Invasion of Falador

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The Kinshra (otherwise known as the Black Knights) have marched up to Falador and are laying siege to the castle! It's up to you to pick a side and engage in activities to support the side of your cause. Heal wounded soldiers, sabotage catapults, participate in the carnage yourself, all while gaining experience, pets, a special sweet weapon override, and...who might that madman dropping balloons through the streets of Falador be? Performing each activity will reward you with a steady stream of Commendation. When at least 100 have been collected, you can click on them to obtain a Supply cache, which unlocks rewards.

For this particular event, there is no specific player choice of sides. Individual players simply run around Falador and can engage in activities as they wish, unrestrained by any consequences. Isn't war wonderful?

For more explanation of the events unfolding, lorehounds may wish to speak to the projected image of Lord Daquarius, who can be found standing right next to Falador lodestone.

Invasion Falador Image Lord Daquarius

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There are several different activities you can engage in. Players should note that, by default, combat experience is turned off for healing soldiers and on for killing knights from either side. One can toggle it off/on - both in the form of experience for killing black and white knights and Constitution experience for healing wounded soldiers - by speaking to the Nurse in the White Knight's Castle. Note that if you are logged out while in Falador, you may be placed by the lodestone upon logging back in. The table below elaborates on the different types of activities available.

Description Pic
The Falador Park area has been populated with catapults launching rocks at the White Knight's Castle. Attack them with a hammer until they burn up in a fiery mess. You will earn Construction or Woodcutting XP as you do so. Invasion Falador Catapult Destruction
Description Pic
Perhaps you prefer a more direct approach to dealing with the heart of the issue? No problem! Attack either the White Knights or the Black Knights and earn Commendation from your kills. The White Knights spawn from in their castle, and the Black Knights from their camp just north-east of the Falador lodestone. If you do not want to receive combat experience from fighting them, you can speak with the Nurse in either camp or right click your Commendation to toggle it off. Invasion Falador Black Knights Invasion Falador White Knights
Description Pic
Healing the wounded is also an important part of the war. Head to either the White Knight or Black Knight strongholds and click on a wounded soldier to begin healing them. Their respective makeshift hospital areas are next to the spawns mentioned in the combat area. You will earn either Herblore or Constitution XP from tending to them. Invasion Falador Healing Black Knight Invasion Falador Healing White Knight

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Time-specific Events

In addition to the available activities, certain events occur every so often. See the table below for more details.

Description Pic
A few minutes after on the hour and half past, balloons will drop throughout the city of Falador, courtesy of none other than Party Pete himself. Pop the balloons to receive Commendations. Invasion Falador Balloon Burst
Description Pic
On the half hour and hour, Champions of the Kinshra and White Knights will arrive. You can take them on, and receive bonus Commendations when they are defeated! The White Knight champion spawns near the East Falador bank, and the Black Knight Champion near the camp just south of the south Falador gate. Invasion Falador Knight Champions
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Miniquest and Additional Tricks & Toggles

Miniquest for permanent buff

There is a miniquest that can be completed to unlock a permanent buff for the course of the event. It provides 25% more xp and 50% faster Commendations. Once one has obtained the Research notes, read them to be sent to various NPCs. The hints can be a little cryptic, so if you get stuck, the precise steps are shown below.

Step Picture
1. Start by talking to the Herald of Falador. Invasion Falador Herald 1
2. Next, speak to Sir Renitee in the White Knight's Castle. He is in the eastern side of the castle, on the first floor.* Invasion Falador Sir Renitee 2
3. Now, talk to the Image of Lord Daquarius right next to Falador lodestone. Invasion Falador Image Lord Daquarius 3
4. You'll have to head back to the castle now, and ask Sir Amik Varze if he knows anything. He is located in the western tower of the caste, on the 2nd floor. Invasion Falador Image Sir Amik 4
5. The next step is to check with the Falador Estate agent. Invasion Falador Image Estate Agent 5
6. Now, head to Artisan's Workshop in the south-east corner of the city and find Aksel in front. Invasion Falador Image Aksel 6
7. Finally, find Wyson the gardener in Falador park, and he will tell you where to go... Invasion Falador Image Wyson 7
8. Go into the mine to find a glowing rock as marked in the picture at right. Click on it and then interact with the Spirit of Farradorn that comes out and obtain your reward - a cosmetic banner and the permanent buff mentioned above for the course of the event! Invasion Falador Glowing Rock 8

*Remember RuneScape uses British numbering convention for floors: ground floor, first floor, second floor, etc.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • There is a limit of 2500 Commendations per day that can be earned.
  • It is strongly recommended to complete the miniquest outlined above as soon as possible to start increasing your Commendation gains.
  • It appears that sabotaging catapults or healing wounded soldiers is faster experience than direct combat for the majority of players.
  • Options for the kind of experience one wants to receive - inclusive of the option to not receive experience for killing warriors - can be toggled by right-clicking your stack of Commendations and clicking 'Configure' or by speaking to one of the nurses around the area, for example below.

Nurse White Knights
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Falador Park Chest

Between the 22nd and the 26th of October, players can participate in an event to find the legendary lost sword of Raddallin. It involves digging up a buried chest, which can be found in the east part of Falador park. One can teleport directly there by right-clicking either Basic tools or Golden tools in one's inventory, if available. Upon logging in for the first time each day during the course of the event, 100 of the basic tools will be given for free. They will be placed either in your inventory, worn equipment, or bank, depending on where there is space. In addition, one can purchase additional basic tools from Darla in exchange for loyalty points, if desired, and win golden tools in batches of 1, 2, or 4 as potential prizes from Treasure Hunter.

Invasion Falador Treasure Chest

While working on the chest, you will make personal progress toward unlocking rewards, as well as aid in community progress. In order for a reward to be unlocked, the threshold for both personal and community progress must be unlocked. The rewards can be seen in the image below and include reclaiming the lost sword at the end of the event, different mystery boxes, and cosmetic overrides for it. It is worth noting that the contribution from your 100 free tools per day for all five days is sufficient for 100% completion by the end of the event. Ironman players can participate in this event, but they can only access the cosmetic aspects of the rewards. That is, they will not be able to claim the sword or the mystery boxes.

Invasion Falador The Lost Sword Progress

When interacting with the chest, you have two options of which skill you want to put your basic or golden tools towards. The experience received in whichever skill you choose depends on your level in it. Each day, the appearance and choice of skills one can train on the chest will change. There is always a choice of one free-to-play skill, and one members skill, so free players can also participate. The sword itself, however, is members only. The list of skills so far follows below.

Day Free-to-play skill Members skill
22nd Mining Farming
23rd Woodcutting Herblore
24th Prayer Construction
25th Runecrafting Divination
26th Strength Thieving

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Various rewards are available from the event, most of them by random chance. Once one has 100 Commendation, they can be converted to a Supply cache. The Supply cache can then be opened to give rewards randomly. Some are one-off unlocks, and some are consumable - see the table below.

Pic Reward Description/Additional Info
Banner fragment Banner fragment Banner fragments are one possible reward from Supply caches. If you receive 10, you can unlock/upgrade the Banner of Farradorn and the Blessed Banner of Farradorn.
Tiny Knight Pets Tiny Black and White Knight pets Unlocks the Tiny Black Knight and Tiny White Knight pets. They can be found with the other Follower Pets under the Pets section of the Hero interface. Click the picture for a larger version.
Candy floss maul Candy floss maul This is a fun weapon with level 1 stats. If lost or discarded, it can be reclaimed from Diango free of charge.
Pic Reward Description/Additional Info
Battle horn Battle horn Using this will boost your efficacy in activities related to the Invasion of Falador for three minutes. This is superseded by the permanent buff from the miniquest and does not stack with it.
Falador Artisan\'s Workshop XP lamp Falador Artisan's Workshop XP lamp Grants experience in your choice of either Firemaking or Smithing XP.
Falador Mine XP lamp -Invasion of Falador- Falador Mine XP lamp Grants experience in your choice of either Strength or Mining XP.
Falador Park XP lamp -Invasion of Falador- Falador Park XP lamp Grants experience in your choice of Farming or Summoning XP.
Small Herblore XP lamp -Invasion of Falador- Small {skill} XP lamp (i.e., Herblore) Grants XP in the skill given in its name - Herblore, Construction, Woodcutting, and others are possible.
Small XP lamp -Invasion of Falador- Small XP lamp Grants the same amount of experience as a medium lamp from Treasure Hunter, but in the skill of your choice.
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