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Aviansies are popular creatures because of their profitable drops and low levels, making them a potential monster for players with relatively low combat levels to kill effectively. They are flying soldiers of the god Armadyl; as such they cannot be attacked with melee weapons. You must engage them with either Magical or Ranged attacks, the popular method being Ranged. Aciansies are located in one of the most dangerous areas in the game, the God Wars Dungeon, but with the proper equipment most of the dungeon's dangers will be harmless!

Aviansie Basic Facts (Bestiary Profile)
Combat Level: 69-148 Aviansie Lifepoints: 630 - 1390 Maximum Hit: 80 - 160 Attack Style(s): Ranged
Experience Summary
Aviansies provide great experience as they have relatively low defence against ranged or magical attacks. They are a popular choice for players looking for a training method that produces reasonable profit. Not recommended for those with under 61 Ranged.
Drops Summary
Aviansies produce good profits due to their common noted adamant bar drops. In addition, Aviansies drop runite limbs and rune daggers (p+), which can be High-Alched for increased income.
Special Notes
Aviansies are immune to melee attacks. You will also need an Armadyl item to cancel their aggression towards you.
Notable Drops
Adamant bar(4, noted), runite limbs, rune dagger (p+)

Refer to the God Wars Dungeon guide for basics on the dungeon, including basic mechanics and information on accessing it.

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Recommended Levels

As the Aviansies you will be targeting are relatively low-levelled creatures (below 100), killing them at low levels is not very difficult. However, consider attaining the below-mentioned levels - they are by no means a requirement, but will make the task much easier.

Recommended levels for Ranged:

  • 70+ Ranged
  • 70+ Defence, or 40+ Prayer for Protect from Missiles
  • 55+ Magic for High Level Alchemy
  • 66+ Magic and completion of Eadgar's Ruse for Trollheim Teleport

Recommended levels for Magic:

  • 80+ Magic for Polypore Staff
  • 40+ Prayer for Protect from Missiles
  • Completion of Eadgar's Ruse for Trollheim Teleport
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Note: Items are listed from the best to the worst.

Note: This guide is aimed towards low-levelled players with less access to high-end gear. As such, most item suggestions are cheap and/or low-end; higher-levelled equivalents can be substituted as far as your budget allows.

Aviansie Hunting Set-up
Aviansie Range Pray
Ranged - Prayer                Ranged - Tanking                Magic
Helmet: Armadyl mitre
Amulet: Amulet of glory > Amulet of ranging
Body: Monk's robe
Legs: Zamorak chaps > Monk's robe
Boots: Snakeskin boots
Gloves: Black d'hide vambraces
Cape: Ava's Accumulator > Ava's Attractor
Ring: Archer's ring > Explorer's ring 3
Shield: (Illuminated) Unholy book > (Illuminated) Book of law > (Illuminated) Book of balance > Any other prayer books
Weapon: Rune crossbow
Ammo: Broad-tipped bolts > Adamant bolts

Ensure that your final set-up includes at least one piece of Armadyl equipment and one piece of Zamorak equipment to remove the aggressiveness from both armies.

This set-up relies on the use of Protect from Missiles to negate all ranged damage from Aviansies, and hence balances out ranged attack bonuses with prayer. The downside of this is that you will only last as long as your prayer potion supplies.


Black Salamander

If you wish to take on the Aviansie with melee, you can make use of salamanders. When wielded, these creatures' attacks allow you to reach the Aviansie. You can then use the Scorch attack style to attack the Aviansie with melee attacks. Do note that Ranged with a rune crossbow and broad bolts produces superior damage compared to using a salamander if your Strength and Ranged levels are roughly similar. You may only wish to consider using a salamander if you want to train your Strength levels while killing Aviansie, or if your Strength level is much, much higher than your Ranged level - in most other cases, it is much better to make use of the Ranged and Magic methods presented earlier.

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Fighting the Aviansies

Once you are in the God Wars Dungeon, turn on Protect from Magic (if you do not have a Saradomin item) and head towards the south-western section of the dungeon (denoted by the gray square on the map). This location is typically used in killing Aviansies as there are several low-levelled versions, ranging from levels 69 to 89.

Aviansie Map

Fighting Aviansies is a straightforward task - simply attack and kill one Aviansie at a time. Use the Protect from Missiles prayer if using a Prayer approach. If using bones to peaches tablets, collect the Aviansies' bones to convert them to peaches later.

Aviansie Gorak

You can also make use of the warring factions in the dungeon to improve your kill rate. In this section of the dungeon, you will find the armies of Armadyl and Zamorak fighting each other - these include a Gorak, Vampyres, Werewolves and Pyrefiends. You may wish to make use of these NPCs, targeting the same Aviansie they are attacking to speed up your kills. It is also possible to let them first lower the lifepoints of an Aviansie before attacking it - you only need to deal some damage to the Aviansie to be eligible for a drop. Note that due to the Aviansies' aggression mechanics, they will focus their attacks on you even if they are already in combat when you attack them.

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Noted adamant bars dropped by the Aviansies will form the bulk of your reward from killing them, supplemented by money earned from alching their runite drops. Additionally, they are known to drop level 3 clue scrolls, which may lead to even greater treasures. Aviansies are also a good option for low-levelled players to gain ranged experience at a small cost. All in all, their drops are not spectacular, though they are a relatively solid moneymaking option through combat for low-levelled players. For a full list of drops, view their Bestiary entries.

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Original Guide by: Saradomin_Mage

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Thanks to: ixunforgivenxi

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Last updated: 20-Jul-2012

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