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The Dwarven Blast Furnace is located under the factory in Keldagrim, the Dwarven city (east side of the city, northe-ast from the carts.) It can be used by anyone, but for players under level 60 Smithing, there is a 2500 coin fee (or 1250 gp wearing a Ring of charos (a)). This fee is well worth it because the Blast Furnace only requires half as much coal to smelt bars as a regular furnace. After making the payment, you will have access for 10 minutes after which you'll need to pay the fee again in order to continue using the furnace. That means that Steel bars take only 1 Coal, Mithril 2 Coal, Adamantite 3 Coal and Runite 4 Coal. The full amount of Smithing experience points are still earned. This minigame is slightly awkward without help; if you prefer not to solo it, go there with some friends, or if you don't find anyone operating the furnace, Jagex suggests World 58.

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What's Needed

You will need a hammer, bucket, and spade. If you don't have those items, there are spawns of each item in the Furnace Room. The hammer respawns on the north edge of the room, the bucket next to the sink in the south, and the spade next to the coke box at the easternmost edge of the furnace. Bring your ore of course (or bring noted ore and coins to get it unnoted, if desired).

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Furnace and Stations

When you go down the stairs into the Furnace Room, you will see three dwarves: two in the north-west, Ordan and Jorzik (see Shops), and one in the south, the Blast Furnace Foreman.

Talk to the Blast Furnace Foreman and he will explain all the stations in the Furnace Room. Note that in addition to the experience listed below for each station, everyone who works on the furnace also gets some smithing experience as well. When all the stations are working correctly, the furnace will start smoking and steam will come out of two pipes.

Blast Furnance Plan
Furnace Stations
Firemaking symbol pic Stove
The first station is the stove in the centre of the east side. Pick up the spade and click on the box that says "collect coke." Then use the shovel full of coke on the stove. This refuels the furnace and keeps it running. The furnace stoker must have level 30 Firemaking, and earns 5 Firemaking experience for each shovel-full.
Strength symbol pic Air Pump
The second station is the air pump on the south-east corner. You pump the bar to get the heat in the furnace up. You must follow the directions of the gauge reader (next station) who tells you when to start and stop pumping, or you may take damage (around 100 lp). The pumper must have level 30 Strength, and earns Strength experience (1-2 xp per pump) when pumping the furnace while it's working (not when parts are broken).
Temperature gauge
The third station on the south side is the temperature gauge station. Someone has to constantly look at the gauge and tell the person pumping when to pump and when to stop. The gauge is divided into three parts, white, green and red. The white part means the furnace is too cold and needs more pumping. Green means that the temperature is perfect and the blast furnace is able to process ore into bars. Red means that the furnace is too hot. If the dial gets all the way to the end of the red part, the furnace "explodes" and the pumper will take damage. The goal is to keep the gauge in the green zone.

The gauge reader also sees a flag pop out whenever a part is broken - some gauge readers like to call out "bp!" to notify other players of the broken part. The furnace cannot operate with broken parts, and nobody can earn experience until they are fixed. There is no skill requirement for the gauge reader, who earns Smithing experience.
Agility symbol pic Bicycle
The fourth major station is the conveyor or pedalling station, on the north side. It has a stand that looks like a bicycle seat; just jump on and start pedalling. This consumes "run" energy, and when your "run" energy has been exhausted down to zero you will automatically jump off the bicycle. The operator must have level 30 Agility, and earns Agility experience (1-2 xp per second) while on this station. Some players like to use energy potions or Tireless run scrolls (from Spirit terrorbirds) to extend their time on the bicycle. The bicycle moves the conveyor belt from the spot where people put ore on it into the furnace where the ore is melted into bars.
Crafting symbol pic Break Downs
If there are no stations available, level 30 Crafters can make repairs. There are four spots that constantly break down and need to be fixed: two on the south edge on either side of the gauge station, and two on the north edge north-west of the bicycle station.

To repair equipment, you must have a hammer in your inventory or tool belt, and then click on the broken part. Near the gauge station there will be broken pipes (a hole shows and they emit steam), and at the conveyor station there will be either broken cogs or a broken conveyor belt. (The conveyor belt stops, and the box shakes to indicate which part is broken.) Repairers earn 50 Crafting XP for each repair.
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Two dwarves, Ordan and Jorzik, run their own shops in the Furnace Room.

Ordan's Ore seller shop sells every ore up to Mithril, and his stock gets replenished gradually over time (maximum stock is 100 of each). Remember, if you are paying to use the furnace, you must pay again if you leave and come back.

Blast Furnance Ore Seller

However, players can use Ordan's store to change their ore notes into ore for smelting in the furnace. It costs some cash, but most people prefer this method over a trip to the bank. Do *not* sell your ore to him and then buy it back; instead, use your notes on him and he will un-note the ore for a small fee. Bring plenty of cash!

Unnoting Costs
Copper Tin Iron Mithril Silver Gold Coal
10 10 8.5 81 37.5 75 22.5

Jorzik's Armour store buys and sells all types of armour (helms, platebodies, legs/skirts, shields, and chainbodies) from Mithril up to Rune. The normal stock level is zero; all items are supplied by player smiths. He pays the high alchemy value for the first item if he has none in stock.

Blast Furnance Armour Store
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Smelting and Smithing

To smelt your ore, walk up the ramp on the north-west side to the conveyor belt and use your ore on it. If you click on the conveyor belt, it will ask if you'd like to deposit all of your ores on the conveyor belt at once. You will not lose your ore in the furnace; the game keeps track of what you have deposited and it cannot be picked up by other players. However, do *not* leave ores on the conveyor belt - if you log out, you will lose them.

If the furnace is being operated properly, you will see your ore move along the conveyor belt until it drops into the furnace. A little while later, the bar mould on the Bar dispenser will fill up and glow orange. Either use a bucket of water on the bars or wait for them to cool down and then collect them.

If you want to smith your bars, there are two places you can go. The first place is the fenced area of anvils in the north-west corner of the Blast Furnace room, but this is only available to players with level 60 Smithing. The second place is north of the general store on the west side of Keldagrim, or the smithy west of the bank.

The furnace will accept up to 201 coal from you. It will accept up to 28 (one packload) of each other type of ore (except iron; see below). Your unused coal "balance" is shown in the lower right corner of the bar dispenser menu. All deposited ores are held for you in the furnace indefinitely; they don't expire.

The bar dispenser will only hold up to 28 bars - you will not be allowed to make more bars until you remove some finished bars. Be aware of this when adding iron ore. If you have coal in the furnace, up to 28 steel bars will automatically be made, and then up to 28 iron bars will be made. Note that the Blast Furnace has a 100% success rate when smelting iron ore into bars. The normal amount of smelting experience per bar is earned here, the same as using a regular furnace. This experience includes bonus experience obtained when smelting Gold wearing Goldsmith Gauntlets, obtained after the Family Crest quest.

If you can't smith high level items for sale or high alching, you may wish to smith stackable items such as knives or arrow tips.

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Soloing the Furnace

When the Blast Furnace was first introduced, the number of tasks required made it difficult to perceive that one person could run it alone. However, it is quite possible.

  1. Put ores on conveyor belt.
  2. Pedal them into furnace (fix conveyor if it breaks in that short time).
  3. Grab hammer spawn from back part of room if you didn't bring one or have one on your tool belt.
  4. Pick up shovel spawn and shovel coke until furnace glows deep red (first yellow, then orange, then red, then shovel a bit more to keep it hot while you work.)
  5. Pump.
    • Watch the bar dispenser for the big golden splash that shows your ores are done; this will happen well before any damage risk to you (those with audio will hear a noise also).
    • In the meantime, watch for broken pipes. Repair and then continue pumping until you see the dispenser splash.
  6. Grab bucket spawn, fill with water and use on dispenser to cool bars.
  7. Smith as desired.
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How to efficiently use it

Note: This section is purely a suggestion, there are other methods. However, this one is probably the best. This method requires 60 smithing.

The blast furnace requires quite a lot of work, so it's best to be with as many people as possible. The more people are working the furnace, the less work you have to do, so the more time you can devote to the actual smithing. Because of that, it's suggested to use the themed world.

Mithril is probably the most efficient bar to smith. It saves more coal than steel and Ordan can't un-note any higher ores. The rest of the guide will use mithril as the prime example, but it can easily be expanded to other bars and ores.


Blast Furnace Inv2
  • Money. This is needed to un-note the mithril and coal.
  • Noted coal and mithril ore. To save yourself running to a bank every time. You need twice the amount of coal than mithril.
  • The cart between Keldagrim and the Grand Exchange offers another option. It is easy to teleport to the Grand Exchange (if you have completed the Varrock Diary and changed your Varrock teleport) and bank. Then use the hidden trapdoor to return to Keldagrim. This will save money.
  • Hammer. To smith the bars you make, so you don't have to bank them. The hammer on your tool belt works as well as Sacred clay hammers if you want to get double smithing xp.
  • Unfinished mithril bolts. This is probably the best items to make cost wise and they're stackable, so you don't have to worry about room for the smithing products. However, prices are subject to change, so always check the prices yourself before making these.
  • Buckets: Buckets of water are suggested, so you can cool the finished bars.
  • Spades: Spades are suggested so you can get coke to feed the furnace.
  • Place holders: Having 20 open spaces will make calculating the amount of coal you need to put in a lot easier, so fill the rest of your inventory with place holders. Like additional buckets/spades or if you are using Sacred clay hammers bring spares of those.
  • Optional: High alchemy runes. So you can high alch the smithing products. This is only required if you make unstackable items.

What to do

  1. Un-note 20 mithril ore and put them on the conveyor belt.
  2. Un-note 200 coal and put them on the conveyor belt (in batches of 20).
  3. If your bars have been smelted, skip this step. If they haven't been smelted yet, help by either pumping, repairing the machine or putting coke in the machine.
  4. Un-note another 20 mithril ores and put them on the conveyor belt. Make sure you do this after your bars have been smelted. The furnace can only handle 28 ores (besides coal) at the same time.
  5. Take your first batch of mithril bars out the machine and smith them.
  6. Repeat from step 3 until the machine is out of coal. Then, repeat from step 1.

The reason behind this method is a lot of the smelting takes place when you're busy (either by putting more ores in the machine or smithing your bars). So you can devote the most time to the actual smithing and you waste the least time keeping the machine running (which gives no smithing xp).

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