Ancient Effigy

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Ancient Effigies are somewhat rare monster drops that can be used for bonus experience in various skills. They encourage integration of high-levelled combat and high-levelled skills and have some very rewarding results.


The only requirement to actually obtain the Effigies is that you have to have less than 5 of them in your inventory or bank. Various skills of level 91 to 97 are required to feed the Effigies knowledge and receive a reward, although the assist system may also be used. The Effigies can be banked for later use, but will not stack.


Obtaining Effigies

Effigies can be obtained as a drop from a variety of monsters. The higher level the monster, the higher the likelihood of obtaining an effigy. Some of the monsters known to drop an effigy are listed below.

Monsters known to drop effigies
  • Aberrant spectres
  • Abyssal demons
  • Armoured zombies
  • Ankous
  • Aquanites
  • Basilisk
  • Black demons
  • Black dragons
  • Black knights
  • Bloodvelds
  • Bloodworms
  • Blue dragons
  • Brine rats
  • Cave crawlers
  • Cave horrors
  • Chaos dwarfs
  • Cockroach soldiers
  • Commander Zilyana
  • Dagannoth
  • Dark beasts
  • Desert strykewyrms
  • Dust devils
  • Elves
  • Fire giants
  • Grizzly bears
  • Gargoyles
  • General Graardor
  • Giant moles
  • Ghouls
  • Greater demons
  • Greater reborn mages, rangers and warriors
  • Green dragons
  • Harpie bug swarms
  • Hellhounds
  • Hobgoblins
  • Ice giants
  • Ice strykewyrms
  • Iron dragons
  • Jellies
  • Jungle horrors
  • Jungle strykewyrms
  • Kalphites
  • Kree'ara
  • Kurask
  • Lesser demons
  • Living rock creatures
  • Mighty banshee
  • Mithril dragons
  • Mountain trolls
  • Nechryaels
  • Red dragons
  • Shadow warriors
  • Skeletal wyvern
  • Steel dragons
  • Suqahs
  • Terror dogs
  • Tormented demons
  • Turoth
  • TzHaar-Xil
  • Warped tortoises
  • Waterfiends
  • Werewolves
  • White wolves
For a complete list of monsters that can drop effigies, click here!

Using the Effigies and Rewards

Feeding an Effigy requires a certain pairing of skills, and each type of Effigy has a different skill level requirement. Having either one of the skills in the pairing at the required level is sufficient. For example, if an Effigy requires level 91 Mining or Smithing to investigate, having either skill at level 91 will allow you to do so. After feeding the Effigy, you will gain some experience, and it will either change into an Effigy of another type or crumble to dust and reveal a Dragonkin lamp. Note that if the Effigy changes type, the required skill pairing will change.

Skill level
Turns into Reward
Starved 91 Nourished 15,000 XP
Nourished 93 Sated 20,000 XP
Sated 95 Gorged 25,000 XP
Gorged 97 Dragonkin lamp 30,000 XP

Requesting Assistance
If you do not have the required skill levels to feed the Effigy, you can request assistance from another player. Note that you can only request assistance in one of the two required skills in the pairing. The table below shows the possible pairings on an Effigy, and for more information on the assist system you can refer to our Beginner's Guide .

Possible Skill Pairings
Assistable skill Other skill

Dragonkin Lamps
If a player feeds an Effigy until it crumbles to dust, they will receive a Dragonkin lamp. This lamp can be used to gain experience in a skill of your choice and cannot be banked. The exact amount of experience gained can be calculated with the formula XP = (level^3 - 2 * level^2 + 100 * level) / 20, where level is the level of the skill you wish to earn experience in.

Dragonkin lamp calculator
Skill Level:

Varrock Museum

If you do not have the skills to feed the effigy and cannot find someone else who does, you can take it to Historian Minas on the first floor (US: second floor) of the Varrock Museum. He will swap it for an antique lamp, which will award 5,000 experience in a skill of your choice that is over level 50. This is only a small fraction of the experience the effigy would have given.



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