Ancient Cavern Dungeon Maps

The Ancient Cavern is located beneath the whirlpool in the lake above Baxtorian Falls. To enter you must do the first firemaking task in the Barbarian Training mini quest. Then to enter, simply hop into the whirlpool from the dock on the northern shore. To leave the dungeon, either teleport out or ride one of the Escape Logs on the ground floor.

The Ancient Cavern contains:

The Ancient Cavern can be accessed by fairy ring code B J Q, but you will first have to use 5 bittercap mushrooms and a spade on the middle of the fairy ring to complete it.

Additional text descriptions of both dungeons are included below the maps.


Main Dungeon

By Headnazgul and Howlin1

Ancient Cavern Mithril Dragon (Level 112) Mithril Dragon (Level 112) Mithril Dragon (Level 112) Mithril Dragon (Level 112) Mithril Dragon (Level 112) Mithril Dragon (Level 112) Mithril Dragon (Level 112) Waterfiend (Level 107) Waterfiend (Level 107) Brutal Green Dragon (Level 150) Brutal Green Dragon (Level 150) Brutal Green Dragon (Level 150) Spirits (Level 106) Spirits (Level 106) Kuradal's Dungeon Slayer master

Dungeon Monsters
Confused Barbarian: Level 84
Lost Barbarian: Level 84

Spirits: Level 106
Waterfiend: Level 107
Mithril Dragon: Level 112
Brutal Green Dragon: Level 150

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Kuradal's Dungeon

By Rien_Adelric & Omnitec

Kuradal's Dungeon is devoted entirely to Slayer, and is located on the south-west side of the main dungeon. Slayer master Kuradal stands outside the dungeon entrance. Players are only allowed to enter the dungeon to complete a slayer task assigned by Kuradal.

The dungeon has some unique rules. Every monster in it can attack you, but you can only attack the monster Kuradal has tasked you to slay. In addition, each monster uncommonly drops a Ferocious ring (5), which offers 5 teleports directly to Kuradal, a Ring of life ability while inside the dungeon, and +40 damage to attacks on any monsters while on a slayer task inside the dungeon. Use of all 5 teleports or the Ring of life ability will cause the ring to crumble to dust, and another must be obtained.

Kuradal's dungeon contains two agility shortcuts: a low wall-climb (Level 86 Agility), and a dungeon wall-run (Level 90 Agility), which can speed movement throughout the dungeon.

Kuradals Dungeon Gargoyles (lvl-93) Blue Dragons (lvl-74) Greater Demons (lvl-82) Hellhounds (lvl-92) Iron Dragons (lvl-98) Steel Dragons (lvl-100) Dark Beasts (lvl-105) Abyssal Demons (lvl-98) Airut (lvl-122)

Dungeon Monsters
Blue Dragon: Level 74
Greater Demon: Level 82
Hellhound: Level 92
Gargoyle: Level 93
Abyssal Demon: Level 98
Iron Dragon: Level 98
Steel Dragon: Level 100
Dark Beast: Level 105
Airut: Level 122

Thanks to: Georgelemmons, Lalala7324, Siobhana, Zaaps1

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Note that a cannon cannot be used in the cavern. When trying to set one up, players receive the message "It's far too damp down here to set up a cannon."

The main dungeon is one of the most dangerous in the game. The lowest level monster is level 115 and the highest is an impressive 304. Do not underestimate any of the monsters in this dungeon as they are all extremely aggressive. This is the only home of the extremely powerful Brutal Green Dragons and Mithril Dragons. There are 12 mithril rocks around the Mithril Dragons as well.

In order for the skeletons in the main dungeon to attack you, rummage a corpse on the ground. This can also give you some rewards such as mangled bones.


Dragon Forge. You may notice a mysterious mithril door near the Mithril Dragons. This door can only be opened with a Dragonkin key. You acquire the teeth and loop parts of the key during the While Guthix Sleeps quest. To assemble the key, use the pieces on a Mithril dragon. Beyond the mithril door are 3 dragon heads. Casting Fire wave on all 3 activates the Dragon Forge found by climbing up the southern wall on the ground floor. The legendary Dragon Forge is the only place where you can smith the Dragon platebody.

Dungeon Overview Map

Ancient Cavern Minimap

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