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The Artisans Workshop is an area in south-east Falador which provides several opportunities for Smithing training. To get to the Artisans Workshop simply teleport to Falador and run south-east until you find a building full of dwarves with a large furnace in the middle just south-east of the mining guild. The first time you visit the workshop, talk to Aksel who will explain the various areas of the workshop to you.

Artisans Workshop Ceremonial Sword Room Burial Armour Room Cannon Room Track Room Rewards

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A minimum of level 30 Smithing is required to train in the Artisans Workshop. However, a higher Smithing level will allow access to more of the workshop. Each room has a specific Smithing requirement described below.

While in the workshop you need to provide your own ores which must be made into ingots before they can be used to train in the workshop. To make ingots, use your ore on the smelter in the middle of the room, and then withdraw the ingots from the smelter. You can use noted ore. Each level of ingot requires a different amount of ores to make and can only be used in certain sections of the workshop. Each section of the workshop uses the following ingots:

Creating Ingots
PicNameOre RequiredCoal RequiredPicNameOre Required Coal Required
Iron Ingot IIron Ingot I10 Steel Ingot ISteel Ingot I12
Iron Ingot IiIron Ingot II90 Steel Ingot IiSteel Ingot II47
Iron Ingot IiiIron Ingot III120 Steel Ingot IiiSteel Ingot III917
Iron Ingot IvIron Ingot IV750 Steel Ingot IvSteel Ingot IV4080
Mithril Ingot IMithril Ingot I14 Adamant Ingot IAdamant Ingot I16
Mithril Ingot IiMithril Ingot II312 Adamant Ingot IiAdamant Ingot II314
Mithril Ingot IiiMithril Ingot III624 Adamant Ingot IiiAdamant Ingot III422
Mithril Ingot IvMithril Ingot IV30120 Adamant Ingot IvAdamant Ingot IV25150
PicNameOre RequiredCoal Required
Rune Ingot IRune Ingot I18
Rune Ingot IiRune Ingot II216
Rune Ingot IiiRune Ingot III430
Rune Ingot IvRune Ingot IV18144
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Burial Armour Room (Levels 30+)

To start making dwarven burial armour, head to the back of the workshop on the ground floor and speak to Suak. He will then convince Sten to show you how to make burial armour. The level of ingots to use is determined by the kind of dwarf that you are making armour for.

  • Miners require armour made from level I ingots.
  • Warriors require armour made from level II ingots.
  • Smiths require armour made from level III ingots.

The higher leveled armour you make, the more experience you will gain from making it. Likewise, using more valuable materials will also yield more experience. Additionally if you make whichever item Suak is teaching about you will gain 10% additional experience from making it.

Ingot LevelPicLevel RequiredExperience per Item
Iron IIron Ingot I30101
Iron IIIron Ingot Ii30202
Iron IIIIron Ingot Iii30240
Steel ISteel Ingot I45131
Steel IISteel Ingot Ii45253
Steel IIISteel Ingot Iii45354
Mithril IMithril Ingot I60164
Mithril IIMithril Ingot Ii60316
Mithril IIIMithril Ingot Iii60404
Adamant IAdamant Ingot I70278
Adamant IIAdamant Ingot Ii70455
Adamant IIIAdamant Ingot Iii70568
Rune IRune Ingot I90505
Rune IIRune Ingot Ii90631
Rune IIIRune Ingot Iii90758
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Cannon Room (Level 62+ Members Only)

To start repairing cannons head down to the basement and all the way to the back where Isak is. Start by talking to Isak and picking up the three moulds from the table near the furnace. In addition you will also need level 2 steel ingots, which are the only type of ingots that can be used in this room. Once you have the moulds, level 2 steel ingots, and a hammer follow this process to begin repairing cannons.

Fix the Base
Begin by taking the base from the desk and removing the 10 cogs from it. Use the cogs on the anvil to attempt to repair them. If any of the cogs break during the repair process use one of your steel ingots on the furnace to make a replacement. Once you have 10 repaired cogs use them on the base and place the base on the stand in the middle of the room.

Fix the Stand
Take the stand from the desk and three pipes from it. These can be repaired by using them on the furnace with a pipe mould in your inventory. Once the three pipes are repaired, use them on the stand and place it on base you placed earlier.

Fix the Barrel
Take the barrel from the desk and use it on the anvil as many times as is necessary to fix it. Once it is repaired place it on the cannon.

Fix the Furnace
Take the furnace from the desk and empty it. Use all of the components retrieved from it on the anvil to repair them. Then head over to the barrel of gunpowder and fill the fuse box you just fixed from it. Then place all the components back into the furnace and add it to the cannon.

Test the Cannon
Use the cannonball mould and some of your steel ingots at the furnace to make 8 test cannonballs. These can then be loaded into the cannon and test fired as you would with any cannon. After the cannon has been tested it will be fully repaired and you will receive 3,846 Smithing XP.

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Ceremonial Sword Room (Level 70+ Members Only)

The ceremonial sword room provides the fastest XP rates but also requires the most resources and has the highest Smithing level requirements. To make a ceremonial sword you will need a hammer, a pair of tongs from the table near the entrance, level 4 ingots of your chosen material, and sword plans which can be gotten from Egil or Abel who will be wandering around the room.

Making Ceremonial Swords
MaterialLevel RequiredPerfect Score XP

Begin smithing the sword by using the ingot on the furnace to heat it. Once it has been heated up, use it on the anvil to start the smithing process. The following interface will appear.

Ceremonial Sword Interface

The goal is to make the sword on the bottom match the sword on the top as closely as possible. To hit the sword click the hammer icon above or below the section you wish to hit. On the left you can select how hard you wish to hit the sword.

  • A hard hit can dent anywhere from 0-5 and costs 1 cooldown.
  • A medium hit can dent anywhere from 0-3 and costs 1 cooldown.
  • A soft hit can dent anywhere from 0-2 and costs 1 cooldown.
  • A careful hit always dents 1 and costs 2 cooldowns.

It is also important to note that if you hit more than a 6 anywhere but the tip of the sword it will break and you will gain no xp from it! Once the cooldown meter hits 0 the sword will be too cool to work with anymore and you will need to speak with either Egil or Abel to get it scored. You will receive a percentage of the perfect xp depending on how closely your sword matches the plans. Additionally, when smithing mithril, adamant, or rune swords with at least 80% accuracy you have a chance of getting a crystal triskellion fragment.

The first time you smith a sword with over 90% accuracy, you will receive a bonus of 5,000 XP. The first time you smith a sword with 100% accuracy, you will receive a bonus of 15,000 XP.

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Track Room

To start building mine cart tracks, head down the stairs and speak to Sten. Tracks are made of level 1 bronze, iron, or steel ingots. There are various trays of ingots around the room provided for you, you do not need to make these yourself. Each track piece is made up of 5 components: a base plate, rails, spikes, joints, and ties. Each piece has a Smithing level required to make listed below.

MaterialComponentSmithing LevelXP
BronzeBase Plate21.4
IronBase Plate195.1
SteelBase Plate448.8

Once all of the components are built they can be combined together in the following order to create a piece of track: rails, base plate, spikes, joints, ties. Each of these components requires 1 additional Smithing level than was required to build it to add it to the track. Building a complete section of bronze track nets 34 additional XP, a complete section of iron track 46 additional XP, and a section of steel track 79 additional XP. You can also earn 5 additional XP points per section for laying completed sections of track in the cart lines down the tunnel.

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As you spend time working in the Artisans workshop you will gradually gain respect from the workers there. This respect can be exchanged with Elof downstairs for additional rewards.

RewardRespect CostDescription
Quick Repairs5%Learn more about the workshop and repair burst pipes more quickly.
Sword polishing kit 10%Gives 10 sword polishing kits, which - when held in your inventory - prevent a ceremonial sword from breaking.
Repair Expert15%Earn 10% more XP for repairing burst pipes within the workshop.
Quick Learner20%Earn 2% more XP when making the burial armour item that Sten is teaching about.
Budding Student40%Earn an additional 2% more XP when making the burial armour item that Sten is teaching about. (Requires Quick Learner)
Ceremonial Sword Plans30%Plans for ceremonial swords, if you manage to make a perfect version using these plans you can keep it.
Ceremonial sword orders50%Increases the orders received by the workshop, occasionally allowing you to choose which ceremonial sword you wish to make.
Golden Cannon50%Increases your dwarf multicannons cannonball capacity to 60 and gives it a golden appearance.
Master Student60%Earn an additional 1% more XP when making the burial armour item that Sten is teaching about. (Requires Budding Student)
Royale Cannon100%Increases your dwarf multicannons cannonball capacity to 90 and adds gems and other cosmetic items to your dwarf multicannon. (Requires Golden Cannon)
Restocking cannon 100%Grants your cannon the ability to reload automatically. You must have cannonballs in your inventory and be within 15 squares for this to work. (Requires Royale Cannon)
Bonus package100%Gives 8 mithril ingot IV, 4 adamant ingot IV, 2 rune ingot IV, 50,000 Bonus Smithing XP and 10 sword polishing kits. Note that the ingots in this bundle cannot be exchanged for ore, and do not count towards daily challenges.
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