Yanille Agility Dungeon

By Eeeeediot

Located just north of Yanille, the dungeon's entrance is blocked by webs which you have to slash. The variety of monsters here is only matched by the many agility obstacles presented to test your skills. It is worth noting that a building south of Yanille bank has a door to this dungeon in the basement, but you need 82 thieving and a lockpick to pick it. More details are given below the map. Antipoison is recommended.

Agility Dungeon Giant bats (Level 44) Skeletons (Level 58) Chaos Druid Warrior (Level 65) Giant bats (Level 44) Chaos Druid (Level 32) Chaos Druid (Level 32) Salarin the Twisted (Level 84) Poison Spider (Level 63) Poison Spider (Level 63) Poison Spider (Level 63) Poison Spider (Level 63) Poison Spider (Level 63)

Each agility obstacle needs a certain level to cross, as shown in parentheses on the map.

Agility Obstacles
Obstacle Level Required Exp. gained
Ledge 42 22.5
Pipe 49 7.5
Monkey Bars 57 20.0
Pile of Rubble 67 5.5

If you fail the ledge, or fail the bars, or pray at the Chaos Altar, you will fall into a lower level which is crawling with level 64 Poison spiders.

Monster Summary
Monster Level Notes
Chaos Druids 32 Drop herbs.
Chaos Druid Warriors 65 Drop herbs.
Giant Bats 44 Drop bat bones only.
Poison spiders 63 Antipoison required!
Salarin the Twisted 84 Vulnerable to strike (mind rune) spells. Do not range or melee.
Skeletons 58 Good for training.

When you go down the ladder on the east side next to the Chaos druids you enter the small room shown. Then you can climb the pile of rubble (needs 67 agility) into the passage way shown. Here you can kill Salarin the Twisted (with mind spells only).

Salarin the Twisted:

You cannot fight Salarin the Twisted with melee or range attacks. Strike spells (using mind runes) do a lot of damage to him: 90 damage for wind strike, 100 for water strike, 110 for earth strike, and 120 for fire strike (excluding the last hit).

He sometimes drops the rare sinister key which can unlock the sinister chest located in the earlier part of this dungeon. Take antipoison with you. When you use the key on the chest, the chest will poison you unless you have already taken an antipoison potion. Taking three sinister keys and an antipoison pot will fill your backpack with herbs and still leave room for the antipoison potion.

The chest gives a specific selection of 9 herbs: 2 Harralanders, 3 Ranarr weeds, 1 Irit leaf, 1 Avantoe, 1 Kwuarm, and 1 Torstol. Refer to our Herblore guide for ways to use these herbs.

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