Baby black dragon 83
Animated Spade 50
18 Cave bug 96
Room MonsterLevel
17 Deadly red spider 34
14 Moss giant 42
16 Fire giant 86
15 Zamorak ranger 81
Zamorak mage 82,84
Zamorak warrior 84,85

37 Fire giant 86
36 Zamorak warrior 85
39 Zamorak warrior 85
38 Moss giant 42
Room MonsterLevel
45 Zombie 40
Skeleton 77
44 Gargoyle 111
47 Mummy 103
46 Monk of Zamorak 45

8 Dust devil 93
7 Black demon 172
6 Earth warrior 51
Bronze dragon 131
1 Dagannoth 88

Above is a summary of the monsters you can expect in the listed rooms - but if you get a random teleport, you may encounter others.


Final Preparations

Bank Bank Bank
Suggested: antidragon shield, mage or melee defence armour, high level food (sharks or tuna potatoes), super set, one-click teleport, prayer potion

If you take the time to bank before entering the final chamber (highly recommended!), below is an easy path to get straight to Room 1. Note that the entrance to room 44 is in approximately level 5 of the Wilderness, directly north of the Monastery.

Route to Bork
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The Battle

Get to Room 1 (containing Dagannoths). Before entering Bork's chamber, pot up and get your prayer ready. If wearing mage armour (black hides or special mage defence armour), use protect from melee. If wearing melee defence armour, use protect from mage. Turning on autoretaliate is up to you - some unnecessary minions will get involved in this fight.

When you enter Bork's chamber, there is a short cutscene. Then Bork (level 267) will attack you. He is a melee fighter. While you are fighting, Surok Magis will attack you with magic. He is non-attackable. Partway through the fight, Bork will summon three Ork Legions (level 70). These will melee you unless they cannot reach you, then they will switch to ranged attacks. You do not need to defeat these to finish the mini-quest. After defeating Bork, a small cutscene will play, and a victory screen will show up. Surok Magis will teleport away, and the cave will begin to shake. You may then pick up your drop, and leave.


Since Bork is a melee fighter, and hits fairly hard, praying melee helps protect you against his attacks. However, Surok attacks you with magic-based attacks, so wearing armour with high magic defence bonus is recommended (such as dragon hides). Alternatively, armour that gives a prayer bonus will also help. Otherwise, wear high melee defence armour and bring high quality food.

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First time battle: Upon defeating Bork, you receive a one-time bonus of 5,000 slayer experience. Bork's 100% drops are Big bones, Uncut sapphire(2), Uncut emerald(2), Uncut ruby(2), Green charms(4), Crimson charms(14), and Blue charms(10). You will also receive coins up to 20k. Other drops, such as elite clues, are not 100%. Wearing a Ring of Wealth improves the quality of Bork's drops.

Finishing this mini-quest permanently unblocks the red teleportals in the Chaos Tunnels. (However, random teleports are always a possibility.)

Daily battle: You can fight Bork again, once per day. The battle and rewards are different. A Dagon'Hai will attack you instead of Surok. He is similar to Surok Magis in combat, and cannot be attacked. For repeated defeats of Bork, he will drop similar amounts of charms, gold, and gems, but you will only receive 250 slayer experience. You do not need to follow the path through the tunnels after the first time. If you need to teleport away or die during battles with Bork, you must wait until the timer has expired to enter the portal again. You can simply enter the portal in room 1 again at 00:00 (GMT).

Wearing a Ring of Wealth improves the quality of Bork's drops.

Slain Bork
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