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Ancient Magicks is a powerful branch of Magic that can be used once the Desert Treasure quest has been completed. They are members only and when you are on the Ancient Magicks spellbook you cannot use spells from any of the other spellbooks, however you can still use all magic abilities.

In order to switch to the Ancient Magicks spellbook you need to pray at that altar in the Pyramid, praying again will return you to the normal spellbook. Praying at the altar drains your prayer points to zero however you can still switch spells if you already have no prayer points.

After completing the Desert Treasure quest, rather than having to walk through the Pyramid every time you want to change spellbooks you can use a shortcut at the back of the Pyramid instead which takes you directly to the altar.

There are two types of Ancient Magicks spells, teleport and damage spells. There are four types and classes of damage spells as explained below, each type corresponds to a single element from the standard spellbook. This can be used to target specific monster weaknesses.

Types of spells
Type Element Description
Gale Air Reduces accuracy and deals damage to the target.
Rock Earth Reduces damage dealt and deals damage to the target.
Bloodfire Fire Heals the caster and deals damage to the target.
Ice Water Freezes and deals damage to the target.

In addition to the four different types of spell you can use, each type also has four different classes of spell as described below.

Classes of spells
Class Description
Rush High damage.
Burst High damage, hits multiple enemies in the 3x3 area surrounding the target.
Blitz Very high damage.
Barrage Very high damage, hits multiple enemies in the 3x3 area surrounding the target.

Shown below are some typical pictures of the animations of each spell. However bear in the mind that the different classes of damage spells have different animations.

Gale Burst Animation Rock Burst Animation Blood Burst Animation Ice Burst Animation Ancient Magick Tele Animation
Gale Rock Bloodfire Ice Teleports
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Getting to the Pyramid

The Pyramid is located in the south-west of the Kharidian Desert which seems quite far out of the way however there are a variety of ways to get there, as shown below:

Pyramid Getting There
Getting to the Pyramid
Pic Method Notes
Home Teleport Home Teleport Teleport to the lodestone just outside the Bandit Camp and run south from there to the Pyramid.
Pharaoh\\'s Sceptre (3) Pharaoh's Sceptre/Sceptre of the Gods Both these sceptres obtainable from the Pyramid Plunder mini game have the option to teleport you directly to the top of the Pyramid by using the "Jaldraocht" option.
Camulet Camulet After completing the quest Enakhra's Lament you can use the Camulet to teleport you to Enakhra's pyramid which is just north-west of the Ancient Magicks Pyramid.
Pollnivneach Tablet Pollnivneach Teleport Pollnivneach is located north-east of the Pyramid and is easily accessible through the use of a chipped teleport tablet, house teleport, slayer ring or magic carpet.
Bandit Camp Teleport Bandit Camp Teleport The Bandit Camp is located north-west of the Pyramid and can be accessed easily by the use of Bandit camp teleport scrolls or the magic carpet.
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Combat Spells

The Ancient Magicks spells are shown in your ability book in place of your normal spells. They use up more runes than the normal spells so are considered more 'expensive' per cast. Auto-casting ancient spells requires right-clicking on the spell and selecting the auto-cast option. Each combat spell does damage (see damage column) in addition to the specific spell type effect (reduce accuracy, reduce damage, heal caster, freeze). These spells can be dual-cast just like those on the normal spellbook.

Experience is awarded at the end of a kill, and is not based on the spell you use. Damage shown is the standard damage of the spell, without taking into account any modifiers. Your magic level is added to the base damage of each spell, which gives the damage shown in the equipment screen.

Ancient Magick Combat Spells
Pic Lvl Name Runes Description Damage
Gale Rush 50 Gale Rush 3 air 1 death Reduces targets accuracy by 5% for 10 seconds. 480
Rock Rush 52 Rock Rush 3 earth 1 death Reduces targets damage dealt by 5% for 10 seconds. 499
Bloodfire Rush 56 Bloodfire Rush 3 fire 1 death Caster is healed for 5% of total damage dealt to enemies. 537
Ice Rush 58 Ice Rush 3 water 1 death Binds monsters for 10 seconds, or players for 5 seconds. 556
Gale Burst 62 Gale Burst 4 air 2 death Reduces targets accuracy by 5% for 10 seconds. Hits multiple targets. 595
Rock Burst 64 Rock Burst 4 earth 2 death Reduces targets damage dealt by 5% for 10 seconds. Hits multiple targets. 614
Bloodfire Burst 68 Bloodfire Burst 4 fire 2 death Caster is healed for 5% of total damage dealt to main target, and 3% against others. Hits multiple targets. 752
Ice Burst 70 Ice Burst 4 water 2 death Binds monsters for 10 seconds, or players for 5 seconds. Hits multiple targets. 672
Gale Blitz 74 Gale Blitz 5 air 1 blood Reduces targets accuracy by 5% for 10 seconds. 710
Rock Blitz 76 Rock Blitz 5 earth 1 blood Reduces targets damage dealt by 5% for 10 seconds. 729
Bloodfire Blitz 80 Bloodfire Blitz 5 fire 1 blood Caster is healed for 5% of total damage dealt to enemies. 786
Polypore Strike 80 Polypore Strike Polypore staff A polypore staff must be used to cast this spell. An air spell that has no special effect. 786
Ice Blitz 82 Ice Blitz 5 water 1 blood Binds monsters for 10 seconds, or players for 5 seconds. 786
Gale Barrage 86 Gale Barrage 5 air 2 blood Reduces targets accuracy by 5% for 10 seconds. Hits multiple targets. 786
Rock Barrage 88 Rock Barrage 5 earth 2 blood Reduces targets damage dealt by 5% for 10 seconds. Hits multiple targets. 786
Bloodfire Barrage 92 Bloodfire Barrage 5 fire 2 blood Caster is healed for 5% of total damage dealt to main target, and 3% against others. Hits multiple targets. 786
Ice Barrage 94 Ice Barrage 5 water 2 blood Binds monsters for 10 seconds, or players for 5 seconds. Hits multiple targets. 786

Teleports Spells

Like other spellbooks, the Ancient Magicks spellbook has teleports specific to it. While they are not often used, they can provide convenient wilderness teleports for those with access to the Spellbook swap spell. The Kharyrll teleport can also be bound in the portal room of a player-owned house for easy teleports to Canifis on any spellbook.

Note: Wilderness teleports will NOT give you a warning screen when you cast them.

Ancient Magick Teleportation Spells
Pic Lvl Name Runes Description Experience
Home Teleport 0 Home Teleport None (see notes*) Teleports you to any one of various lodestones. 0
Paddewwa Teleport 54 Paddewa Teleport 1 air 1 fire 2 law Teleports to Edgeville dungeon. 64
Senntisten Teleport 60 Senntisten Teleport 2 law 1 soul Teleports to the Digsite exam centre. 70
Kharyrll Teleport 66 Kharyrll Teleport 2 law 1 blood Teleports you just north-east of Canifis Pub. 76
Lassar Teleport 72 Lassar Teleport 4 water 2 law Teleports to Ice Mountain. 82
Dareeyak Teleport 78 Dareeyak Teleport 2 air 3 fire 2 law Teleports to level 30 Wilderness (Western Wilderness). 88
Carralangar Teleport 84 Carrallangar Teleport 2 law 2 soul Teleports to level 25 Wilderness (Graveyard of Shadows). 94
Annakarl Teleport 90 Annakarl Teleport 2 law 2 blood Teleports to level 62 Wilderness (Demonic Ruins). 100
Ghorrock Teleport 96 Ghorrock Teleport 8 water 2 law Teleports to level 58 Wilderness (Ice Plateau). 106

* No runes are required for the Home Teleport spell, but the spell animation takes some time so it cannot be used to leave combat. However, it is very useful for players who are lost and need to get back to familiar ground. For players in the tutorial mode for the Burthorpe area, this spell will only teleport them to Burthorpe until the tutorial mode is disabled. Refer to the Lodestone section of the Getting Around guide for more information on lodestones.

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Tactics & Uses

The Ancient spellbook is a fairly versatile one with a good variety of combat spells that, when used to their strengths, can give you a big advantage over your opponent. Ice and Blood spells are the most commonly used spells and as such this section of the guide will primarily focus on them.

Monster Hunting & Magic Training

Burst and Barrage spells are the most commonly used spells in the Ancient Magicks spellbook due to their ability to hit multiple targets in multi-combat areas. This in turn makes them a popular but expensive means of collecting charms or training magic. Rock lobsters are the most popular creatures to use Ancient spells on due to their high drop rate of crimson and blue charms as well as one's ability to fight them en masse which also makes them excellent for magic experience. For more information on fighting Rock lobsters, visit our Rock lobster hunting guide.

Other popular monsters to kill using Ancient Magicks are Mummies found in the Chaos Tunnels and Monkey zombies found in the Marim Dungeon on Ape Atoll. As with the Rock lobsters these monsters can be easily killed en masse making them excellent magic experience per hour but at a high cost.

Ancient Magicks Mummies


It is not just NPCs that Ancient spells are effective against, anyone who has ever played Castle Wars will know how frustrating it is to come up against an opponent with ice spells when you are trying to run back to your base with the opposing team's flag. Few players put much emphasis on magic defence when playing Castle Wars so having a player or two on the Ancient spellbook can significantly improve your team's chance of winning.

Similarly Soul Wars is another minigame where Ancient spells are popular due to there being a high concentration of players in a relatively small area. If a few players with Ancient spells camp outside the opposing team's respawn point you can hinder their efforts significantly. It can also be effectively used to take control of the Soul Obelisk.

Ancient Magicks Swars

Clan Wars is another minigame where Ancient Magicks can be useful, although it is not as prevalent here as Castle Wars or Soul Wars due to there generally being fewer players. They can still make the difference between life and death as well as victory and defeat if the clan you are up against is unprepared.

Player Killing

Ancient Magicks were once a terrifying prospect for any player to come up against in the Wilderness, however with the evolution of equipment and fighting tactics they are not so dangerous for the experienced player. "Hybriding" and "Tribriding" are the biggest threat to Ancient Mages as players using these methods will have more than one combat style at their disposal meaning that, even if you freeze them they can still fight.

Fortunately for Ancient Mages, there are more inexperienced players than there are experienced ones and also players who are just passing through the Wilderness meaning there are still plenty of opportunities for kills. Ice spells can keep melee fighters at bay while you drain their hitpoints using blood spells or more ice spells meaning that you take very little, if any damage.

Be aware though that while you will often get some easy kills with Ancient spells, it just takes one player with a means to fight back to bring your killing spree to a swift end. Of course you can prepare yourself to deal with these opponents, but that is something for you to figure out.


Few players use the Ancient spellbook for its teleports as they are not worth the time it takes to switch spellbooks and for the most part they are not overly useful. They offer some useful teleports to areas of the wilderness. The most widely used teleport is the Kharyll teleport which teleports you to Canifis, however this can also be tuned to a house portal.

Ancient Magicks Tele
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