Champions' Challenge

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Devised as a way to determine the Champions of the land, the Champions' Challenge awaits the select individuals who manage to obtain a Challenge Scroll. By going down the trapdoor in the Champions' Guild, you will enter a dungeon that serves as a battling arena. This is where the most powerful of the select races await to spar with skilled opponents so be prepared to test your wits and skills in combat.

However, be warned that the penalty of losing a match is the loss of all but three of your most valuable items along with the task of having to acquire another Challenge Scroll. Though, if you do succeed with every single challenge you will be able to hold the title of Champion of all of RuneScape.

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Obtaining a Scroll

These scrolls are drops from thirteen types of monsters (see the Champions below) and are available from any level monster of that type (e.g. a level 21 skeleton and a level 45 skeleton can both be killed for Skeleton Champion Scroll). Further, it is possible to obtain more than one Champion Scroll from the same type of monster before defeating the champion, but you can only kill the Champion one time. After a champion is defeated, it is no longer possible to obtain a scroll from that type of monster. Note that Challenge Scrolls can be obtained during slayer tasks. The scrolls are shown below:

Aberrant Spectre Champion Scroll Banshee Champion Scroll Earth Warrior Champion Scroll Ghoul Champion Scroll Giant Champion Scroll Goblin Champion Scroll Hobgoblin Champion Scroll Imp Champion Scroll Jogre Champion Scroll Lesser Demon Champion Scroll Mummy Champion Scroll Skeleton Champion Scroll Zombies Champion Scroll

When a monster drops a scroll, a sound is played and the following message appears in your chat box:

Champ Scroll Drop Message
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Leprechaun Champion (level 32)
Challenge: Simply speak to Larxus to receive this challenge.
Rules: No items, worn or in inventory.
Reward: 200 slayer XP, 200 constitution XP
Comments: This should be a very easy battle. Unlike other challenges, you do not receive a banner, a count to your total number of champions defeated, or the song 'Victory is Mine' for completing this challenge.

Aberrant Spectre Champion (level 102)
Challenge: I smell defeat for you if you dare join me for a fight at the Champions' Guild. Abbyspectre Banner
Rules: Weapons must be 2-handed.
Reward: 6000 slayer XP, 6000 constitution XP
Comments: Bring prayer potions and protect from magic. If not possible, wear dragon hides and bring lots of food. Nosepeg or slayer helmet is highly recommended!

Banshee Champion (level 73)
Banshee Champion Challenge: Come duel me at the Champions' Guild and I shall scream to your defeat. Banshee Banner
Rules: No prayer or melee attacks.
Reward: 1050 slayer xp, 1050 constitution xp
Comments: Be sure to wear earmuffs when fighting this champion! Some food is recommended just to be careful.

Earth Warrior Champion (level 102)
Earth Warrior Champion Challenge: I challenge you to a duel, come to the arena beneath the Champions' Guild and fight me if you dare. Earthwarriorbanner New
Rules: No prayer.
Reward: 432 slayer XP, 432 constitution XP
Comments: Dress prepared to take on melee hits.

Ghoul Champion (level 85)
Challenge: Come and duel me at the Champions' Guild. I'll make sure nothing goes to waste. Ghoul Banner
Rules: The only items you can take with you are weapons.
Reward: 400 slayer XP, 400 constitution XP
Comments: He uses both melee and range, but his melee attack is weak, so protect from range prayer is advised.

Giant Champion (level 56)
Challenge: Get yourself to the Champions' Guild, if you dare to face me puny human. Giant Banner
Rules: Melee attacks only.
Reward: 280 slayer XP, 280 constitution XP
Comments: Wear defence against melee and hit him with your best melee weapon.

Goblin Champion (level 24)
Challenge: Fight me if you think you can human, I'll wait for you in the Champions' Guild. Goblin Banner
Rules: Magic attacks only.
Reward: 128 slayer XP, 128 constitution XP
Comments: Bring your best magic offence and armour for a quick fight.

Hobgoblin Champion (level 56)
Challenge: You won't defeat me, though you're welcome to try at the Champions' Guild. Hobgoblin Banner
Rules: No Melee attack.
Reward: 232 slayer XP, 232 constitution XP
Comments: He only attacks with range.

Imp Champion (level 14)
Champions Challenge Imp Challenge: How about picking on someone your own size? I'll see you at the Champions' Guild. Imp Banner
Rules: No special attacks.
Reward: 160 slayer XP, 160 constitution XP
Comments: He attacks with a range attack and teleports around the arena.

Jogre Champion (level 107)
Champion Jogre1 Challenge: You think you can defeat me? Come to the Champions' Guild and prove it! Jogre Banner
Rules: No range attacks.
Reward: 480 slayer XP, 480 constitution XP
Comments: He attacks with a giant club, so dress for hand to hand or get distance and mage. Bring an antipoison, because his club is poisoned!

Lesser Demon Champion (level 162)
Challenge: Come to the Champions' Guild so I can banish you mortal! Lesser Demon Banner
Rules: No armour or weapons.
Reward: 592 slayer XP, 592 constitution XP
Comments: He uses a magic fireball attack, so mage pray, keep distance, and mage (remember you can't use a staff). If you stand by him, he will alternate between magic and melee attacks.

Mummy Champion (level 120)
Mummy Champion Challenge: I challenge you to a fight! Meet me at the Champions' Guild so we can wrap this up. Mummy Banner
Rules: No offhand items (shields or two-handed weapons).
Reward: 473 slayer XP, 473 constitution XP
Comments: The Mummy Champion attacks with magic and melee. Protection prayers and food are advised.

Skeleton Champion (level 40)
Skeletion Champion Challenge: I'll be waiting at the Champions' Guild to collect your bones. Skeleton Banner
Rules: Range attacks only.
Reward: 232 slayer XP, 232 constitution XP
Comments: Bring ranged equipment and pray against ranged.

Zombies Champion (level 51)
Challenge: You come to Champions' Guild, you fight me, I squish you, I get brains! Zombie Banner
Rules: No magic attack.
Reward: 240 slayer XP, 240 constitution XP
Comments: Dress prepared for melee hits, and attack with melee.


The Champions of Champions

Upon defeating 10 of the above 13 lower champions, you will receive a challenge from Leon D'Cour. Defeat him, and you shall take his seat as human champion.

Leon D'Cour (Human, level 141)
Rules: Only equipped items are allowed into arena (no items in inventory, only on body). Human Champion Throne Human Banner
Reward: 492 slayer XP, 492 constitution XP, and his seat as human champion.
Comments: He only uses melee attacks, so either wear tough armour or use protect from melee prayer.

After defeating Leon D'Cour and all 13 lower champions, you will be challenged by Glophren. Defeat him to take his seat as gnome champion.

Glophren (Gnome, level 100)
Rules: No shields, and no melee or range attacks. Glophren Throne Gnome Banner
Reward: 520 slayer XP, 520 constitution XP, 50,000 Coins, and 4 Scrolls of knowledge (granting combat experience)
Comments: Protect from magic, and kill Glophren with magic. When Glophren is low on life points, he will teleport just outside the arena; finish him off with magic.

Calling Beads

Adventurers who have defeated any champions other than the Leprechaun Champion receive calling beads:

Calling Beads

These beads can be obtained from Larxus and used to call forth a banner-carrying imp of any defeated champions. In addition, the banner can display the number of champions defeated, up to 'XV' for all 15 defeated. Once an imp is summoned, talk to the imp or select the 'Change Banner' option.

Champion Banners
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