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Agility is a members-only skill that allows you to gracefully swing across rope swings, scramble over rock slides, squeeze through pipes and more. Using agility you can access secret areas or make use of shortcuts. The higher your agility level isb the faster your run energy will recover. At level 1 Agility you regain 1% energy around every 7 seconds. At level 99 Agility, you regain 1% energy around every 2.5 seconds. This restoration advantage does not carry over to free servers. For more information on what influences your run energy please refer to our running and energy section of the getting around guide.

You can train this skill in the various obstacle courses scattered around RuneScape. Overcoming each individual obstacle gives a certain amount of experience, and by going through the obstacles in the correct order you gain bonus experience. Each of the agility courses is explained below, and following that you can learn about the Agility Arena, the Yanille Agility Dungeon, the various shortcuts and other aspects of agility.

You can use the following courses to train agility:

Agility Course Level
Burthorpe Course 1
Gnome Stronghold Course 1
Brimhaven Agility Arena* 1*
Werewolf Skullball 25
Agility Pyramid 30
Penguin Course 30
Barbarian Outpost Course 35
Ape Atoll Course 48
Wilderness Course 52
Bandos Throne Room Course 60
Werewolf Course 60
Flash Powder Factory 75
Dorgesh-Kaan Course 80
Advanced Gnome Stronghold Course 85
Advanced Barbarian Outpost Course 90

*While there is no level requirement for entering the Brimhaven agility arena, most obstacles require at least level 20 Agilty, and you must have level 40 Agility in order to pass all of them.

Note that you can use agility boosters to cross obstacles or enter courses with an Agility level requirement of three to five levels higher than your current Agility level. See the boosters section of this guide for more information.

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Doubling your Experience

Players who possess a charged penance horn, obtained through the Barbarian Assault minigame, can use it to double the experience gained from completing most of the courses listed in this guide. The horn will not work when training on the Agility Pyramid or when playing Werewolf Skullball. When the horn runs out of charges, it will have to be recharged before it can continue doubling the experience you gain.

Note: the penance horn will not double the bonus experience given for completing a lap. For example, the Dorgesh-Kaan Double Long course grants 318 XP for passing the obstacles and 2057 bonus XP for completing a lap, for a total of 2375 XP. When using a penance horn, the 318 XP for the obstacles is doubled, but the 2057 XP for completing the lap, so the total amount of XP given is 636 + 2057 = 2693 XP.

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Flash Powder Factory

Accessed by a trapdoor found within the Burthorpe inn, the Flash Powder Factory is a minigame where your Agility (as well as Herblore and Thieving) skills are put to the test. The game requires level 75 Agility, level 50 Herblore and level 75 Thieving to play, and offers modest rates in Agility experience. For more details on this game, please refer to our Flash Powder Factory guide.

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Burthorpe Course

Located in Burthorpe, this agility course is likely to be the first place where you will train your Agility skill.

Burthorpe Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Walk across the log beam.
  • Climb up the wall.
  • Cross the balance beam.
  • Step over the low wall.
  • Climb over the obstacle low wall.
  • Swing over the spike pit.
  • Swing across the monkey bars.
  • Jump down the ledge.

Congratulations on completing a lap! Here's the XP you gain:

Burthorpe Course
Obstacle XP gained
Log Beam 5.5
Wall 5.5
Balance Ledge 5.5
Obstacle Low Wall 5.5
Rope Swing 5.5
Monkey Bars 5.5
Ledge 46.5
Completed Lap 79.5
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Gnome Stronghold Course

Located north-west of Ardougne in the Gnome Stronghold. Around the course you will see Gnome trainers ready to help you out and encourage you.

Gnome Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Slowly walk across the tree branch to start the course.
  • Climb up the net to end up in the tree.
  • Climb up the tree branch to the next level of the tree.
  • Balance on the tight rope to get to across.
  • Climb down the tree branch to get back to the ground.
  • Climb over this net.
  • Crawl through these pipes to end up on the other side.

Congratulations on completing a lap! Here's the XP you gain:

Gnome Stronghold Course
Obstacle XP gained
Log 7.5
First Net 7.5
First Tree Branch 5.0
Tight Rope 7.5
Second Tree Branch 5.0
Second Net 7.5
Pipes 7.5
Lap Bonus 39
Completed Lap 86.5
Gnome Agility Course

If you have level 85 Agility, there is an alternative advanced route that you can take:

  • After the first tree branch, climb up the next tree branch.
  • Run across the signpost to the other side. (This is the only obstacle that you can fail. Failing does NOT reset your lap count or reduce XP, it just means that that lap doesn't count towards your total of 250. Players have reported that they stop failing at around level 89.)
  • Swing to some poles.
  • Jump over the barrier and slide down a tube to finish the course.

Congratulations on completing an advanced lap! Here's the XP you gain:

Gnome Stronghold Course (Advanced)
Obstacle XP gained
Log 7.5
First Net 7.5
First Tree Branch 5.0
Advanced Tree Branch 25
Signpost Run 25
Pole Swing 25
Barrier Jump 25
Lap Bonus 605
Completed Lap 725

If you successfully complete 250 laps of this extended course, you will be rewarded with a pair of agile legs. When equipped, this item reduces your weight by 10 kg.

Agile legs
Pic Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other Bonuses
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summon Strength Prayer
Agile Legs 0 0 0 0 0 +25 +25 +25 +25 +25 +10 0 0
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Barbarian Outpost Course

Located due north-east from the Gnome Stronghold and due north from Baxtorian Falls. You can also use a games necklace to teleport to a spot right near the course. To gain entrance to the outpost you must complete the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl. To enter the agility course itself, you must squeeze through the pipe, which requires level 35 Agility.

The crucial difference between this course and the Gnome Stronghold Course is that you take damage if you fall on the spikes or into the pond. The exact amount of damage you take depends on your maximum life points, but the amount is relatively small, so there is no real risk of dying. However, it is a good idea to bring food with you in order to keep going.

Barbarian Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Swing over the spikes via the rope swing (Watch out for the spikes).
  • Balance across the log to get over the pond.
  • Climb the net to enter this building.
  • Balance across the ledge over the spikes (Watch the spikes again).
  • Now hurdle over each of the two crumbling walls.

Congratulations on completing a lap! Here's the XP you gain:

Barbarian Outpost Course
Obstacle XP gained
Rope Swing 22.0
Log 13.7
Net 8.2
Ledge 22.0
Crumbling wall (each) 13.7
Lap Bonus 46.2
Completed Lap 139.5
Barbarian Agility Course

If you have level 90 Agility, there is an alternative advanced route that you can take:

  • After crossing the balance log, run up the nearby wall.
  • Climb up the wall.
  • Catapult across the gap.
  • Walk along the balance beam.
  • Jump off the balance beam.
  • Slide down the roof to complete the lap.

Congratulations on completing an advanced lap! Here's the XP you gain:

Barbarian Outpost Course (Advanced)
Obstacle XP gained
Rope Swing 22.0
Log 13.7
Wall Run 15
Wall Climb 15
Catapult Gap 15
Balance Beam 15
Gap Jump 15
Roof Slide 630
Completed Lap 740.7

If you successfully complete 250 laps of this extended course, you will be rewarded with an Agile top. When equipped, this item reduces your weight by 12 kg.

Agile top
Pic Attack Bonuses Defence Bonuses Other Bonuses
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Summon Strength Prayer
Agile Top 0 0 0 0 0 +40 +40 +40 +40 +40 +30 0 0
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Agility Pyramid

Requiring level 30 Agility to enter, this course is located due east of the crocodile pond in the deep southern part of the desert. You can get there quickly by taking a magic carpet to Pollnivneach, go south to the other carpet station, and take another carpet to Sophanem, then head north-east.

You should bring food and waterskins, as you can take damage from obstacles and will be outside in the desert heat while doing this course.

Note: Equipping an enchanted water tiara eliminates the need for waterskins. Alternatively, using the level 68 Magic spell "Humidify" (from the Lunar spellbook) can replenish any empty waterskins you are carrying with you.

Agility Pyramid

Talk to Simon Templeton, then enter the pyramid from the south-west corner, and make your way to the top. During the trip you must:

  • Jump across rotating stones that move from under your feet
  • Climb low walls blocking your path.
  • Jump across gaps left from decayed stones.
  • Cross planks that have been placed over gaps too large to jump across.
  • Avoid mobile sections of the stone walls that try to knock you off the pyramid.
  • Cross ledges of remaining stone.
  • Take the golden pyramid before going back down to the pyramid's base.

You should sell the pyramid to Simon right away, because it weighs nearly 12 kg. Note that if you fall and do not complete the two traps after the pyramid, a new pyramid will not spawn when you exit using the door.

Congratulations on completing the pyramid! The table below lists the XP you gain for each obstacle you face. Note that you face most several times.

Agility Pyramid
Obstacle XP gained
Rolling Block 12
Low Wall 8
Ledge 52
Sliding Block 0
Plank 56.4
Rolling Block 12
Cross Gap 56.4
Ledge 52
Stairs to Level 2 0
Cross Gap 56.4
Jump Gap 22
Cross Gap 56.4
Rolling Block 12
Ledge 52
Low Wall 8
Jump Gap 22
Stairs to Level 3 0
Low Wall 8
Ledge 52
Sliding Block 0
Jump Gap 22
Cross Plank 56.4
Stairs to Level 4 0
Jump Gap 22
Low Wall 8
Rolling Block 12
Jump Gap 22
Low Wall 8
Stairs to Level 5 0
Climbing Rocks Artefact worth 1,000gp
Rolling Block 12
Jump Gap 22
Exit to Bottom 300
Completed Lap 1,022 Agility XP
(if you don't fail any of the obstacles)

1,000 coins
(upon giving the artefact to Simon)
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Penguin Course

With level 30 agility you can gain access to this course during the Cold War quest. After completion of the quest, you will need to make another penguin suit on a Crafting table 3 in a POH Workshop with a plank, silk, and clockwork (1 steel bar).

The course is located in the penguin's outpost, on the iceberg, in the Lunar Sea. There are several ways to get to the iceberg; the quickest option is to fairy ring teleport just east of the boat using code DKS, or you can teleport to Rellekka using an enchanted lyre or house teleport (if your house is in Rellekka) then walk north-east to the boat.

You should bring a penguin suit and plenty of food since there is no bank nearby and the nearest fishing spots are in Rellekka. Once you get to the Iceberg speak with Larry (or Chuck) for the shrinking spell. Remember you cannot have any weapons, shield or cape equipped. You cannot teleport or use magic whilst in penguin form and you will not be able to leave the penguin suit into human form until you return to Larry (or Chuck).

Penguin Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Get into the water and swim past the crusher icebergs.
  • Climb onto the first stepping stone and jump each one to the shore.
  • Tread-softly across the icicles.
  • Walk along the ice slope.
  • Slide down the hill.
  • Exit through the gate.

Congratulations on completing a lap! Here's the XP you gain:

Penguin Course
Obstacle XP gained
Crushers 55
Stepping Stones 80
Icicles 40 (x4)
Ice Slope 180
Ramp Jumps 0
Lap Bonus 65
Completed Lap 540
Penguin Course Obstacles
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Ape Atoll Course

To access this course, you must have level 48 Agility. In addition, you need to have completed the Monkey Madness quest and have a Ninja Greegree.

Ape Atoll Agility Course

To make the ninja greegree, you need to kill an archer monkey to get ninja bones - the actual item name is "monkey bones", but only bones from an archer monkey or another type of ninja monkey will work. Then, buy a monkey talisman from Tutab’s Magical Market for 1,000 coins and visit Zooknock, as usual, to have the greegree made.

You must use the Ninja Greegee to turn into a ninja monkey before attempting to use this course, otherwise you will not even be allowed in.

This course is fairly fast, provides better experience per lap than the Wilderness course and there's no need to worry about PK'ers either! Next to the building, at the end of the course, there is a pineapple plant, fishing spot and trees you can chop. If you bring either a knife or the combination of a big net or a harpoon (for sharks), a hatchet and a tinderbox you can obtain food to heal any damage you take while training.

Note: It is not possible to fish while wearing your monkey disguise, so if you plan to do this it is advisable to also carry an anti-poison potion.

Players report that the chance of failing any of the obstacles is significantly reduced at Agility levels over 70, and that you stop failing any obstacles at level 75 Agility.

In this course you must:

  • Jump over stepping stones.
  • Climb up the tropical tree.
  • Swing across monkeybars.
  • Climb up skull slope.
  • Swing on the rope swing
  • Climb down the tropical tree.

Congratulations for completing the lap! Here's the experience you gained:

Monkey Agility Course
Obstacle XP gained
Stepping Stones 40
First Tropical Tree 40
Monkey bars 40
Skull Slope 60
Rope 100
Second Tropical Tree (Zip Vine) 300
Completed Lap 580

If you have started Awowogei: A Giant filled snake, you can get monkey nuts to heal 50 LP from the bush located on the course (just go down the ladder). You need to keep dropping or eating them in order to pick more from the bush. Once you have completed the sub-quest you can no longer pick nuts from this bush.

For those who have at least partially completed A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift and cleared the blockage from the log at the Ape Atoll fairy ring, you may enter and exit the agility course following the Skull Slope by using the fairy ring code CLR. However, to travel between the fairy ring and the agility course, you must be using the small ninja monkey greegree. If you previously exited the course using this method partway through a lap, you will receive the lap bonus following the second tropical tree, otherwise you will only start receiving the lap bonus on the second time around.

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Wilderness Course

This course is located deep in the members' area of the Wilderness, from level 52-56. You will need Level 52 agility to cross the ridge and gain access to the course. Doing this, there is a possibility that you will slip and fall into a pit of White Wolves. If you use an agility potion to enter, you will be able to cross the obstacles at your natural level, just not the entrance. Beware, you may run into PK'ers or other players also training on the course who might need to replenish their food supply and decide to take yours! Taking the risk is up to you. The reward equals the risk however, and there is plenty of XP to be gained.

Like the Barbarian Outpost Course, you are at risk from failing obstacles. If you fall into the spike pit, you will have to dodge the skeletons and make a dash for the ladder. If you want to navigate the course be sure to bring along plenty of food. Do not forget about PK'ers! Decide whether to wear good armour and defend yourself using weapons and potions, or simply bring as few valuables as possible to minimise death losses.

It is also possible to use a pair of agility brawling gloves to earn four times the amount of experience you would normally get.

Wilderness Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Crawl through the pipe.
  • Swing over the spikes using the Rope Swing (may fall into the spikes).
  • Traverse the lava by walking over the stepping stones (could fall into the lava).
  • Balance over this pit by walking across the log (could fall into spike pit).
  • Now walk past some skeletons and climb up the rocks to finish.

Congratulations on completing a lap! Here's the XP you gain:

Wilderness Agility Course
Obstacle XP gained
Ridge (This is not counted as part of the course.) 15.0
Pipe 12.5
Rope Swing 20.0
Stepping Stones 20.0
Log 20.0
Rocks 0
Lap Bonus 498.9
Completed Lap 571.4
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Werewolf Agility Dungeon

This arena is located in Morytania. The entrance is in the haunted woods east of Canifis (west of Port Phasmatys). You will need to wear the ring of charos and have level 25 Agility to enter. You receive the ring of charos after completing the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest.

The dungeon is split into two different areas:


To play a game of skullball you need to talk to the Skullball boss at the start of the course. This is actually kind of a mini game, for fun. At a higher level this game is not as time efficient for training as other courses. At a lower level it can be quite a quick way of gaining experience.

Simply put, you have to kick a skull through the legs of dummy skeleton goalkeepers, hanging in goals around the course. You need to travel around the course in a clockwise direction, scoring through 10 goals along the way. To complete the lap you kick the ball into a hole in the wall. The faster you go around the course, the more agility XP you receive, up to a maximum of 750 XP per lap. With practice, it can be done quickly in around 2:30 to 3:00 minutes. As long as your time is below 4:00 minutes (not difficult to do), you should earn the full 750 XP.

At lower levels this is quite a good place to train your Agility. There are no obstacles to fail, nothing to attack you (apart from the level 52 leeches on the way to the arena), and 750 XP per circuit soon adds up. Even if you do take slightly over the 4:00 mins per lap you will receive XP, though it will be reduced.

The skull has to be passed through 10 goals and finally kicked into a hole in the wall in order to complete the lap. If you right click on the skull you are presented with a number of options. These are:

  • Tap skullball - moves the skull 1 space.
  • Kick skullball - moves the skull 5 spaces.
  • Shoot skullball - moves the skull 10 spaces.
  • Show-goal skullball - causes an arrow to light up above the goal you should be aiming for.

Kicking the skull through a goal or rebounding it off a wall reduces the distance it travels by one space. Using low detail game graphics options may make it easier to see the game "squares" that the ball will travel.

As you run around the course the trainers will shout 'encouragement' and pass comment on your performance.

Skullball Course

To use the Werewolf agility course you need level 60 Agility. When you start a lap, the wolf agility trainer will throw a stick for you to fetch on the other side of the pipes. During your lap, you need to pick the stick up. At the end of the course you have to hand over the stick to get the bonus XP for a complete lap.

Werewolves\' Agility course Werewolf Agility Course

Move through the course in the order explained below:

  • Jump across the five stepping stones.
  • Jump over three hurdles.
  • Squeeze through one of the pipes.
  • The stick will be around here don't forget to pick it up.
  • Climb up the skull wall.
  • Take zip line all the way down.
  • Hand over your stick to the wolf to finish.

Congratulations on completing a whole lap! Be aware that you can fall off the death slide and be hit for damage to your health. It can hit up to 300 and will kill you if you don't have enough life points. The wolves warn you that the more weight you are carrying, the more likely you will fall. Here's the XP you gain:

Werewolves' Agility Course
Obstacle XP gained
Stepping stones 10 (x5)
Hurdle 20 (x3)
Pipe 15
Wall 25
Death Slide 200
Lap Bonus (turn in stick) 190
Completed Lap 540

Note: In order to get the lap bonus, you must remember to pick up the stick and return it to the wolf agility trainer.

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Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course

The Dorgesh-Kaan Agility course is located at the southern end of Dorgesh-Kaan. To access Dorgesh-Kaan and its Agility course, you must have completed the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest.

To use the Dorgesh-Kaan course, you need level 80 Agility. To complete a large majority of the course, you will also need level 80 Ranged, a mithril grapple and a crossbow. Spare grapples are recommended because they *will* break on this course. Be sure to bring the best lantern you can light.

To start the course, go up the southern staircase in Dorgesh-Kaan. Once there, head to the north-east corner and speak with Turgall to begin a small mini-game within the course that gives bonus XP. Turgall will ask you to bring him some parts for the generator. When you bring him a part, a varying bonus will be given to you, dependent upon which route you used to obtain the requested item. If you don't want to get his item, you'll get no lap bonuses, so you might as well do the Gnome Stronghold course!

Dorgesh Kaan Agility Course

Turgall will ask you to get one of several items. You should choose to retrieve the item that allows you to take the route you want (to maximise either Agility XP or Range XP). The following table shows the restrictions on carrying parts back:

Turgall's Requests
No Tunnels
Use Grapple Side
No Grappling
Use Long Side

Fragile objects are found in the Console and heavy objects are found in the Boiler. Both of these areas can be found near the south-west "Old generator".

If you fall while holding a part, it will break and be ruined. The only way back up onto the course is at the start point, near the stairs. This is true any time you fall to the dungeon floor - you miss out on all the lap bonus XP. The ladders on the grapple platforms are one-way only, to allow escape if your grapple breaks and you have no more.

The following tables show the relationship between the obstacles and the experience you receive for completing either of the two sides of the course:

Grapple Side
Obstacle XP Gained
Grapple Platform (x3) 18 Agility, 18 Ranged and 18 Strength
Complete Grapple Side 54 Agility, 54 Ranged and 54 Strength
Side Bonus (give item to Turgall) 571 Ranged
Side Total (with item) 54 Agility, 625 Ranged and 54 Strength

Long Side
Obstacle XP Gained
Tight Rope Balance (x2) 25 Agility each
Cable Swing (x2) 22 Agility each
Swinging Ladder (Monkey Bars) (x2) 25 Agility each
Gap Squeeze 7.5 Agility
Tunnel 7.5 Agility
Side Bonus (give item to Turgall) 2057 Agility
Side Total (with item) 2216 Agility

Bonuses are based on how many times you do that side during a course lap. There are three ways to do a lap: grapple both ways, long route both ways, or one of each. Choosing your route depends on the XP you desire (Range or Agility) - you should always choose an item for Turgall that is allowed on your chosen route back.

Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course Lap
Sides Experience
Long Side (x2)
(heavy item only)
2375 Agility
Long Side + Grapple Side
(any item)
1028.5 Agility
571 Ranged
54 Strength
Grapple Side (x2)
(fragile item only)
1250 Ranged
108 Agility
108 Strength
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Bandos Throne Room course

To access this agility course, you need level 60 Agility, Ranged and Strength, and you must have completed the Chosen Commander quest. You can reach this course by using a Bandos throne room sphere which teleports you there, or by using fairy ring code BLQ to travel to the goblin lands, and then jumping in the chest Zanik was locked in after the Land of the Goblins quest. You need a crossbow and a mithril grapple to receive the majority of the XP of the course.

During the course, you'll jump from statue to statue, like you did with Zanik during the quest. Unlike Zanik, you'll fall down every so often, so it's recommended to bring some food. To start it, jump on the small goblin in the southern part of the room and then proceed like this:

  • Jump on the different statues (8x).
  • Jump to the ledge.
  • Grapple through the throne, by either clicking on the spear of the Ourg statue or on the northern part of the throne.
  • Jump down from the throne.

Below is a map outlining the course:

Bandos Throne Room

Here is the XP you gain:

Bandos throne room course
Obstacle XP gained
Jump statues 2 (8x)
Jump ledge 2
Grapple throne 362 Agility
125 Ranged
125 Strength
Jump off throne 0
Lap Bonus 0
Completed Lap 380 Agility
125 Ranged
125 Strength

Brimhaven Agility Arena

Cap'n Izzy No-Beard in the bamboo hut in the north-east corner of Brimhaven (located on Karamja) has discovered ancient ruins underground where a cavern of platforms exist. It costs 200 coins to enter, although players who have completed the Rocking Out quest can enter for free. Here you can have fun training your agility and gaining tickets by competing against the clock! The aim of the game is to make your way across the agility obstacles between the 25 platforms to the one with the flashing arrow, and tag the pillar there to receive a ticket. Each minute the flashing arrow changes to a different random platform. A map of the arena identifying the obstacles between platforms is shown below.

Brimhaven Agility Arena
  • Yellow obstacles only require level 1 Agility to cross.
  • Blue obstacles require level 20 Agility to cross.
  • Red obstacles require level 40 Agility to cross.
Alternatively, click here to launch an interactive Agility Arena Map (pop-up)

Each obstacle gives a different amount of experience. It is worth noting that when crossing the planks, only one will get you across. Look carefully to find the non-crooked one, because they change. Also, when you fail darts you will temporarily lose 2 or 3 Agility levels, so if your Agility level is barely over level 40, you may temporarily be unable to cross the hardest obstacles. You will get an additional 10% experience while training if you wear Karamja gloves 2 or better.

Brimhaven Agility Arena
Obstacle XP gained
Ledge 16
Hand Holds 22
Blade 0
Spinning Blades 28
Darts 30
Rope Balance 10
Ropeswing 20
Floor Spikes 24
Pressure Pads 26
Monkey Bars 14
Pillars 18
Low Wall 8
Log Balance 12
Planks 6

The best way to train here is to carry as little weight as possible, that way your running energy will last longer. Keep your life points below 200 to reduce the damage taken when failing obstacles, so you can stay longer.

Different obstacles in the Arena

You will not receive a ticket for the first pillar you tag, but you will get one for every pillar you tag in a row thereafter. If you miss a pillar then you will miss out on the next ticket so try to keep your rhythm going. You can save up these tickets to trade them with Pirate Jackie the Fruit for various rewards as detailed below. She can be found in the hut where you pay to enter the arena.

Rewards you can trade your tickets for
Tickets Reward Total
1 240 XP per ticket 240 XP
10 248 XP per ticket 2,480 XP
25 260 XP per ticket 6,500 XP
100 280 XP per ticket 28,000 XP
1000 320 XP per ticket 320,000 XP
3 Toadflax -
5 Wergali -
10 Snapdragon -
800 Pirate's hook -

You will get an additional 10% experience for redeeming your tickets if you wear Karamja gloves 2 or better. So, one ticket gives 264 experience instead of 240, and so on.


Agility Dungeon

There is a dungeon located just north of Yanille known as the Yanille Agility Dungeon, where you must use your Agility skill to access different areas. Below are the details of the different obstacles you can overcome. You can fail some of the obstacles, causing you to fall into a lower part of the dungeon where poisonous spiders lurk, so bring an anti-poison potion if you want to explore here.

Agility Dungeon Obstacles
Obstacle Level Required XP gained
Ledge 42 22.5
Pipe 49 7.5
Monkey Bars 57 20.0
Pile of Rubble 67 5.5
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The Pit

The Pit is a Distraction and Diversion event specifically for Agility. As you run laps on courses, there is a chance that the Talent scout at the course tries to get your attention. When this happens you have a short time to speak to him, and if you do, he will knock you out and bring you to the Pit. If you visit the Pit you will be awarded Agility experience, regardless of whether you win or lose. For more information, refer to The Pit guide.

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There are quite a few places throughout the world where you can make use of your Agility skill to overcome obstacles and use certain gnome shortcuts to save time. Several quests require certain agility levels to complete. Many dungeons also restrict areas, or have shortcuts, that require certain agility levels. Details of these are shown in the table below. They are also indicated on the world map as well as the appropriate dungeon maps by this icon: Shortcut

Agility Shortcuts
Level Obstacle Location Info
5 Crumbling Wall Falador West This connects the south of Taverley to the west of Falador. People mining at Taverley or buying herblore supplies in Falador can have quick access to the Falador bank amongst other things.
10 Rope Swing Karamja West This allows you access a small island with Moss Giant respawns which you couldn't get to otherwise.
12 Stepping Stones Brimhaven Dungeon This allows you to venture deeper into this dungeon.
15 Monkey Bars Edgeville Dungeon This allows you to venture deeper into this dungeon to access some Earth Warrior respawns.
16 Underwall Tunnel Yanille Crosses the north boundary of Yanille.
20 Log Balance Coal Trucks Connects the Coal Trucks towards Mcgrubbors wood. Miners can use it to get to Seer's Village quickly.
21 Underwall Tunnel Varrock Link between Grand Exchange to the bridge east of Edgeville.
22 Pipe Squeeze Brimhaven Dungeon This allows you to venture deeper into this dungeon.
25 Cliffside Scramble Eagle's Peak Useful during the Eagle's Peak quest.
26 Underwall Tunnel Falador South Crosses the south Falador boundary. People mining at the Crafting guild can use it to access the bank more easily.
28 Broken Railing Draynor Manor Get through the fence right next to the Belladonna patch. Allows easy passage to and from Falador farming allotments.
29 Underwall Tunnel Oo'glog Crosses the north Oo'glog boundary. Enter the city and use the pools without having to pass hostile Ogresses near the city entrance.
30 Stepping Stones Brimhaven Dungeon This allows you to venture deeper into this dungeon.
31 Stepping Stones Draynor Manor Between Draynor Manor and near the Champion's Guild across the river.
33 Log Balance Ardougne Cross the river through Ardougne from near the North bank.
34 Pipe Squeeze Brimhaven Dungeon This allows you to venture deeper into this dungeon.
37 Rock Climb Gnome Stronghold Links the Barbarian outpost to the Grand Tree Area in the Gnome Stronghold.
38 Cliff Side Scramble Al-Kharid Allows you to get out of the Al-Kharid mine quickly.
40 Rope Climb South-east of the Agility Pyramid. Speeds access to the Archaeology Camp and the Ruins of Ullek. You must use a rope on the rock near the cliff, surrounded by level 124 Mummies, before accessing this shortcut.
41 Cliff Side Scramble - Easy Trollheim Shortcut in the Trollheim areas.
42 Narrow Crevice Dwarven Mine Links one side of the Dwarven Mine with the other.
43 Cliff Side Scramble - Medium Trollheim Shortcut in the Trollheim areas.
44 Cliff Side Scramble - Advanced Trollheim Shortcut in the Trollheim areas.
45 Log balance Elven Lands A shortcut over the river.
46 Narrow Walkway - Medium Lost City Shortcut towards the cosmic runecrafting altar in the Lost City.
47 Cliffside Scramble - Hard Trollheim Shortcut in the Trollheim areas.
48 Log Balance Fremennik Province Balance over the river from Sinclair's mansion to the Fremennik Province. Can be used to get to the Slayer dungeon and Keldagrim more quickly.
51 Pipe Squeeze Edgeville Dungeon - Varrock Sewers A link between the east side of Edgeville Dungeon and the north-west section of Varrock Sewers
58 Weathered Wall Port Phasmatys - Ectopool Use this for quicker trips when you're using the Ectofunctus for your bones.
59 Cliffside Scramble - Easy Elven Lands Cut across the path in Arandar towards the Elven lands.
60 Rocky Handholds 31 West Wilderness Escape from the God War's Dungeon Entrance. Cannot be climbed up.
61 Spiked Chain Climb Slayer Tower From the Ground floor to the first floor of the Slayer tower.
62 Narrow Crevice Slayer Dungeon Shortcut from the Basilisks to the Turoths towards the end of the slayer dungeon.
64 Climb Trollheim Wilderness Route Leads from Trollheim into the wilderness, no path back.
65 Ornate Railing Temple on the Salve Can be used after completing the Priest in Peril quest, avoids going through the Temple dungeon to get to Morytania.
66 Narrow Walkway - Advanced Lost City Shortcut towards the cosmic runecrafting altar in the Lost city.
68 Cliffside Scramble - Medium Elven Lands Cut across the path in Arandar towards the Elven lands.
70 Pipe Squeeze Members' Dungeon Quick access to the Blue Dragon's Den from the entrance of the Member's dungeon.
71 Spiked Chain Climb Slayer Tower From the first floor to the second floor of the slayer tower.
74 Stepping Stone Shilo Village Quick access from one side of the river to the other. Found north of the furnace.
80 Spiked Blades Jump Members' Dungeon Quick access to the west side of the members dungeon from its entrance.
81 Chasm Jump Slayer Dungeon Avoid the long winding path and get straight to the Pyrefiends in the Slayer dungeon once you've entered.
85 Cliffside Scramble - Advanced Elven Lands Cut across the path in Arandar towards the Elven lands.
86 Low Wall-Climb Kuradal's Dungeon A shortcut between the Abyssal Demons and the Steel Dragons.
90 Dungeon Wall-Run Kuradal's Dungeon Avoid the long winding path and get straight to the Iron and Steel dragons.
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Mithril Grapple Shortcuts

These shortcuts appear on the in-game popup guides for the Agility, Strength and Range Skills. In order to use them you will need to have the necessary skill levels, as well as the following equipment:

For players with a high enough Construction level, hidey-holes can be built at several crossbow shortcuts to hold a crossbow and grapple, making them much more convenient to use. For more information hidey-holes, please refer to our Construction Guide. More information on making a mithril grapple tip can be found in our Smithing Guide and information on the bolts and crossbows is located in our Fletching Guide.

In order to prepare a mithril grapple for use you need the following items:

Preparing a Mithril Grapple
Picture Item Name
Mith grapple tip Mith grapple tip
Mith bolt Mithril bolt
Rope Rope

Use the mithril grapple tip on a bolt to create a mithril grapple tipped bolt pic mithril grapple tipped bolt.

Use this on the rope to finish the mithril grapple pic mithril grapple. You need level 59 Fletching to create a mithril grapple.

To use the mithril grapple shortcuts, both the crossbow and mithril grapple need to be equipped. Only one mithril grapple can be carried in your arrow spot. There is a chance that a mithril grapple will break in use, so it is advisable to carry a spare if you wish to return via the same route.

So having got your crossbow and made a couple of mithril grapples it is time to set off on a voyage of discovery, around the lands of Runescape, to find out where to make use of your new equipment.

Details of these shortcuts are shown in the table below. They are also indicated on the world map by this icon: Shortcut

Shortcuts using mithril grapples
Description Location
8 19 37 Cross River Lum to Al Kharid Between the east of Lumbridge Swamp and Al Kharid
Using this shortcut you can cross between Lumbridge and Al Kharid. This provides a quick route to recharge prayer or to ferry ores between the mine and the bank or forge. The crossing can be used either way. This is a 2 stage crossing utilising the raft island between the two spots.
11 37 19 Scale Falador Wall North-east Falador, just east of the park
You use the mithril grapple to scale up one side of the wall, then jump down on the other side. It's a quick route between the Falador East bank and the Barbarian village and Monastery. This shortcut can be used from the outside in only.
32 35 35 Scale Catherby Cliff To the east of Catherby, near the fruit tree patch and rockslide
Using this shortcut you can take a quick trip over to Taverley, without having to go over White Wolf Mountain or through the Dwarven pass. You have to shoot the mithril grapple at a rock at the top of the cliff. This shortcut is one way only, from Catherby to the top of the cliff.

Note: You also need to have completed the Fishing Contest quest to use this shortcut.

36 22 39 Escape from Water Obelisk Island Water Obelisk, above the Black Dragons in Members' Dungeon
Have you just battled past the Black Dragons to enchant a few water or fire orbs? Perhaps you made a quick exit up the ladder to escape their fiery breath? Bored with just standing on the island, waving at the fishers, doing seal impressions in the hope they will throw you a fish? Well this shortcut is for you! It allows you cross from Water Obelisk island over to Catherby. You need to shoot your grapple at the crossbow tree, then cross over and join the people fishing, accept their general awe, applause and perhaps a fish or two. This shortcut is one way only.
39 38 21 Scale Yanille Wall South Yanille, behind the Dragon Inn
Using this shortcut provides you with a quick route between Yanille / Wizards' Guild and Gu'Tanoth / Feldip Hills. You use the mithril grapple to scale the wall, then jump down the other side. This shortcut can be utilised in either direction.
53 21 42 Karamja Crossing South-east of the Karamja Volcano, west of the shop
This shortcut is a quick means of crossing from the banana plantation south-east of Karamja volcano (near where the Amulet of Glory Karamja teleport takes you) to the peninsula near the Harpie Bug swarms. The crossing can be used either way. This is a 2 stage crossing utilising the small island between the two spots.
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Level Boosters

You can boost your Agility level by drinking an agility potion, by eating a spicy stew, or by eating a summer pie. Your agility will return back to normal at the same rate that any other stat is drained after using a stat boosting item.

Agility Level Boosters
Pic Name of item Level Increase Information
Spicy stew Spicy Stew -6 to +6
Made by using yellow spice on a stew. For more information on making stews, please visit the Cooking Guide. This item is not tradeable.
summer pie Summer Pie +5 Made with the Cooking skill.
Citadel Powerup Citadel battlefield powerup +10 Clan citadels with a battlefield have the option to add powerups to a battlefield map. One of the battlefield powerups will boost Agility by +10 when standing on it.
agility potion Agility Potion +3 Made with the Herblore skill by mixing a toadflax herb and toad legs. Note that you can get toadflax by exchanging tickets at the Brimhaven arena.

Summoning offers two familiars that aid you while training agility.

Agility Familiars
Summon Level Pic Familiar Abilities Scroll Ability
52 Spirit Terrorbird Spirit Terrorbird Fights (level 62) Controlled
Carries 12 items
Tireless Run
Boosts your Agility by 2 levels. Restores run energy equal to 50% of your Agility level.
62 Abyssal Lurker Abyssal Lurker Fights (level 93) Controlled
Carries 7 pure/rune essence
Abyssal Stealth
Boosts your Agility and Thieving by 4 levels.

Here are some of the most frequent uses of agility boosters:

For more efficient training, consider reducing your weight with agility clothing, or one of the other weight-reducing items found in our Getting Around Guide. If you still find yourself running out of energy, try using energy-restoring items.

Weight-reducing Items
Pic Name of item Weight Reduction Information
agile top Agile top 12 kg Complete 250 laps of the advanced Barbarian Agility Course, unlocked at 90 agility.
agile legs Agile legs 10 kg Complete 250 laps of the advanced Gnome Agility Course, unlocked at 85 agility.
Boots of lightness Boots of lightness 4.5 kg Climb down into the Temple of Ikov dungeon, slash the webs and pick up the boots.
Penance gloves Penance gloves 7 kg Bought in the Barbarian Assault rewards shop for 150 points in each class. Level 40 defence is required to wear this item.
Spottier cape Spotted cape 2.5 kg Made by trading the Fancy Dress Shop Owner in Varrock: 2 "Spotted Kebbit Furs" and 400 coins; requires level 40 Hunter to wear.
Spottier cape Spottier cape 4.5 kg Obtained by trading the Fancy Dress Shop Owner in Varrock - 2 "Dashing Kebbit Furs" and 800 coins; requires level 66 Hunter to wear.
Wicked cape Wicked cape 6 kg Can be bought from Finix's Runecrafting Shop in the Wizard Tower for 2,500, 7,500, and 15,000 Runespan points; they require level 30, 55, and 80 Runecrafting to wear for the cape, legs, and top, respectively.
Wicked legs Wicked legs 8 kg
Wicked robe top Wicked robe top 10 kg
Gold athlete\'s gloves Gold athlete's gloves 1.36kg each Rewards from the 2012 Gielinor Games during Summer 2012. Silver and bronze versions were also unlockable during this time, with lesser bonuses. The items can be reclaimed from Diango if obtained during the event but are otherwise no longer obtainable.
Gold athlete\'s hat Gold athlete's hat
Gold athlete\'s legs Gold athlete's legs
Gold athlete\'s shirt Gold athlete's shirt
Gold athlete\'s shoes Gold athlete's shoes
Infinity ethereal body Infinity ethereal body 10 kg Rewards from a previous Treasure Hunter promotion. The Law, Blood, and Death ethereal bodies and legs also have the same weight reduction. The items can be reclaimed from Diango if obtained during the promotion but are otherwise no longer obtainable. The rest of the pieces in the set do not offer a weight reduction bonus.
Infinity ethereal legs Infinity ethereal legs 8 kg
Exoskeleton headband Exoskeleton headband 2 kg each The Exoskeleton set is a reward received after completing the quest Plague's End.
Exoskeleton torso Exoskeleton torso
Exoskeleton bracers Exoskeleton bracers
Exoskeleton legs Exoskeleton legs
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Perfect Laps

In the table below are the levels required to no longer fail on each agility course. If a course is not listed, you can still fail them at level 99.

Although the level to no longer fail for the advanced barbarian course is 92, you will still fail the slippery log from the regular barbarian course up until level 94.

Perfect Laps
Agility Course Level
Ape Atoll 75
Gnome Advanced 89
Barbarian 94
Barbarian Advanced 92
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Start training at the Gnome Stronghold course. When you get to level 35 you can use the Barbarian Outpost course, but you will fall often. It's recommended to go to the outpost at level 40. Use this course until you get level 52 and can then use the wilderness course thereafter for best XP, if you are willing to take the risk from PK'ers. Alternatively use the Werewolves' course from level 60 or 65 which is arguably the same speed and without the risk, but needs more food. You could also have fun training in the Agility Arena after level 40 agility so you can have full access to all platforms, but it is less XP per hour so you'll be training for a longer period of time. Some say that for any level past 48, the Ape Atoll course is fastest and safest of all the courses.

Playing Gnomeball in the Gnome Stronghold gives some a minor amount of XP in Agility and Ranged. Chasing a wind-up toy mouse (made with the Crafting skill) earns 3 XP for each successful catch.

Participating in the tightrope activity at Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza can earn you plenty of Agility XP. Please see our Circus Guide for more information.

Agility is important to your overall game experience because it affects your run energy. When you are not running, you recover your energy back. So this means while you are standing or walking, you recover energy. The higher your agility level the faster this happens.

While training your agility, it is advisable to keep your weight as low as possible. Not only will you be able to run for a longer period of time without running out of energy, you also stand a greater chance of not failing obstacles. Please refer to this table for more information on items that reduce weight.

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Dual-Skill Training

There are a number of skills you can train that grant XP in both agility and a different skill. An example of this type of skill is Fishing. While Heavy-rod fishing, players can gain experience in not only the Fishing skill, but Agility also. To view the table of the experience granted for this, check out the Barbarian Fishing Table.

Another example of a skill like this is Hunter - where players with skilled Hunter and Agility levels can make use of the art of catching butterflies barehanded. While these butterflies cannot be kept when caught barehanded, they do grant good experience in both Hunter and Agility.

Barehanded Butterfly Catching
Picture Animal Hunter Level Agility Level Hunter XP Agility XP
Ruby Harvest Ruby Harvest 80 75 300 50
Sapphire Glacialis Sapphire Glacialis 85 80 400 70
Snowy Knight Snowy Knight 90 85 500 100
Black Warlock Black Warlock 95 90 650 125

You can also gain agility XP with the farming skill by planting and harvesting a barberry bush. Planting this bush gives 175 farming XP, and checking its health gives 1600 farming XP.

Picture Plant Farming Level Farming XP Agility XP
Agility Barberry Bush Barberry Bush 77 50 --*

*XP varies depending on agility level.

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Skill mastery and Beyond

Cape of Achievement

Once you have mastered the skill and reached level 99 you may want to buy an Agility Cape from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard on Brimhaven, at the start of the Agility Arena. If you already have another 99 skill, or obtain another one while wearing the cape (unless you have it keepsaked), it will become a Agility cape (t).

Please refer to the Achievement Capes guide for more details.

Agility Cape

After obtaining 99 Agility it becomes possible to obtain a agile shard randomly, which can be combined with other shards from the other support skills (Dungeoneering, Slayer, Thieving) to create a support cape and hood. The cape has the same stats as a trimmed skill cape and the hood is purely cosmetic.

True Agility Mastery

Achieving 99 is the ultimate goal for many players, however the skill does not stop there. For players wanting to show off their dedication to a skill it is possible to obtain "True Mastery" by obtaining "120 Agility" which is 104,273,167 XP. The Agility master cape can then be purchased from Cap'n Izzy No-Beard for 120,000 gp.

Agility master cape

It is worth noting that beyond level 99 there is no additional content for Agility as the level increases are invisible so training the skill gets no faster. To work out your theoretical Agility level check out our XP table.

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