Burthorpe/Taverley Tasks

This minigame is very dynamic, involving different levels of tasks. Because of this, the minigame risk ratings are given in the task summaries (found at the beginning of the Beginner task listings). There are no Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite tasks, and there are no serious combat tasks.



The Burthorpe/Taverley Tasks contain tasks that can be completed by low level players. They differ from all other task sets in that the Burthorpe/Taverley Tasks only have tasks at the Beginner level. These tasks are intended as a tool to familiarize new members with the new content available to them as subscribers. They can be played in Tutorial mode, although high level members have the option of disabling tutorial mode and completing the tasks in any order.

In the task menu, you will see six recommended tasks from the Burthorpe/Taverley area. To view the entire list of tasks, click Open Task List. If you click on an individual task, it will bring up more information on the task. All the tasks are listed further down in this guide.

Each time you finish a task, you will get a message in the top central part of your window stating that you've completed a task. Open the Task List and you'll see a small check mark next to that task. If you do not have the requirements for a task, a small lock will appear in the corner of the task. Once you have completed all the tasks of this region or you do not have requirements for any of the other tasks, minigames will appear in the task list.

These tasks are designed, unlike all other task sets, to be played in order as per the Troll Warzone storyline. You can, however, perform the tasks in any order that you wish by disabling Tutorial mode. There are no requirements to complete any of the tasks in this task set. Get yourself to Burthorpe and be on your way!

Note: Resting anywhere within Burthorpe and Taverly will count as resting next to a musician.

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Burthorpe/Taverley Task Map
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Beginner Tasks

Beginner tasks follow this criteria:

  • Beginner-ranged quest requirements.
  • Beginner-ranged skill requirements.
  • Can be completed with little difficulty.


Skills: None

Quests: None

Completed Beginner Tasks:Hide/Show

Complete Map Code Task Quest Requirements Other Requirements
B1 "Drive Back The Trolls" - Stop the trolls attacking through the tunnel! None None
Find Ozan in the cave. Left-click a friendly character to talk.
B2 "Bring Him Down" - Defeat the troll general with Ozan. None None
Kill the troll general. Left-click a hostile character to attack.
B3 "We're Done Here" - Ozan wants to talk to you. None None
Talk to Ozan again.
B4 "Fire In the Troll!" - Fire the cannon on the roof of Burthorpe Castle to block off the troll attack. None None
Use the ladder to get to the top of the castle. Click on the northern middle cannon to fire it.
B5 "Take Your Pick" - Get a bronze pickaxe so that you can make metal armour and weapons. None None
Talk to Tobias Bronzearms. Tells him you need mining supplies. Rick-click the bronze pickaxe in the free sample items category and select take 1 to get your free bronze pickaxe. When you're done, close the shop window.
B6 "Fine, Fine Axe" - Put the bronze pickaxe in your tool belt to save inventory space. None None
Open your inventory by clicking on the backback icon. Right-click a bronze pickaxe in your inventory and select Add-to-toolbelt.
B7 "Are You In Rubble" - Somewhere in the mine you can hear someone calling for help! None None
Follow the hint arrow through the mine and rescue them!
B8 "Jack of Some Trades" - Put a hammer, chisel and needle in your tool belt. None None
Trade with Martin Steelweaver and take a free hammer. Trade with Jack Oval and take a free chisel and a free needle. From your inventory, right-click each tool and select Add-to-toolbelt.
B9 "Arm The Militia" - Help Isold the militiaman get geared up for war. None None
Talk to Isold with a pair of leather gloves and a bronze helm. If you need leather gloves, you can kill a cow, tan the cowhide and then stitch the leather into gloves. If you need a bronze helm, you can mine copper and tin, smelt them and then smith the bronze bar into a helm.
B10 "A Farmer In The Making" - Put a rake, dibber and spade in your toolbelt so you can plant crops. None None
Right-click Head Farmer Jones and select trade. Get a free rake, seed dibber and spade. Add all the tools to your tool belt by right-clicking each tool in your inventory and selecting Add-to-toolbelt.
B11 "Dibs On The First Batch" - Plant some potato seeds so they grow into potatoes. None None
Trade with Head Farmer Jones and get 3 potato seeds. Click on the farming patch to clear the weeds. Once the patch is clear, left-click the seeds in your inventory and click on the patch to plant them.
B12 "The Circle of Life" - Put weeds in the compost bin. None None
Use a weed from your inventory on the compost bin. Farming is a members' skill.
B13 "Two In The Bush" - Hunt a crimson swift for its delicious meat. None None
Get a bird snare from Ayleth Beaststalker. Left-click on the bird snare in your inventory to set it up near the crimson swift birds, and wait for one to approach. If the snare is successful, left-click on it to retrieve the crimson swift and the snare. Birds can break snares without being caught. If this happens, pick the snare up and place it again.
B14 "Fisherman's Friends" - Put a fishing rod and crayfish cage in your tool belt so you can catch fish. None None
Trade with Nicholas Angle and get a free fishing rod and crayfish cage. Right-click each and select Add-to-toolbelt.
B15 "Feed The Refugees" - Bring four pieces of cooked food to the refugees. None None
Use some cooked food on a refugee by right-clicking and selecting use, then clicking on the refugee. If you left-click on the food, you will eat it instead, and the refugees will be sad! If you need more food, get more by killing trolls, farming, hunting, fishing, or cooking.
B16 "A Pocket Or Two" - Pickpocket a pompous merchant to put his money to better use. None None
Right-click a pompous merchant and choose pick-pocket to attempt to steal from them. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
B17 "Bank On It" - Talk to a banker in Taverly's bank and deposit some stuff to save space. None None
Head to the bank in Taverly and ask a banker if you can see your bank account. You can also right-click the banker and select 'bank'. Store stuff you want to keep in your bank to save inventory space. The more space you have, the more stuff you can collect.
B18 "The Red Mist Descends" - Get a Slayer assignment so you can learn to slay bizarre monsters. None None
Talk to Turael and ask for an assignment.
B19 "These Aren't Oven Gloves." - Wear spiked gauntlets so you can slay the abominations. None None
Trade with Jacquelyn or Turael and get some spiked gauntlets. Left-click them in your inventory to wear them.
B20 "A New Threat" - Explore the enchanted cave and find out where the creatures are coming from. None None
Explore the enchanted cave, on a small peninsula south of Taverly.
B21 "No Stone Unturned" - Search for the source of the gelatinous abominations. None None
Search the cave with Ariane to find out who or what is creating the unnatural creatures.
B22 "Mission Complete!" - Speak to Ariane now that the shaman is defeated. None None
Talk to Ariane.
B23 "All Fell Down" - Complete a Slayer assignment to improve your monster slaying abilities. None None
Defeat enough abominations in the enchanted cave to complete your assignment.
B24 "Pocket Wolf" - Make a spirit wolf pouch so you can summon a creature to aid you. None None
Trade with Magestix and get 1 gold charm, 1 wolf bones, 1 pouch and 7 spirit shards. Click on the obelisk nearby and choose to make a spirit wolf pouch (the top left option). Many monsters drop charms. Wolves drop wolf bones. Pouches and spirit shards are bought from Magestix or any other summoning supplier.
B25 "Heel, Boy" - Summon a spirit wolf to aid you in combat. None None
Right-click the wolf pouch in your inventory and choose summon. If you need a new pouch, you can obtain the ingredients from Magestix and then click on the obelisk to make it.
B26 "Spiritual Healing" - Recharge your summoning points at an obelisk. None None
Right-click the obelisk and choose renew-points.
B27 "Like A House On Fire" - Make a daring rescue from the burning house in Burthorpe. None None
A house is on fire east of the LAKE! Perform a daring and heroic rescue!
B28 "One Thing After Another" - Talk to the distressed mother by the lake to find out what's wrong. None None
Speak to Olga.
B29 "My Axe Is My Buddy" - Put a hatchet, knife and tinderbox in your toolbelt so you can work with wood. None None
Trade with Will Oakfeller and get yourself a free hatchet. Trade with Alison Elmshaper and get yourself a free knife. Trade with Marcus Everburn and get yourself a free tinderbox. From your inventory, right-click each tool and select Add-to-toolbelt.
B30 "On The Straight And Arrow" - Fletch a stack of bronze arrows. None None
Click a log in your inventory, choose knife, and then click arrow shafts to make the shafts. If you need more logs, you can chop down some trees. Get 15 feathers from Alisan Elmshaper, from chickens or by hunting swifts to make the flights. Use the feathers on the arrow shafts to combine them together into headless arrows. Get 15 bronze arrowheads from Alison, or by smithing them from a bronze bar. Use the bronze arrowheads on the headless arrows to make bronze arrows.
B31 "Super Tuber" - Harvest potatoes from a farming patch. None None
First plant some potatoes in a farming patch (see the Task 'Dibs on the first Batch') and tend them until they grow. A crop may become diseased. You can buy plant cure from local farmers for 25 coins and use this on the patch to cure the crop. If you do not cure a diseased crop it will die and be useless to you. Local farmers can be paid to protect your crops in your absence. You will need a spade. You can buy one from a farming supplier. Click on the farming patch while the spade is in your inventory to harvest your potatoes.
B32 "Problem, Officer?" - Talk to Corporal Keymans about the baby troll. None None
Talk to Corporal Keymans, located just south of the Burthorpe Lodestone.
B33 "Bows Are For Violence" - Fletch a shortbow so you can use it to fire arrows. None None
Click a log in your inventory, choose knife, and then shortbow. If you need more logs, you can chop down some trees. Pick some flax to string the bow with. Click on a spinning wheel while you have the flax and choose bow string. Use the bow string with the shortbow (u) to create a shortbow.
B34 "Out Of Water" - Rescue Sophie from drowning in the lake. None None
Use some rope on an arrow to make a rope arrow. Wield a bow by clicking on it in your inventory and click on Sophie's rock to attempt a rescue. If you've accidentally equipped all your arrows, go to the 'Worn Equipment' screen and click on them to remove them. If you need more rope, speak to Fred Binder. If you need more arrows or a bow, you can make them with your Fletching skill.
B35 "Guam Fly With Me" - Clean some guam so you can make potions with it. None None
Get a free sample of grimy guam from Poletax and click it to clean it. You can get more grimy guam by killing monsters (such as trolls).
B36 "A Fresh Batch" - Brew an attack potion to increase your combat skills. None None
Get a vial of water and eye of newt from Poletax. Use a clean guam on the vial and select guam potion (unf). Use the eye of newt on the guam potion and select attack potion (3). If you need more guam, check if Poletax has any or get some by killing monsters.
B37 "Bottoms Up" - Drink a dose of attack potion. None None
Click on an attack potion in your inventory to boost your Attack stat. If you need an attack potion, you can make one by using a clean quam on a vial of water, and then sing an eye of newt on the guam potion.
B38 "Hammer The Anvil" - Defeat the troll berserker with Sir Owen. None None
Defeat Anvil, the troll berserker.
B39 "Wicked!" - Get a wicked hood to help with your Runecrafting. None None
An odd-looking man is giving away magical hoods. You should get one from him.
B40 "Lapping It Up" - Complete a lap of the Burthorpe Agility Course. None None
You will find the agility course in Burthorpe. Click on each obstacle in turn, starting with the log.
B41 "Make Them Feel Special" - Use a weapon's special attack in combat. None None
You will find your combat styles in the sidebar marked with a pair of crossed swords. If your weapon has a special attack, you will see a Special Attack Bar. Click on this to make your next attack us the special. This will drain a percentage of your special attack bar, which will take a while to recover.
B42 "Arise, Hero" - Receive a reward for your heroic deeds. None None
Talk to Major Corothers to join the Order of the Talon.
B43 "Heimward Bound" - Teleport to Daemonheim with a Ring of Kinship. None None
Claim a Ring of Kinship if you have not already. Right-click on the Ring of Kinship and choose 'Teleport to Daemonheim'.
B44 "Party On, Dudes" - Form a Dungeoneering party. None None
Claim a Ring of Kinship if you have not already. Right-click on the ring and choose 'Open Party Interface'. On the party interface, click 'Form a party' to start a Dungeoneering group.
B45 "Raiders Of The Frost Dark" - Raid the floors of Daemonheim. None None
Form a Dungeoneering group (see the Task 'Party On, Dudes!') Click on the door t Daemonheim and choose the level and complexity to raid. Navigate the dungeon using all your skills, and defeat the boss.
B46 "Unreal Estate, Man" - Buy a house of your own. None None
Obtain 1,000 gold by any means necessary. Visit Alfred, the estate agent in Taverly (or estate agents in Ardougne, Varrock or Falador). Talk to the estate agent and buy your very own house.
B47 "Room to Manoeuvre" - Build a room in your house (such as a parlour). None None
Buy a house (see the Task 'Unreal Estate, Man'). Obtain 1,000 gold. Visit your house in Building Mode using the house portal it is attached to (if your house is in Burthorpe, follow this hint arrow). Use any door hotspot and choose to build a parlour. Rotate it to your satisfaction and confirm your purchase to build the room.
B48 "About To Drop The Hammer" - Build an item of furniture in your house (such as a crude chair for the parlour). None None
You will need two logs, 200 coins, a hammer, a saw and at least two nails. The hammer and saw can be bought from the Construction master. Bronze nails can be made from a single bronze bar with at least 4 Smiting. Bring extras in case some are wasted. Take the logs and coins to the sawmill east of Varrock, and have the logs cut into planks. Visit your house in Building Mode and right-click on the chair hotspot in your parlour. Choose to build a crude chair. If your skill is higher you may build in any hotspot you wish to complete this task.
B49 "Mind Out Of Matter" - Bind a mind rune at the mind altar. None None
Obtain a mind talisman. You need one to enter the Mind Altar. Yu can get one from Apprentice Clara. Go to the Mind Altar. Normally you have to travel there, but Carwen Essencebinder can teleport you there just this once. Click on the mind altar with at least one rune essence to create mind runes. You will need your mind talisman with you.
B50 "Walking In The Air Altar" - Locate and enter the Air Altar. None None
The Air Altar is outside Burthorpe, a long way to the east. To get there quickly, activate the wicked hood by left-clicking it. Select the Air icon (the white one) and then click on 'teleport'. To enter the Air Altar itself, click on the Mysterious Ruins.
B51 "There's No Place Like Burthorpe" - Use your Home Teleport spell to get back to Burthorpe. None None
You have an unlimited free teleport back to Burthorpe. You should use this whenever you need to get back quickly. Open your Magic Spellbook and click on the Home Teleport icon (an H in a circle) to return to Burthorpe. This spell uses no resources, but it takes a while to cast and won't work in combat.
B52 "Let Them Eat Pie" - Complete the Let Them Eat Pie quest. Let Them Eat Pie None
Talk to Nails Newton in Taverly. Follow the hint arrows during the quest. If you get stuck, consult your Quest Journal. You can also check the World Map. Important locations are highlighted blue.
B53 "Druidic Ritual" - Complete the Druidic Ritual quest. Druidic Ritual None
You can start this quest by talking to Kaqemeex at the Druid's Stone Circle in Taverly. If you get stuck, consult your Quest Journal. You can also check the World Map. Important locations are highlighted blue.
B54 "Death Plateau" - Complete the Death Plateau quest. Death Plateau None
You can start this quest by talking to the Commander of the Imperial Guard in Burthorpe. If you get stuck, consult your Quest Journal. you can also check the World Map. Important locations are highlighted blue.

For information about the rewards for this set of tasks read below.

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After having trekked all over Burthorpe and Taverly practising a variety of skills while rescuing the townspeople, you will be in for a hero's celebration and some rewards!


All Beginner Tasks complete

After completing all the beginner tasks speak to Major Corothers. A cut-scene will play, where you will be honoured among the people. He will give you 5 Varrock teleport tabs, 5 Falador teleport tabs, 5 noted attack potions, 5 noted defence potions, 5 noted prayer potions, and a steel full helm. You also gain an amount of coins depending on the total amount of tasks completed -including those from other sets- upon completion of every task.

Congratulations on completing the Tasks for the Burthorpe/Taverley area!

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Original Guide by: Cowman_133 & ForsakenMage

Thanks to: Jaffy1 & Naive

Last updated by: Xena Dragon

Last updated on: 19-Jan-2012

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