Chaos Druid Tower

By Mindesto

This small dungeon lies beneath the Chaos Druid Tower, located just north-west of Ardougne's north-west entrance. You need at least level 46 Thieving to pick the lock of the tower's door.

The dungeon is sometimes used for training combat on the Ogres who live there. In addition, a chest is located there, which contains two blood runes and 500 gold. You need level 59 Thieving to disarm the trap on this chest. Each time you succeed at looting it, you will automatically be teleported out of the dungeon, to a house near Ardougne's north-west entrance.

Chaos Druid Tower Giant bats (Level 44) Ogre (Level 67) Ogre (Level 67)

Dungeon Monsters
Giant bat: Level 44
Ogre: Level 67

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