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For many years of RuneScape's history, some people would argue that having 99 in a skill was pointless. They did have some good arguments. Their first point was that there is only a slight difference in ability between a person who got 99 in a skill, and a person that stopped levelling after "maxing out" a skill. A person with only 50 mining is able to mine iron almost as well as a person that has 99. Their other point was that you would get no recognition for your hard work if you got 99 in something that didn't affect your combat level. The only skills that really need 99 to do everything in it are smithing and construction. Combat skills will affect your combat level so other people can see it. But what about cooking? fletching? Who would know that you've spent hours of your time clicking those lobsters and that fire, or that you've seen thousands of bow strings through your inventory?

Naturally, they would also argue that doing quests was equally pointless. For the most part, quests are aimed at the middle level player instead of the higher level player. Therefore, most of the rewards will not benefit the higher level. And of course, there was no recognition for it. Sure, you could get a nice cape to signify you finished a quest, but it's not as strong as other capes most of the time, and sooner or later, thousands of people have it as well, making the feeling of accomplishment go away.

Finally, Jagex decided that the unrecognised, dedicated people who actually work to get 99 in a skill or spend time completing every quest should get their well-deserved recognition. With the release of achievement capes, you can walk into a crowd and be recognized for what you have done. To show off even more, you can even use a special emote that is specifically related to your cape! Not only do they look great, but they also have a rather nice defence bonus.

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Skillcapes, quest capes, and hoods

When you reach 99, you will be given a congratulatory message in your text box, a world announcement for your achievement, and some rather fancy fireworks. Get 99,000 coins, and find the cape seller for the cape that you want. When you talk to them, you will be given the option to buy the skill cape. If you do, you get the cape and a matching hood.

If instead of doing skills, you enjoy doing quests, then you can get the quest point cape. You won't get a message saying that you have completed every quest, so just go to the Wise Old Man if you have. Collecting the cape will also send out a world announcement.

When you log on after a new quest has been released, you will see a message telling you that a new quest has been released, and the cape and hood will appear in your inventory. If you do not have enough inventory space, they will try to go to your bank. If your bank happens to be full as well, the Wise Old Man will find them laying on the ground and hold them for you free of charge. You will not be able to wear the hood or the cape until after you complete the newest quest.

It is possible to buy more than 1 cape and hood set at a time, however it will still cost you 99,000 coins every time you purchase the set. A single cape and hood set can be stored on a Cape Rack in the Costume Room of a member's Player Owned House.

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List of capes and information

Hover over the different capes to see the emotes or click on them to open them in a new window.

Cape/Hood Who sells it Description of Emote
Attack cape
Speak to Ajjat inside the Warriors Guild in Burthorpe. You punch twice to the front, then two upper kicks in mid-air then you jump from the ground and do one upward punch on fire.
Strength cape
Speak to Sloane or Yadech Strongarm in the Warriors Guild in Burthorpe. A heavily-weighted barbell falls from the sky. You pick it up and lift it with only the slightest difficulty.
Defence cape
Speak to Harlan, in the Combat Academy in Lumbridge. You block some arrows that are shot at you with your left shield, then you block a rock that falls from the sky. Then you hit away another falling rock with your right shield.
Hitpoint cape
Speak to Surgeon General Tafini in the Duelling arena hospital. You turn into a skeleton with your heart beating and slowly fall to the ground, then get back up in a puff of smoke and in flesh again.
Range cape
Speak to the Armour Salesman in the Ranging Guild. Very unsafely, you shoot an arrow straight into the sky. As it falls, it catches fire and smashes into the ground.
Prayer cape
Speak to brother Jered in the Monastery west of Edgeville. Heavenly light shines down and your cape turns into wings and has you hover in the air for a second.
Magic cape
Speak to the Magic Robes Seller in the Magic Guild. You jump and rotate in the air while a magical aura of red, blue and green surrounds you.
Cooking cape
Speak to the Head Cook in the Cooking Guild. You'll need a chef's hat to enter unless you have completed the Varrock task set. You pull a pan out and flip the crust of a pie high into the air. Then you do the same with the meat. When the meat lands the final time, you take the meat pie and hold it above your head.
woodcutting cape
Speak to Wilfred who can be found among the trees north of the entrance to Falador. A tree with a bird's nest grows right in front of you. You take your handy hatchet and chop at it. With each chop, the tree gets shorter and shorter until the nest hits the stump. A bird flies up and lands on your hatchet after you step on the nest.
Fletching cape
Speak to Hickton in the Catherby fletching store. You are suddenly leaning on a thin log. You quickly hack it into the shape of a bow, bend it into an arc and string it.
Fishing cape
Speak to the Master Fisher that stands outside the Fishing Guild. A small dock with a fishing spot appears. You spear a fish in it, hold it up for a trophy picture, and then throw it over your shoulder.
Firemaking cape
Speak to Ignatius Vulcan in the forest south of Seers. You make a ball of fire form in your hand and you display it for everyone to see.
Crafting cape
Speak to the Master Crafter inside of the Crafting Guild. Don't forget your brown apron (or completion of the hard Falador tasks). You hold your hands that are holding a chisel and a hammer in the air. Then you quickly get to work crafting a log below you into a cat statue.
Smithing cape
Speak to the dwarf Thurgo south of Port Sarim. He lives below the cliffs. An anvil with a bar appears in front of you. You hammer at it and hold up a pair of secateurs. You put it down, hammer again and hold up a battleaxe. Then you hammer it again and hold up a long sword.
Mining cape
Go to the Mining Guild and speak to one of the dwarves that guard the ladders to Falador. A rock appears from the ground. You swing a pickaxe at it with such force that it explodes into pieces.
Herblore cape
Speak to Kaqemeex at the Guthix altar north of Taverley. With great flourish, you mix a potion and hold it in front of you as it bubbles.
Agility cape
Go to the agility arena in Brimhaven and speak to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard. Three poles spring up from the ground. You jump from the lowest first one to the next one, then the final one. After you get to the top, you jump down and spin around one of the poles until you reach the bottom.
Thieving cape
Speak to Martin Thwait in the Rogues' Den below Burthorpe pub. A bag of coins appears in front of you. You look around from left to right, then take a bag of coins from the ground and put it on your shoulder as some coins spill from the mouth of the bag.
Slayer cape
Kuradal in the Ancient cavern will give you your slayer cape. A small Turoth attacks you from behind. You grab it, throw it in the air, and jump on it once it hits the ground.
Farming cape
Speak to Martin the Master Gardener in the Draynor Village square. A watering can appears in your hand and as you water the ground, flowers begin to grow and bloom. You pick one and sniff it.
Runecrafting cape
Go to Runecrafting Guild and talk to Larriar. You reach down and draw the magical force of the world from all the elements to you. Runes circle you and then fade into your body.
Construction cape
Speak to any Estate Agent. You quickly build a one-square house around yourself.
Hunter cape
Visit the Hunter Expert in the hut in Feldip hills. A Kebbit appears on the ground, you set up a trap, which falls down to the ground, catching the Kebbit. You then remove the Kebbit from the trap and hold it in the air.
Summoning cape
Speak to Pikkupstix in Taverley's summoning store. You spin around then raise your hands in the air. In quick succession images of the summoning familiars appear in bursts of light above your head.
Speak to Thok in the camp just south of Daemonheim. You punch the ground in a large bang, and turn into either a mighty warrior in Primal armour, a wise mage in Celestial robes, or a sharp ranger in Sagittarian hide. Then in a bang of smoke you turn back to normal.
Dungeoneering True Mastery
True Skill Mastery
Speak to Thok in the camp just south of Daemonheim. Quickly, you turn into a Sagittarian ranger shooting the Hobgoblin Geomancer, then into a Celestial Mage killing the Gravecreeper, and finally a Primal warrior which kills a Flesh-Spoiler spawn and the Cursebearer.
Speak to Orla Fairweather, south of Draynor Jail. You extend your hand as you start to glow blue, becoming a wisp. You then do a loop, and turn back into yourself.
Quest Point
Questpoint cape
Speak to the Wise Old Man in his house in Draynor. A quest point symbol appears over your head and electricity shoots from it to the ground. You fight the force, but are lifted into the air and dropped. Electricity then sparks off of your body.
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Cape and Hood stats

Skillcape Stats
Armour Prayer Bonus Melee Crit Ranged Crit Magic Crit
33 2 2% 2% 2%

Armour Prayer Bonus Melee Crit Ranged Crit Magic Crit
0 0 0 0 0
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Master Capes

After getting 99 in a skill, players are able to continue training the skill up to 200 million experience. However, once a player reaches over 104,273,167 million experience in a skill, they can unlock a master skill cape. The only exception to this is the dungeoneering master cape, as that actually requires a physical level to attain it.

Members can purchase master skill capes from the same sellers as the 99 skill capes for 120,000 coins.

Master capes only offer a change of appearance and particle effects when compared to a skill cape - they have the same stats and the same emotes as a normal skill cape. However, the prestige of actually attaining a master cape is certainly a bragging right for players. Note: Currently master skill capes cannot be added to the cape rack of a POH. They also do not have their own hood.

Master Capes
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