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If you're reading this guide, you've undoubtedly started the Scorpion Catcher Quest, or you'd like to enter the Medium-level Agility Course at the Barbarian Outpost. Whether you want to enter the agility course to train, or you need to speak to Gunnjorn to obtain the Lighthouse key for the Horror from the Deep Quest, you must complete the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl to be allowed in. This guide will tell you exactly where to go and what to do to complete the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl.

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The Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl

To enter the Barbarian Outpost, you must complete the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl. To start the barcrawl, talk to the Barbarian Guard at the door to the Barbarian Outpost. He will tell you about the barcrawl, and will give you an official Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl card.

Barcrawl Card

To complete the barcrawl successfully, you must visit 10 bars, and purchase a specific drink in each. Take your card with you when you visit the bars; you will need to get your card signed at every bar you visit. To buy a drink, just talk to the bartender, and tell them that you are doing the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl. Once you have purchased the correct drink, you will automatically drink it.

Be aware that you will lose lifepoints and suffer stat reductions when drinking certain drinks. The *average* damage/reduction each drink inflicts on your skills and lifepoints is provided in the table below. The damage is based on each player's original skills, so the exact amount of damage varies from player to player. Be sure to manage your health so you don't die!

After each drink, you should get a message that the bartender has signed your barcrawl card. If you don't get this message, just click on your card. If the bartender has signed it, the name of the bar will be crossed out. If this isn't the case, speak with the bartender again and ask him to sign your card.

When you have completed the barcrawl, any attempt to read your barcrawl card will return a message that you're too drunk to read it. You can then return to the Barbarian Outpost.

NOTE: During the barcrawl or after you're done, do NOT talk to any of the guards to the agility training course without your card. If you do so they will give you a new (BLANK) card and you will be told to restart. If you for example dropped the card and talked to them and went back and picked up the original card that card will have become blank.

Below is a table showing all of the bars you have to visit, the closest Lodestone to each bar, the name of the drink, the average damage/stat reduction and the price of the drink. Be sure to manage your life points so you don't die! The barcrawl drinks cost a total of 208 gp. The Lodestone Network allows for convenient travel between bars, however alternative travel methods may be more effective.

Bar Locations
Map Location Closest Lodestone Drink Name Average
Barcrawl Blurberrys Bar Blurberry's Bar
Grand Tree
Eagles' Peak Fire Toad Blast -120 LP 10 gp
Barcrawl Foresters Arms Forester's Arms
Seers' Village
Seers' Village Liverbane -8 attack
-6 defence
-5 fletching
-5 firemaking
-5 woodcutting
18 gp
Barcrawl Flying Horse Inn Flying Horse Inn
East Ardougne
Ardougne Heart Stopper Removes 25% LP 8 gp
Barcrawl Dragon Inn Dragon Inn, Yanille Yanille Fire Brandy -11 attack
-10 defence
12 gp
Barcrawl Dead Mans Chest Dead Man's Chest
Karamja Old Supergrog -8 attack
-7 defence
-60 prayer points
-6 herblore
-7 cooking
15 gp
Barcrawl Karamja Spirits Bar Karamja Spirits Bar
East Karamja
Port Sarim Ape Bite Liqueur None 7 gp
Barcrawl Rusty Anchor Inn Rusty Anchor Inn
Port Sarim
Port Sarim Black Skull Ale None 8 gp
Barcrawl Jolly Boar Inn Jolly Boar Inn
North Varrock
Varrock Old Suspiciouse -8 attack
-7 defence
-6 magic
-6 crafting
-6 mining
10 gp
Barcrawl Blue Moon Inn Blue Moon Inn
Varrock Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot -8 attack
-7 strength
-7 defence
-6 smithing
50 gp
Barcrawl Rising Sun Inn Rising Sun Inn
Falador Hand of Death Cocktail -8 attack
-6 defence
-6 ranging
-6 fishing
70 gp
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