Botany Bay


Botany Bay is the area where Bots go to receive their death penalty. Players accused of Botting will be transported to Botany Bay to await trial, where players are given a chance to plet the Bot with rotten tomatos, as well as vote for and watch one of three possible punishments which will ban the Bot from RuneScape, without giving them the chance to appeal or recover their account.

Botbay Botontrial
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Getting to Botany Bay

Botbay Trialannouncer

To get to Botany Bay, you will need to speak to one of the Trial Annoucers, who can be found in: Ardougne marketplace, Falador East bank, Edgeville, The Grand Exchange and Varrock East bank. They will be able to teleport you to the Bay, as well as tell you who is on trial. You will appear on one of the two sides of the bay's bottomless pit, shown in the map below. Note: There are no requirements to get to the Bay or to vote in the trials.

Botany Bay
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Once you are inside of the Bay, you will be able to see the Botfinder General, along with a Bot (should a trial be starting when you enter the Bay). Here you can listen and watch the trials of those caught botting, and choose the way they should die and become permanently banned from the game. There is a choice of three deaths, shown on the voting interface and table below. The method of death with the most votes will be the one shown.

Botbay Voteinterface
Death by Crushing

Botbay Death Crush
Death By Swallowing

Botbay Death Swallow
Death By Deity

Botbay Death Diety
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After voting in three or more trials, you will begin to earn the following item rewards:

Name Pic Votes
Pitchfork of vigilantism Pitchfork Of Vigilantism 3 Votes
Pitchfork of justice Pitchfork Of Justice 7 Votes

As well as unlocking the two Pitchforks, you can also unlock 3 unique emotes which can be performed with the Pitchforks:

Botbay Emoteinterface
Name Votes
Angry shake emote 4 Votes
Furious shake emote 5 Votes
Buring shake of Justice emote 6 Votes

Note: You must have the pitchfork of vigilantism equipped to unlock these rewards. The emote rewards are accessed from the pitchforks themselves.

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