Bakriminel Bolts

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Bakriminel bolts are the highest ranged strength bolts that can be used with a Rune or Chaotic crossbow, and in addition they have some devastating effects against mages in PvP! These allow you to target different body parts on your opponent, each of which can trigger a different special effect.

Bakriminel bolts can be bought from the Grand Exchange, or you can make them yourself with 85 Woodcutting and 93 Fletching. Even for non-player killers, these bolts can provide a good source of daily income for little work required.

To begin, speak to Mami Rimba in north-west Edgeville, just north of the lodestone. Bakriminel bolt tips must be bought from her, as these cannot be player made.

Mami Rimba

Unfortunately, Mami Rimba won't let you cut Bloodwood logs from the tree next to her, so you'll have to find your own tree before you can make some bolts. Don't forget to bring a good supply of bolt tips with you, as the bolts can only be made while standing next to a Bloodwood tree. If you cut the tree and leave without fletching the logs into bolts and tipping them, the logs will crumble to dust.

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Bloodwood Tree locations

There are six Bloodwood trees in total, three located in the wilderness, and three located in areas accessible after certain high-level combat quests. They all have one thing in common - bloodshed. All six locations are shown below:

Bloodwood Tree locations
Minimap Area Requirements How to get there
Bloodwood Tree Chaos Next to the Chaos Temple (level 16 east wilderness) None Either run from the Grand Exchange or Deamonheim. Alternatively, use the Carrallangar Teleport on the Ancient Magicks spellbook (84 Magic required) and run south.
Bloodwood Tree Demonic North-east of the Demonic Ruins (level 48 east wilderness) None Teleport to the Corporeal beast lair using a Games necklace and run north. Alternatively, use the Annakarl Teleport on the Ancient Magicks spellbook (90 Magic required) and run north-east.
Bloodwood Tree Pirates South of the Pirates' hideout (level 49 west wilderness) None Either use the wilderness portals to reach the northern wilderness, pull the lever in Ardougne or Edgeville, use the Ghorrock Teleport on the Ancient Magicks spellbook (96 Magic required) or use the Ice Plateau teleport on the Lunar magic spellbook (89 Magic required). You will have to run the remainder of the distance, the hideout is just east of the wilderness agility course.
Bloodwood Tree Soul South-east of the bank at Soul Wars Nomad's Requiem completed Teleport to Edgeville using lodestones or by using a glory amulet and enter the portal to the south
Bloodwood Tree Vyre South of the Arboretum in Darkmeyer The Branches of Darkmeyer completed Teleport to Darkmeyer using Drakan's medallion
Bloodwood Tree Ritualsite South of the Ritual stone at the Ritual site Ritual of the Mahjarrat completed Teleport to the Glacor cave using fairy ring DKQ and leave the cave to the north. Then simply run west.

The best method for doing a "lap" of these trees will be discussed later on, however certain facts should be noted;

  • Bloodwood trees are instanced, so other players cannot cut down your tree.
  • After a Bloodwood tree has been cut down it will take around 6 hours to respawn again. In this sense the making of bolts is a repeatable event.
  • On average, trees in the wilderness will give a higher yield of logs than those which are not. This comes at a higher risk, of course.
  • Using a higher tier hatchet (such as a Dragon hatchet) will give a higher yield of logs.
  • You must make your bolts at the tree. If you stray more than a few paces away, your logs or shafts will turn to dust.

Now, simply cut the logs from the tree (any hatchet works), fletch them into shafts using your knife, and attach the bolt tips. Once the Bakriminel bolts have been made, it is safe to move away from the tree, as they will not be destroyed in this form.

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The fastest route

This route plan assumes you have access to most teleports, and have access to all six Bloodwood trees. Feel free to alter the set-up as needed if you lack some of the requirements. Included is also a low-risk equipment set-up to help you survive in the wilderness should you come into contact with player killers.

Bakriminel Routesetup

Requirements: Lunar and Ancient spells unlocked and one of the books active (Lunar recommended), 96 Magic (lower if using the Ardougne/Edgeville lever), Drakan's medallion, stack of bolt tips (200-300 should suffice), knife (toolbelt knife works), food for healing in the wild. The inventory includes both runes for ancient or lunar spellbooks, those on ancients will only require 6 law runes and no astral or cosmic runes.

  1. Start at any bank with the above equipment and inventory ready. Teleport to Carrallangar on the Ancient spellbook (or spellbook swap from Lunars to use this), run south to the Chaos temple and make bolts at the tree. Beware of player-killers! This tree is cut first as it is the easiest wilderness tree to leave quickly.
  2. Teleport to Darkmeyer using Drakan's medallion, activate Protect from Melee/Deflect Melee to avoid the vyrelords and make bolts at the first tree to the south.
  3. Teleport to a fairy ring west of the Relleka Slayer cave using a Ring of slaying and dial to DKQ. Run north out of the Glacor cave, run west and make bolts at the second tree.
  4. Teleport to Edgeville, run south and enter the Soul Wars portal. Make bolts at the tree and then bank the bolts you have made sofar at the chest.
  5. The last two trees are higher risk due to player killers. Teleport to Ghorrock or the Ice Plateau and run east along the north of the fence towards the Pirates' hideout. The Ice Plateau teleport is significantly closer than the Ghorrock teleport. After making bolts at this tree, bank at the Mage arena to the east. A knife or slashing weapon is required, your hatchet will work for this.
  6. Finally, teleport to Annakarl (or spellbook swap from Lunars to use this) and make bolts at the tree to the north of the Demonic Ruins. Finally, run south to the Corporeal Beast lair or use wilderness portals until you are in low-level wilderness, and teleport away using your amulet of glory.

Obviously it is possible to do the above in any order, though changing the order will not speed anything up. If you want to check whether it is time for another run, simply teleport to Darkmeyer and check the tree there, as it can be seen from the teleport spot.

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Using the bolts in PvP

Even without special effects these bolts are deadly, with a massive 125 ranged strength. However, what makes them special is the ability to target certain body parts, and the effects this causes. When equipped along with a Rune or Chaotic crossbow, the combat interface will change to the one shown below.

Bakriminel Bolts Interface

All three styles fire at the "rapid" attack speed, and can be switched to as needed. When attacking another player who is wearing magical armour or no armour in the corresponding slots, this may trigger some special attacks:

  • Target-Head - Has a 1/3 chance to slow the magic casting speed of your target by one tick (0.6 seconds) for 30 seconds. Hitting them again during this period has the same chance to reduce their magical accuracy, proportional to the damage of your hit. In Castle wars, players cannot wear helms. In this case, the target-head special effect will only activate if the target used a combat spell in the last few seconds before the attack.
  • Target-Torso - Has a 1/4 chance to cause a bleeding effect, hitting your target for one lifepoint of damage every 2.4 seconds (or 4 ticks) for sixty hits. If this special activates again while the first is still in effect, an extra lifepoint of damage is dealt with each hit (up to a maximum of five) until the initial duration is over.
  • Target-Legs - Has a 1/3 chance to drain the run energy of your target by a percentage of the damage dealt. The reduced energy is 20% of the damage you do, rounded up. If the hit reduces their run energy to zero, the attack will bind your target to the spot for 10 seconds.
Bakriminel Bolt Activation

Every time one of these effects occurs, whether you are the attacker or the target, you will be notified in the chatbox so you can change your strategy accordingly. Unfortunately, Ava's device will not retrieve Bakriminel bolts, though that's just the price you pay for power!

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Thanks to: Hunter_Ghor, Jonanananas

Last updated by: Salleh

Last updated on: 09-Feb-2014

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