Camelot Castle

By Rien Adelric

Camelot Castle, located east of Seers' Village and north-west of Catherby, is home to the legendary King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Epic quests and other such daring enterprises await in Camelot; adventurers will find much to accomplish here!

Camelot Castle Merlin's Crystal and Holy Grail Quests Seers' Village Achievement Diary Knight Waves Miniquest

King Arthur, along with Sirs Gawain, Kay, Lucan, and Palomedes, are on the ground floor of the castle. Players wishing to start the Merlin's Crystal and Holy Grail quests may do so here by speaking with Arthur. Additionally, those who have completed all of the tasks in the Seers' Village Achievement Diary can collect their final reward - the Seer's headband 3 - from Sir Kay. It is important to note that King Arthur and his knights play a significant role in the King's Ransom quest, as well.

The mystic sigil (near the gardens on the castle grounds) is used only in the Merlin's Crystal quest to summon Thrantax the Mighty. It serves no other purpose after the quest.

Merlin and the remainder of the Knights of the Round Table - Sirs Bedivere, Pelleas, Lancelot, and Tristram - are on the first level of Camelot Castle. Merlin will offer players who have completed the Knight Waves miniquest the chance to relocate their respawn (death) point to Camelot from Lumbridge or Falador. Conveniently, there is also a prayer altar on this floor for the use of wandering adventurers.

Finally, on the second level of the castle, a lone squire to the Knights of the Round Table maintains the knights’ training grounds. He’ll allow players to access the grounds and compete against the knights in hand-to-hand combat (as part of the Knight Waves miniquest) following the King’s Ransom quest. In addition to the reward offered by Merlin (as mentioned above), successfully completing this miniquest unlocks the Chivalry and Piety prayers.

During the Merlin’s Crystal quest, the petrified wizard is located at the top of the south-eastern tower (on the second level of the castle), rather than in his study as he is normally.

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