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In a more wacky clash of the Gods, it's time to choose sides in the competition between the cabbage god Brassica Prime and the monkey goddess Marimbo in this Minigame. Players must compete to traverse the Obstacle Dungeon, avoiding flame jets and Cabbage cauldrons in order to reach the safe points before turning into a Gorilla Guard and trying to catch the remaining players out. You must last as long as possible in order to maximize your rewards, and claim glory for your chosen god!

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Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza is a safe minigame in which players compete in the name of either Brassica Prime (the almighty cabbage god of deliciousness) or Marimbo (the party loving goddess of the monkeys) in a crazy British Bulldog style minigame.

Players must dash through the obstacle course to reach the other end, avoiding the zany cabbage traps and Gorilla Guards as well as collecting resources along the way to win points to unlock rewards in Mining, Slayer and Farming, as well as the sought after Patch Bombs, Seedicide and Slayer VIP Tickets.

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Marimbo Cabbage Facepunch Guide

Marimbo is the patron goddess of the Monkeys, and believes in partying and having a good time. Considered by some a Hedonist, Marimbo came to godhood after engaging in a drinking contest with another God who died from overindulgence, and somehow Marimbo found herself gaining consciousness and intelligence from his divine power, or possibly from the horn she drank from.

Marimbo sees this event as a chance to party, asking the player where their drinks are when spoken to. A Marimban Cloak is the reward for those who join her cause.

Brassica Cabbage Facepunch Guide

Brassica Prime is the patron god of the Cabbages, and considers deliciousness to be tantamount to power. An egotistic god, Brassica Prime tends to have a view on the world through drawing parallels to cabbages, and considers himself to be the only almighty god in Gielinor. Little is known of how Brassica came to godhood.

Brassica sees this event as a chance to show his true power, revealing plans to enslave the mighty Dragonkin race to do his bidding. All of the other gods see Brassica as a non-entity, however players who see his true potential can seek out the Brassican Cloak for their reward

Holstein Cabbage Facepunch Guide

Holstein is the emissary to the Godless faction of Gielinor, a group devoted to removing all gods from Gielinor so they don't damage it further. He appears during the event to offer players the choice to support neither god, and believes that both Brassica and Marimbo should be banished from the world. Particularly Marimbo, as she has been flirting with him recently.

Those who wish to support the Godless' cause can expect to be playing for the Godless Cloak reward.

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How to Start

To begin playing, head to Saradomin's Encampment in the Battle of Lumbridge Crater where you'll find Marimbo and Brassica Prime have set up camp, just near to the Windmill in Lumbridge. There are no requirements to play, and this is a free to play activity.

Start Location Cabbage Facepunch Guide

For the Spring Event, you may choose a god to play for which will effect the type of Cape reward you can purchase, see rewards for further details of this. To join a god's faction (or the godless), simply right click the relevant NPC and select "Join-Faction". Any points you receive as a reward will go towards your god's score during the event, which is displayed in the overhead chart that appears once you've joined a faction.

Score Display Cabbage Facepunch Guide

You can use the bank chest to deposit all your items (as they are all forbidden in the arena), and to begin simply step through the portal door into the waiting area in the centre of the camp. When enough players convene (at least 6), you will be sent to an instanced minigame shard where the game will begin.

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How to Play

Once you're in the game, you'll find yourself in the minigame's dungeon frozen in one of the safe zones. A countdown timer will appear, and once it has counted down, a 60 second timer will start counting down and you will be unfrozen.

Countdown Timer Cabbage Facepunch Guid

The aim of the game is to get through the obstacles of the dungeon and reach the other side in the "safe zone" before the time limit is up, or the hazards of the dungeon claim your life and you turn into a Gorilla Guard for the rest of the game. There are ten rounds to complete, however the game will end quicker if all players are turned into Gorilla Guards.

Skill Slayer Logo Dungeon Hazards

Getting through the dungeon is designed to be tricky, and many obstacles along the way will harm you in order to try and get you out of the game. All of the hazards are listed below, with a few tips on how to avoid them. For every round that you survive, you will gain 1 renown point.

  • Wall of Fire

Walls of Fire will often shoot out of holes in room intersections, significantly damaging any player running through them (unless the appropriate ability has been used). It's best to conquer these obstacles by either using the Flameproof ability and running directly through them, or waiting until they have disappeared, or choosing a different route to get to the opposite safe zone.

Fire Wall Cabbage Facepunch Guide
  • Cabbage Cauldron

In the centres of some rooms, Cabbage cauldrons will appear and will fire cabbages at you causing small but quick damage if you run past them. You can run away from them as they follow you, and once you're out of range they won't harm you. These can be convincingly tanked to get through the dungeon.

Cabbage Cauldron Cabbage Facepunch Guide
  • Wall

Walls do what they say on the tin, big blockades of wooden spikes will occur at some junctions between dungeon rooms, stopping you from going further in that direction. There is no way to deal with these other than by heading in another direction, however they cause no damage on approach.

Wall Obstacle Cabbage Facepunch Guide
  • Gorilla Guards

At the beginning of a game, only a few Gorilla guards will be present. These level 198 NPCs can run after you and hit you for a decent amount of damage. Their run energy however is used up quickly so a nimble player can escape their face punches. Abilities will also aid in stunning gorilla guards.

Once the player has been killed by the damage in the dungeon, they will become one of these gorilla guards. It is then their job to become "seekers" in effect, and hit the other remaining players in the face to bring the game to a quicker ending, and to stop them scoring more points than them. You can hit players for up to 20% of your lifepoints as damage, and as a gorilla, you can also booby trap one resource spot every round, which will grant two renown points. When a player is incapacitated by a gorilla, all gorillas earn 2 renown.

Gorilla Guard Cabbage Facepunch Guide

Skill Herblore Logo Gathering Points

Not only is it important to survive the rounds, however you must also gather from resource points on the way to the safe point in order to get more trophies. Each resource point rewards one renown point for the player spending enough time there first, as well as each monkey being punched to death rewarding one renown point to the player who did the most damage to it.

  • Cabbage Leaf Patch

Cabbage leaf patches only appear on Members worlds during the minigame as it is a herblore related gathering point. Clicking on the cabbage leaf will harvest its resources, earning you one renown point when it has been depleted.

Cabbage Patch Cabbage Facepunch Guide
  • Cabbage Ore Vein

Clicking on the cabbage ore vein will harvest its resources, earning you one renown point when it has been depleted. You will need a pickaxe in your toolbelt to do this however.

Cabbage Mining Rock Cabbage Facepunch Guide
  • Wishing-Cabbage Bush

Wishing-Cabbage Bushes only appear on Members worlds during the minigame as it is a farming related gathering point. Clicking on the cabbage bush will harvest its resources, earning you one renown point when it has been depleted.

Wishing Cabbage Bush Cabbage Facepunch Guide
  • Monkey Minions

Monkey Minions are level 18, and deal hits of up to 1% of your total life points. You can punch these in the face for up to 15% of its total life points, unless you are using a boosting ability. Killing one in this manner will reward one renown point to the player who deals the most damage to the monkey.

Monkey Minion Cabbage Facepunch Guide

Skill Attack  Logo Abilities

Abilities are unlockable, interchangeable features of Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza that will help you in the dungeon, allowing you to take less damage, gather resources quicker and other such buffs. Some require a cost to unlock, and not all of the abilities are available in the first stage of the event, as more will become available.

Pic Name Renown Cost Description
Iron Hide Cabbage Facepunch Guide Iron Hide Free Take less damage from all sources (reduced by 10%)
Preyontheweak Cabbage Facepunch Guide Prey on the Weak Free Deal more damage to monkey guards (increased by 10%)
Quick Hands Cabbage Facepunch Guide Quick Hands Free Gather resources in the arena more quickly (increased speed by 33%)
Gorilla Dash Cabbage Facepunch Guide Gorilla Dash 275 While in Gorilla form, you will be able to sprint 30% more often
Flameproof Cabbage Facepunch Guide Flameproof Free Three times per round, you can pass through walls of fire without taking damage for 5 seconds.
Stun Guard Cabbage Facepunch Guide Stun Guard Free Once every 2 minutes, stun a guard for 5 seconds.
Stun Competitor Cabbage Facepunch Guide Stun Competitor 275 Once every 3 minutes, stun another play for 4 seconds.
Clear Head Cabbage Facepunch Guide Clear Head 275 Break out of a stun caused by another player.
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Rewards are purchased from the Quartermaster just near to the minigame entrance. Cosmetic cape overrides for the Spring event are obtained only when you have joined a god's faction (or the godless). Once you have purchased one, you can purchase the other two as well without having to switch alignment.

Every day, a bonus of 600 renown points is allocated to the player, meaning for every one renown point you earn in the minigame, you will receive an extra point, effectively doubling your renown for up to 600 points every day. Free to play Players earn renown at a rate of 66% that of members.

All Factions
Pic Name Renown Cost Description
Mining XP Bonus XP - Mining 1 point Rewards bonus experience in the Mining skill, 1 point will give you a varying amount of bonus experience according to your skill level.
Farming XP Bonus XP - Farming 1 point Rewards bonus experience in the Farming skill, 1 point will give you a varying amount of bonus experience according to your skill level.
Slayer XP Bonus XP - Slayer 1 point Rewards bonus experience in the Slayer skill, 1 point will give you a varying amount of bonus experience according to your skill level.
seedicide Seedicide 2200 points Seedicide destroys seed drops when in your inventory and instantly rewards 2x the Farming XP for planting the seed. You can toggle which seeds to destroy
slayer ticket Slayer VIP Ticket 30 points With a Slayer VIP token in your inventory you will be offered a choice between two Slayer tasks when requesting a new assignment.
patch bomb Patch Bomb 30 points When used on a farming patch which is fully grown or bearing fruit it will harvest the patch and clear the contents instantly. All produce will be noted and placed in the inventory.
Marimbo (Event only)
Marimban Cloak Cabbage Facepunch Guide Marimban Cloak 1100 points A cosmetic cape override featuring palm leaves, tropical fruit and Marimbo's god symbol.
Brassica Prime (Event only)
Brassican Cloak Cabbage Facepunch Guide Brassican Cloak 1100 points A cosmetic cape override featuring cabbage leaves and Brassica Prime's god symbol.
Holstein - The Godless (Event Only)
Godless Cape Cabbage Facepunch Guide Godless Cloak 1100 points A cosmetic cape override featuring a brown base with a gold trim, and the Godless faction's symbol.

The "Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza" emote is also unlocked upon completing 40 (non-consecutive) successful rounds of the minigame without being caught. If you're aligned with Brassica Prime, you will kick a monkey into the air. If you're aligned with Marimbo, this will be a cabbage, and if you're with the Godless it will randomly select either.

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Original Guide by: Omnitec

Last updated by: Arceus

Last updated on: 10-Nov-2014

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