Summer Beach Party


If the threat of defending Gielinor from the hands - err, whatever - of Tuska proved too austere, do not fret! Thanks to help from the players, Reyna has turned the Lumbridge Crater into a huge beach party spot with lighthearted fun and events. There is ice cream, a new and repeatable boss encounter, and of course plenty of refreshing rewards to compliment it!

The most convenient way to reach the event is by teleporting using one of the tokens (Saradomin or Zamorak) from the Battle of Lumbridge event. If you do not have one or have discarded it, you can re-obtain it by talking to the Saradominist preacher in Lumbridge crater. Alternatively, you can go there by opening your lodestone network map, and teleporting to Lumbridge lodestone. Once there, run north-east to the crater, where the even is taking place. It is marked with the pumpkin symbol but there are activities to partake in scattered throughout the crater.

Sbp Event Location
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Beach Events

Weather condition (stamina)

While playing the event out in the sun and doing any of the activities, your character works up quite a sweat. As you contribute more and more to the event, the thermometer will increase and change categories, as listed below.
  • Cool: < 20%
  • Warm: 20% - 39%
  • Hot: 40% - 59%
  • Boiling: 60% - 79%
  • Scorching: 80% - 99%
  • Inferno: 100%
When you reach the last stage (Inferno), you can no longer skill until you cool down. To cool down you need to either consume an Ice cream or wait until the daily reset. You can reset up to three times each day with ice cream in addition to the daily reset. When an ice cream is consumed, a chatbox message will appear to tell you how many more you can use for the day.
Sbp Thermometer Full

Spotlighted event

During the event, there is a spotlighted activity that changes every 15 minutes. This is shown in the Minigames HUD next to the temperature gauge. It cycles through all of the activities randomly and awards 10% more experience for the designated activity. The possible spotlighted activities are:

  • Beach Ball Rolling (Agility)
  • Coconut shy (Ranged)
  • Cooking
  • Palm Tree Farming (Farming)
  • Rock pools (Fishing)
  • Sandcastle building (Construction)
  • Weight Training (Strength)

It is worth noting that the spotlighted activity can differ from one world to the next, so it may be worthwhile to hop a few times to find a world in which the desired activity is spotlighted, in order to gain more experience from it.

Sbp Thermometer Spotlight

The Activities

Several types of ambient events are available. Any of these events can be done at any time desired. Note that the Coconut Shy awards combat XP (Ranged) and that picking coconuts and construction sandcastles are members-only activities, but the rest are available to free players.

Sbp Beach Ball Rolling

Stand behind the line (no cheating!) and make your choice of ammo by clicking on one of the coconuts in front of the banner pictured below. You will have ten throws (done automatically as you watch) at the row of coconuts to attempt to knock them over. Each successful hit awards Ranged experience. You will be prompted for one of three options regarding the type of ammo you would like to use, which the following effects:

  • Cabbages: More XP, but a lower chance of a successful hit.
  • Balls: Normal XP, normal chance of a successful hit.
  • Chinchompas: Less XP, but greater chance of a successful hit.
Sbp Coconut Shy
Collect Tropical coconuts (left panel) from trees scattered throughout the island to gain Farming experience. When your inventory is full, you can turn them in at the pile (right panel) for even more Farming XP.
Sbp Coconut Picking Sbp Coconut Pile
You can grill fish or cut them on the chopping board. Both are exactly the same in terms of time and experience gained. You do not need to procure fish from the fishing activity to cook here; in fact you cannot use the Raw tropical trout here.
Sbp Grilling Fish Sbp Chopping Fish
Fishing experience can be gained by fishing Raw tropical trout at one of the spots in the south-east portion of the crater (left panel). You can then turn them in for even more fishing experience (right panel).
Sbp Fishing Trout Sbp Fish Turnin
Archmage Sedridor, Wizards' Sandtower Duke Horacio, Lumbridge Sandcastle
Sbp Archmage Sedridor Sbp Wizards Sandtower Sbp Duke Horacio Sbp Lumbridge Sandcastle
Ozan, Dominion Sandtower Sally the Grand Exchange Clerk, Sand Exchange
Sbp Ozan Sbp Dominion Sandtower Sbp Sally Exchange Clerk Sbp Sand Exchange
Sbp Weight Training

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Clawdia is a boss set on raining on the beach party parade. At 45 minutes past the hour, a sudden change in the weather around the beach crater will signal her arrival, as seen below.

Sbp Clawdia Rain
A sudden change in the weather signalling the appearance of Clawdia!

She is level 250 and has 1.5 million lifepoints, so she will be quite a challenge to bring down! Bring your combat gear and join other beachgoers in the fight. You cannot die while fighting her; you will take less and less damage as your life points fall closer to zero, so the fight is safe.

Clawdia will show up at 45 minutes past the hour each day. Fighting Clawdia will earn you rewards as listed below. Here you can also check the time remaining until Clawdia's next appearance, or how long ago it last spawned, if it did so recently. If players cannot kill Clawdia within 5 minutes, she will despawn but rewards will still be given.

List of rewards (2-3 "drops" are usually given):

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Little Toy Duck Locations

The images below illustrate where to dig for Little toy ducks to help you earn the Quackers title! Hover your mouse over each image for a more specific text description. Although the order in which one digs up the ducks is irrelevant, the images are numbered for your convenience.

Duck Marked 1Location: In the cooking area, between the fish turn-in and chopping tables. Duck Marked 2Location: In cooking area, just south of all the cooking equipment. Duck Marked 3Location: Near Reyna's stage, two squares away from the spot by the deck chair. Duck Marked 4Location: Near the coconut shy stand closest to the rock pools area. Duck Marked 5Location: Just north of the pile of coconut turn-in pile, near the coconut shy.
Duck Marked 6Location: Just South of Flo's umbrella, near the palm tree. Duck Marked 7Location: Near the D&D portals (North of Familiarisation). Duck Marked 8Location: Two steps south of the NPC Palmer, near the bank chest. Duck Marked 9Location: Near the bank chest as pictured. Duck Marked 10Location: North-east from the bank along the fence by the blue-striped deck chair.

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A beach party is wonderful, but by now you might be wondering what's in it for you. There are indeed a number of rewards available, with several methods of obtaining them. They can be obtained randomly from skilling at the beach, killing Clawdia, or by purchase. See the table below.

Pic Item Description
Beach ball token Beach ball token Activate this to receive a Beach ball.
Bucket head token Bucket head token This unlocks the cosmetic bucket head override.
Bunting whip token Bunting whip token This unlocks the cosmetic bunting whip weapon override.
Buried in sand rest emote token Buried in sand rest emote token This unlocks the buried in sand resting animation.
Clawdia hat token Clawdia hat token This unlocks the cosmetic clawdia hat head override
Dragon ring token Dragon ring token This unlocks the cosmetic dragon ring cape override.
Gillbert pet token Gillbert pet token This unlocks the Gillbert pet.
Phoebe pet token Phoebe pet token This unlocks the Phoebe jellyfish pet.
Snorkel token Snorkel token This unlocks the cosmetic snorkel head override.
Surfboard emote token Surfboard emote token Activate this token to unlock the surfboard emote.
Stick of rock token Stick of rock token This unlocks the cosmetic stick of rock weapon override.
Throwing disc token Throwing disc token This can be activated to receive an anti-dragon throwing disc case, which produces throwing discs.
Throwing starfish token Throwing starfish token This unlocks the cosmetic starfish weapon override.
  Pic Item Information
Beach aides Ice cream Ice cream Resets your temperature back to zero so beach activities can be performed again. Up to 3 ice creams can be used in one day.
Anti-sun potion Anti-sun potion Drinking this will protect you against the heat on the beach and it will allow you to gain a 5% XP bonus for all activities done on the beach for 24 hours. This includes ANY skilling you want to do, beach party activities or not, so it may be advantageous to use if you plan on doing a skill right next to a bank!
Skill raisers Lemon sour Lemon sour Drinking this will give a 2% XP bonus (stackable to 10%) to all support skills for 30 minutes (of logged in time).
Pineappletini Pineappletini Drinking this will give a 2% XP bonus (stackable to 10%) to all gatherer skills for 30 minutes (of logged in time).
Pink fizz Pink fizz Drinking this will give a 2% XP bonus (stackable to 10%) to all combat skills for 30 minutes (of logged in time).
Purple Lumbridge Purple Lumbridge Drinking this will give a 2% XP bonus (stackable to 10%) to all artisan skills for 30 minutes (of logged in time).
Flo's Shop
Sbp Npc Flo Sbp Shop Flo
Sheldon's Shop
Sbp Npc Sheldon Sbp Shop Sheldon
Gill's Shop
Sbp Npc Gill Sbp Shop Gill
Title Unlock Method
the Beachbum* Unlocked from five consecutive successful hits in the Coconut Shy event. Using chinchompas as ammunition makes this easier.
the Bronzed* Unlocked from maxing out your thermometer (pushing it to 100%) 10 times.
the Chilled* Unlocked from eating Ice cream 10 times.
Lifeguard Unlocked by participating in a Clawdia kill 50 times. The letters of the title are indeed in different colors; this is not a typo!
the Quackers* This title is unlocked by digging up ducks in ten different locations on the beach. See this section for further details.
the Sunburned* Unlocked for maxing out your thermometer (pushing it to 100%) 25 times.
the Totally Quackers* Like the Quackers title, this title is unlocked by digging up ducks in ten different locations on the beach, but also requires ownership of the Mega Ducklings pet.
These titles are all hidden, in the sense that they will not show up in the titles section of the Gear tab until they have been earned. They are all grouped under the 'Descriptions' section. Titles marked with an asterisk (*) are suffixes.
Pic Reward Description
Barrel of monkeys Barrel of monkeys More fun than...a barrel of monkeys! Place it down and watch an animation of several monkeys climbing out. These are tradeable.
Water balloon Water balloon Throw water balloons at your friends and watch them get all wet! These are not tradeable.
Challenge gem Challenge gem Challenge gems can be found (rarely) and used with friends or other players for skilling competitions and more.
D&D portals
Sbp Portals

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