Arzinian Mines

By Mindesto

These mines are only available during and after the Between a Rock quest. You must speak with Dondakan and be wearing a Gold helmet or Golden mining helmet to gain access. There are a total of 146 gold ores to mine in both rock and vein forms. A dwarven boatman to the east of Dondakan will ferry your gold to the Keldagrim bank for a small fee of gold ore depending on how many you have to take (wearing a Ring of Charos(a) will allow you to reduce the price). By far the most convenient place to mine gold.

The Arzinian Being in the middle is only available to kill during the quest. The fastest way to leave the mines is by removing the gold helmet, but if you want to have one extra ore, you can log out and straight away log back in again, and your character appears outside the mine with full inventory of gold.

Nearest Bank: Keldagrim
Nearest Furnace: Keldagrim
Nearest Anvil: Keldagrim

Arzinian Mines Key Gold

Dungeon Monster
Arzinian Being appears only during the Between a Rock... quest.

Thanks to: Gorht

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