Mos Le'Harmless

By Cowman_133

At the end of the Cabin Fever quest, Bill Teach takes you to an island full of pirates, horrors and of course, monkeys! Scroll down below the map to read all about it!

Mos Le Harmless

Monkey: Level 3
Jungle Horror: Level 70
Snake: Level 35
Giant Mosquito: Level 13

Mos Le'Harmless is the home of the infamous Trouble Brewing Minigame - use monkeys to make rum, earn some xp and buy some snappy naval gear!

If brewing isn't your cup of rum, check out Mos Le'Harmless Caves, where you can slay some Cave Horrors for their treasured black masks. Make sure to take a light and a Witchwood Icon! Oh, there's a handy Summoning obelisk just outside the dungeon. If you travel all the way north-east through the cave horror dungeon, you can emerge on islands for woodcutting exotic trees: teak or mahogany.

You can fish on the dock, talk to the pirates (be sure to carry your Book O'Piracy from Bill Teach), hunt implings (there is also a small wheat field that may sport the occasional crop circle for transport to Puro-Puro).

There are also shops. 'Two Feet' Charley's Fish Shop offers services for the angler, Dodgy Mike's Second Hand Clothing is replete with bandanas, stripy shirts, trousers and pirate buckle boots, Patchy can sew two hat items together, and paint-peeling braindeath rum can be had from Harpoon Joe's house of Rum or The Other Inn. Hire a Charter Ship and travel to most Gielinor ports, or make some purchases from the Trader Crewmembers.

You can also start The Great Brain Robbery quest by talking to Brother Tranquility, who will teleport you to Harmony Island. After that quest, you can get your barrelchest anchor repaired by Smith on the dock, and start the Rocking Out quest by speaking to 50 Ships Mufassah upstairs in the pubs. As part of your Rocking Out reward, you can claim a pet ex-ex-parrot from him. Put it in a magical cage from Bill Teach, use it on the stone slab west of the Cave Horrors dungeon, and presto! You have an ex-parrot pet.

During the Fairy Tale Part III, A - Battle at Orks Rift quest you teleport to the small islands south of the main island using Fairy Ring DIP. During or after the quest you will need a hammer and a total of 8 Planks and 16 Nails to repair both bridges leading to the main island. Repairing the bridges will give you access to the main part of the island and thus gives you a very convenient shortcut to Mos Le'Harmless. There is also a campfire you can light near the fairy ring that will give you a once off reward of 10,000 Firemaking experience (8 willow logs and 85 firemaking required).

It's all up to you on this exciting island!

Special thanks to: Misterdeathbringer, Octarine19, pokemama

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