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Mahjarrat Memories is a long miniquest in which the Mahjarrat Kharshai tells you about a device he has created which will allow you to collect the memories of various Mahjarrat who have remained in one location for a period of time. Kharshai wants you to go out and obtain the memories so that he can discover their plans.

Requirements Start Location
Items Invitation box,
Insulated boots,
Macaw pouch
Quests Koschei's Troubles (Ritual of the Mahjarrat)
Skills 60 Skill Divination Logo
Items Teleports to your chosen Divination area (if required)
Skills None
To start this miniquest, talk to Kharshai who can be found under Thorvald the Warrior's house near the musician in Rellekka.
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Collecting the Memories

After speaking to Kharshai he will give you the engrammeter and send you to collect the memories of 15 Mahjarrat. Unfortunately, before you can collect the memories you need to charge the engrammeter using divine memories that you obtain whilst training divination normally. You will need 500 vibrant memories or better to charge the engrammeter, depending on your level and chosen location this can take anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes. The entire miniquest requires 7,500 divine memories.

Once the engrammeter has become charged you must then find an area where a Mahjarrat has spent a lot of their time and use it in order to obtain the memory. Obtaining the memory causes the engrammeter to lose its charge, however you must take the memory to Kharshai and have him give you a transcription of it before you can charge it again. You will need to repeat this process a further 14 times to fully complete the miniquest. Below is a table of the all the Mahjarrat memories the are obtainable and their locations.

You may keep track of remaining memories using the check-boxes in the table below.

Collected memories: Hide/Show

Mahjarrat Transcription Location Minimap Getting There Getting the Memory
Akthanakos\'s memoryAkthanakos Akthanakos\'s memory -book- Enakhra's Temple Mahjarrat Memories Akthanakos Loc Bandit Camp Lodestone,
Enakhra's temple is located north of the granite mine. Once inside the temple, head to the middle chamber and climb up the ladder then run north through the magical barrier. Climb up this ladder and run into the main chamber. Use your engrammeter here and you should obtain Akthanakos' memory.
Azzanadra\'s memoryAzzanadra Azzanadra\'s memory -book- Ancient Pyramid Mahjarrat Memories Azzanadra Loc Bandit Camp Lodestone,
Pharaoh's sceptre,
Sceptre of the Gods
The memory is obtained in the room where you switch to the Ancient Magicks spellbook. When you arrive at the pyramid, run around the back of it and enter the secret door. Use your engrammeter here and you should obtain Azzanadra's memory.
Bilrach\'s memoryBilrach Bilrach\'s memory -book- Daemonheim Mahjarrat Memories Bilrach Loc Ring of kinship The memory is located near the banker at Daemonheim. Use your engrammeter here and you should obtain Bilrach's memory.
Enakhra\'s memoryEnakhra Enakhra\'s memory -book- Enakhra's Temple Mahjarrat Memories Enakhra Loc Bandit Camp Lodestone,
Enakhra's temple is located north of the granite mine. Once inside the temple, head to the middle chamber and use your engrammeter here to obtain Enakhra's memory.
Hazeel\'s memoryHazeel Hazeel\'s memory -book- Ardougne Sewers Mahjarrat Memories Hazeel Loc Ardougne cloak,
Ardougne Teleport
The entrance to the sewers is located just east of the Clocktower. Once you have entered them, board the raft and then run south to where the Hazeel cultists are. Use your engrammeter here and you should obtain Hazeel's memory.
Jhallan\'s memoryJhallan Jhallan\'s memory -book- Muspah Cave Mahjarrat Memories Jhallan Loc Fariy Ring Code: DKS,
Fremennik Lodestone
Enter the cave and jump over the river. Once across, go through into the next chamber and the memory is located on the island where the Muspah was encased in a block of ice.
Kharshai\'s memoryKharshai Kharshai\'s memory -book- Kharshai's cave Mahjarrat Memories Kharshai Loc Fremennik Lodestone,
Enchanted lyre,
Rellekka tablet
Use the engrammeter next to Kharshai to obtain his memory.
Lamistard\'s memoryLamistard Lamistard\'s memory -book- Lamistard's Tunnels OR Zemouregal's Fortress Mahjarrat Memories Lamistard Loc Fairy Ring Code: DKQ
The easiest option is to exit the Glacor cave and run west along the southern edge of the Mahjarrat Ritual site, head through the forest on the western edge to reach Zemouregal's fortress. Once inside the fortress you can use the engrammeter to obtain Lamistard's memory.

Alternatively you can enter Lamistard's tunnels via the cave entrance atop Trollweiss Mountain and use the engrammeter there to obtain the memory.
Lucien\'s memoryLucien Lucien\'s memory -book- Lucien's House, Edgeville Mahjarrat Memories Lucien Loc Edgeville Lodestone,
Fairy Ring Code: DKR
Lucien's House is located next to the Grand Exchange, by the fairy ring. Use your engrammeter here and you should obtain Lucien's memory.
Mizzarch\'s memoryMizzarch Mizzarch\'s memory -book- Senntisten Temple Mahjarrat Memories Mizzarch Digsite pendant Head down the hole in the north of the digsite and use the engrammeter by the Zarosian altar to obtain Mizzarch's memory.
Palkeera\'s memoryPalkeera Palkeera\'s memory -book- Mahjarrat Ritual Site Mahjarrat Memories Palkeera Loc Fairy Ring Code: DKQ,
Ghorrock Teleport
Head to the centre of the ritual site and use the engrammeter there to obtain Palkeera's memory.
Ralvash\'s memoryRalvash Ralvash\'s memory -book- Ghorrock Mahjarrat Memories Ralvash Loc Fairy Ring Code: DKQ,
Ghorrock Teleport
Head to the fortress at Ghorrock. If coming from the fairy ring, run across the ritual site and go through the passage to the north. Be wary of the iron and steel dragons, whilst they are not aggressive one mis-click could result in death.
Sliske\'s memorySliske Sliske\'s memory -book- Empyrean Citadel Mahjarrat Memories Sliske Loc Invitation box To get to the Citadel you must teleport there using the invitation box you acquire during Missing, Presumed Death. If you destroyed it, you may reclaim it from Brother Samwell near the Odd Old Man, limestone mine and Paterdomus temple. Head inside the throne room, where Sliske had previously gathered all the Gods. Use the engrammeter here to obtain Sliske's memory.
Wahisietel\'s memoryWahisietel Wahisietel\'s memory -book- Nardah Mahjarrat Memories Wahisietel Loc Desert amulet 2,
Fairy Ring Code: DLQ
Wahisietel's memory is located in Ali the Wise's house which is the northern most house in Nardah.
Zemouregal\'s memoryZemouregal Zemouregal\'s memory -book- Zemouregal's Base Mahjarrat Memories Zemouregal Loc Varrock Teleport A macaw pouch and a pair of insulated boots are required. Armour is also advised due to the presence of aggressive level 124 armoured zombies.

To get to Zemouregal's base you need to talk to Hartwin who can be found in northwest tower in Varrock Castle. He will take you to the entrance to the base which is located in the Wilderness (this part is instanced so you will not be attacked by other players). Enter the base and run through the three gates to the kitchen. Crawl through the pipe in the kitchen and run through the sewers at the other end. Summon your macaw and look through the pipe, the guards will move and you can go through. Enter the room south of the pipe and use your engrammeter here to obtain Zemouregal's memory. For a map of the base click here.

Note: If you exit Zemouregal's base by any means other than teleportation you will be in the Wilderness and can be attacked by other players.
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Upon delivering the final memory to Kharshai he will tell you he is disappointed that all the memories are from the past and that he has learned nothing of his kin's plans. He does now feel a little bit more powerful and the collection of these memories has given him a new avenue of research to consider pursuing. Kharshai also ponders what might happen if you were to use the charged engrammeter on Freneskae, the Mahjarrat homeworld.

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In addition for the engrammeter which is useful for the Fate of the Gods quest there are a number of other rewards available from this quest, including a considerable amount of divination experience

Pic Reward Notes
Skill Divination Logo 375,000 XP Kharshai gives you 25,000 XP for every memory you bring him meaning a total of 375,000 XP is obtainable.
Skill Divination Logo 150,000 bonus XP Kharshai gives you 150,000 bonus XP upon bringing him all 15 memories.
Tiny Lucien Icon Mahjarrat Memories Guide Tiny Lucien pet After bringing Kharshai all 15 memories the Tiny Lucien pet can be accessed from the pet interface.
Mahjarrat Memories Title 'Pontifex' Pontifex Username
The Pontifex title means "head of the church" and was awarded by Zaros to several Mahjarrat.
Mahjarrat Memories Title 'Legatus' Legatus Username
The Legatus title means "commander of all legions" and was awarded by Zaros to several Mahjarrat.
Mahjarrat Memories Nabaniks Hat Dr Nabanik's old trilby A Cosmetic override. It is the hat worn by Azzanadra for his disguise in the Senntisten Temple.
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Tips & Tricks

  • After the quest it is a good idea to recharge your engrammeter once more as it is useful for the Fate of the Gods quest.
  • Trying to use the engrammeter at Port Khazard gives you a message saying that General Khazard is too young to have a memory. Similarly if you use it at the Zamorakian camp in Lumbridge you get a message saying it must not work on Gods or half-Mahjarrat which refers to Zamorak and Moia.
  • It does not matter which wisp colony you use to gather memories as long as it is level 60 or above. For speed the closest colonies to teleport spots are Mobilising Armies and Canifis.
  • Enriched memories count as 2 charges so it is a good idea to keep a look out for an enriched wisp spawning.
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